Child benefit amount

The amount of child benefit depends on the number of children living in the family. Thereby rises the Amount of child benefit from the third child. For the fourth child and each further child thereafter there is again a higher child benefit than for the third child. So there are four different levels of child support. If you want to know how much the child benefit is for the respective child, the child benefit table can help you. From the child benefit table the amount of the child benefit can be read off quite simply. Below we have provided the child benefit table for the year 2022 for you to view.

The child benefit table – amount of child benefit 2022

Number of childrenChildren’s allowance 2019
1. Child 194 Euro
2. Child 194 Euro
3. Child 200 Euro
4. Child 225 euros
Each additional child 225 Euro

So, according to the above table, for the first child and second child there is child benefit of 219 euros per month each. The amount of child benefit for the third child is currently 225 euros per month in 2021. For the fourth child, parents receive 250 euros per month. This Child benefit amount is also valid for all further children after the fourth child.

Article section: Should you stretch before or after sports?

Should you stretch before or after exercise?

For stretching before the sport applies: Track and field athletes, who stretch themselves, bring afterwards even up to seven per cent less achievement on the distance or with the jumping. For those for whom speed and maximum strength count, you should do without it before the competition.

For recreational athletes, these losses may not make a difference, but they will not benefit from stretching either. Although many people report that they feel more relaxed afterwards. The muscles, however, showed the opposite in studies: they were still under great tension – only the perception had changed.

Doctor with X-ray of lungs

The lungs are one of the most important organs in the body. Through them, oxygen enters the blood and then all other organs. But how exactly does the process work? We show you the anatomy of the lung, its function and what happens to it when it is damaged.

Structure – where do the lungs sit and what do they look like??

Together with the trachea, the lungs form the lower respiratory tract. It almost completely fills the chest cavity (thorax) and is protected by the ribs. The lungs consist of two lung lobes, whereby the left one – on the heart side – is slightly smaller than the right one. Each lung is in turn divided into several lobes: two on the left, three on the right. The exact lung volume, i.e. the maximum amount of air a person can breathe in, varies from person to person and can be roughly determined using a rule of thumb.

Many invoice texts seem like requests for payment: monotonous and impersonal. Of course a bill is not a pleasant mail, but nevertheless a bill text can be formulated in a sovereign, clear way and without bureaucratic German.

Introduction of the invoice

The less you had to do with the customer personally, the more neutral the invoice text can be. But what if you have worked intensively with the customer? Instead of jumping right in and immediately asking for payment of the invoice amount, you can start with thanks. For example, a nice way to start is:

"Thank you very much for your order! We were happy to work for you."

Sometimes it’s maddening, as long as you search and search, you can’t find your expensive smartphone. If you rule out the possibility of theft, and you assume that you simply misplaced the phone or forgot it at a friend’s house, here are some ways for you to locate your phone.

Locate iPhone via iCloud

iPhone 4

If you have set up iCloud on your PC and iPhone, you can locate your iPhone when it is online via a Wi-Fi network. The iPhone must have the "Find my iPhone" service set up. This is how the phone can be accessed through the iCloud, simply log in with normal Apple ID and password.

You might think that the children are entitled to the child benefit – but that’s not true. The legal right to child benefit lies with the parents, who should use it as a support to provide for their offspring. This legal entitlement does not change even if the child moves out of home and now has his or her own apartment. As a rule, it is still the parents who receive the child benefit from the state – and still have to use it for their children.

In addition, most of the parents are responsible for child support, d. h. they have to support the children who have moved out – either in cash (money) or in kind (board and lodging). The child benefit is offset against this maintenance claim.

Never miss a letter again

With a forwarding order, mail arrives directly at the new home – for as little as €23.90

A puppy has moved in and an exciting time begins. Besides some errands and errands, a vexed issue hovers like a sword of Damocles over the heads of newly adopted dog parents: How do I get my dog housebroken? It is not so difficult to teach a puppy not to defecate indoors. Normally, the little four-legged friend needs only a few days until he has internalized the rule. But do not be angry with him if, in spite of education, a mishap happens to him now and then. Many puppies are not able to fully control their bladder until they are 4 to 7 months old. Something can go wrong when you get excited.

If you have already taken in a puppy, you probably know the classic situation: The puppy is released into its new environment, sniffs like crazy at all corners and edges of the new home, wags its tail happily and then unexpectedly pees with excitement on the beautiful new carpet.

What did the dog learn at the breeder?

Normally, the breeder has already trained your puppy to go outside to defecate. But it is better to find out in advance how the breeder deals with the issue. A dog breeder, who takes care of the business of his four-legged friends, will make the education much easier for you later on. Once the puppy gets used to the idea that it is okay to relieve himself on the living room floor, it will be hard to convince him later that it is not.

But now to the finer points of the small business regulation: on this page you can find out which requirements you have to fulfill in order to benefit from the simplification regulation. We also explain the most important special cases and list the advantages and disadvantages of being a small business owner.

May I? The requirements of the small business rule

In order for the tax office to accept the classification as a small business, the business income subject to sales tax may not exceed the following sales limits according to § 19 UStG:

  • in the previous calendar year 22.000 Euro (until 2019: 17.500 euros)
  • in the current calendar year expected 50.000 Euro.

Important: The emphasized "and" means that both conditions must be met. And: If the above-mentioned limits are the Sales and not about the profit! The profit is usually significantly lower, because the expenses are deducted from the income.

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We show you how to boil or steam rice to make it fluffy. Read also how much rice you need per person and how to store rice properly.

  1. · Before cooking: Wash rice
  2. · Cooking rice: Water Rice Method
  3. · Steaming rice: swelling rice method
  4. · How long do I have to cook the rice? Duration according to rice type
  5. · How to tell if the rice is done?
  6. · How much rice per person?
  7. · Storing rice: Can drain rice?
  8. · Reheat rice: Here’s what you should watch out for
  9. · You can find delicious rice recipes here:

Cooking rice is actually super easy. Still, there are a few things to keep in mind when doing this if you don’t want the rice to stick together or become mushy. How much water is needed for one cup of rice? Are there differences in cooking time between wild grain rice and classic rice? Can rice drain?How much rice do you need per person?

Christoph fishing

An extremely popular bait when fishing for predatory fish in fresh and salt water is the rubber fish. Even though this lure has been around for decades, the industry has really boomed just in the last few years. Since then, rubber fish are available in all conceivable designs from a wide variety of brands and manufacturers. In this article we would like to give you a short overview of all important information about rubber fish as bait.

Rubber fish in the test

We have already tested the following rubber fishes ourselves when fishing for zander, perch and pike and have written our own test report about them.