In Germany, employees are generally not entitled to severance pay

E very dismissal is usually a hard blow that is difficult for those affected to overcome. This year, this is likely to affect thousands of employees in the Federal Republic: According to a cross-sector survey by the Institute of German Business, around 28 percent of the 2,300 companies surveyed expect to have to cut jobs in 2013.

It hurts a little less for those affected if they are dismissed with a "golden handshake". However, the tax authorities are also pleased about a severance payment.

Child benefit is a benefit known to most parents, along with parental allowance. Parental allowance is a wage replacement benefit and thus a social transfer benefit. Child benefit represents a tax compensation payment, with a proportionate social transfer character for parents or parents of children. Families.

Child benefit for Hartz 4 recipients

Child benefit when receiving Hartz 4 benefits

However, people who receive Hartz 4 benefits do not necessarily see a difference between the two benefits: As a rule, they have to reckon with the offsetting of child and parental benefits against their Hartz 4 benefits.

Housetraining is also part of dog training. Dogs usually learn housetraining behavior as puppies. Since they are exceedingly docile, it is usually not a problem to get the dog housebroken within a few weeks. If the dog does not do his business outside in adulthood, there are several possible reasons for this. Find out here what these may be and how you can get your dog housetrained. Reasons why the dog becomes unclean

Getting dog housebroken? Immediate help against unwanted urination

If an adult dog is not housebroken, there are various reasons that can underlie it. These must be explored first. If you can name the reasons, it is often not so difficult to tackle the problem and eliminate the causes.

Exactly one year ago, the generals in Myanmar couped their way to power. But because of the continuing nationwide resistance, they do not have control.

Myanmar | Over 30 burned bodies found

On 24. December, the Burmese military in Kayah State has committed a massacre of more than 30 civilians

You know that when learning to play golf you have to put a small ball into a hole with a club, but you do not know the rest of the rules? Learn what you need to pay attention to when learning to play golf, what effect a correct stance has, whether there is a trick, how to grip the golf clubs correctly and many other important components.

Learn to play golf

Golf is steeped in tradition and has since been a popular sport as well as a popular recreational activity. Scotland is known to be the cradle of golf and from there it has spread all over the world. But before you can really get started, you should first memorize the rules of golf. But do not be afraid. They may be a bit complicated for the beginner at first, but you will quickly internalize them.

Keeping cats together: Multi-Cat Household

It has long been known that cats are not loners. Many cat owners therefore opt for a multi-cat household. Especially pure apartment cats are happier in pairs or in a larger group than in single keeping. But even after a successful socialization, there is sometimes friction in the cat family. We have compiled for you typical problems in the everyday life of a multi-cat household. Learn here how you can create more harmony in the group.

Hierarchies in cats – does it exist?

You have already done the first step. You have successfully socialized two or more cats or you have bought two cats at once. Very good! Unfortunately, this does not mean that your kitties are now happy and satisfied forever. Because the coexistence of cats is very complex. That’s why our velvet paws were considered loners until a few years ago. But even if it is not immediately apparent, cat packs have their own hierarchy and group dynamics. Unlike with dogs, this is constantly discussed anew. This happens, for example, by staring, pawing or fighting. You can tell which of your cats is currently in charge by the fact that it is the first to eat, occupies the best sleeping places and moves confidently around the apartment. The lower placed cats on the other hand, first look around cautiously, before they look for a place to live.

Getting your dog housebroken: here's how you can do it

With the arrival of a puppy begins both for you and for the young quadruped an exciting time. One of the first tasks that awaits you is, of course, to get your dog house-trained.

How you can best achieve this, how you can support your puppy and why small setbacks sometimes cannot be avoided, you will learn in the following.

Pro-Russian or pro-Ukrainian? Eastern European states react differently to the Ukraine conflict.

Poland and Hungary are both EU and NATO members, and both countries have a troubled past with the Soviet Union, Russia’s predecessor state. However, their positions on the Ukraine conflict differ.

Anti-Russian Poland

Poland has always been anti-Russian and seeks proximity to the West. "When the cold eastern wind whistles through Warsaw’s streets here, people say: everything bad comes from the east," knows SRF Eastern Europe correspondent Sarah Nowotny. One should not speak of Eastern Europe with Poles, but one should speak of Central Europe, he says.

Golf has long ceased to be a sport reserved only for high society. Even small and insignificant variations from the original – for example, punching in your own living room – bring this sport closer to the less well-heeled common man.

Preparations for living room golf

Living room golf rulesTo make the fun perfect, however, some preparations or. Reconstruction measures necessary. First of all, of course, you need a suitable hole in the ground, as the popular "piercing" would otherwise be impossible when playing golf. Inhabitants of a floor apartment should pay attention to the drilling depth here, because not all neighbors are enthusiastic about falling down balls.

If your neighbor is a golf fan, you can simply invite him to a game every now and then – this will increase motivation.

The amount of child benefit in Germany does not depend on the parents’ income. However, not all parents receive the same amount of child benefit. Because the Child benefit amount The amount of child benefit depends on the number of children in the family. The principle applies: the more children, the higher the monthly child allowance. Child benefit is generally paid on a monthly basis. But how much child benefit is there per month?? If parents want to know how much child benefit they are entitled to per month, they can find out the amount of child benefit from the child benefit table. We have provided the current child benefit table for the year 2020 for you to view below. From this you can easily find out the amount of child benefit for the respective child of the very simple.

The current child benefit table – child benefit amount 2020

Number of children

Child benefit amount from 1. July 2019