The new Bundestag met for the first time on Tuesday. However, of the 736 newly elected MPs, 23 AfD politicians were not sitting in the plenary chamber, but had to watch from the stands. The reason: the trio refused to comply with the House’s 3G rules and were therefore physically separated from the rest of the parliament – including their party colleagues – and banished to the back of the chamber. AfD MPs were sorted out for hygiene reasons.

And so they sat there like defiant children who have successfully rebelled against their parents and understood their punishment as a reward, without masks but at a distance, because Wolfgang Schauble (CDU), the president of the Bundestag who was replaced today, did not want anyone who had not been vaccinated, recovered or tested in the packed plenary hall.

One of the heroic 23 wore a sticker with the inscription "not vaccinated" and "Umbrella" during the meeting. Congratulations.

Turkish pop singer Sezen Aksu during a concert at the Rheingoldhalle in Mainz, Germany, Nov. 7, 2010

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Religious lawyers filed suit

No one may insult the prophet Adam. If someone does this, it is our duty to rip out his tongue.
Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish President

Homepage vs Landing

For effective online campaigns, it is imperative that the landing page behind a campaign matches the advertising promise and has a clear user path geared towards conversion. In reality this is unfortunately not always the case. Often left bspw. SEA ads to the homepage or a – sometimes only moderately appropriate – subpage of the company’s website. There is a lack of specific landing pages. Since you i.d.R. pay for every click, this way you burn cash.

In this article, I’ll explain the difference between a homepage and a landing page, and show you how to take your conversion rate to the next level with Conversion Centered Design.

If the PC does not start or Windows annoys with regular bluescreens, good advice is expensive. We’ll show you how to troubleshoot typical computer problems on your own – and how to solve them.

We ve taken the häufigsten hardware errors to the chest and verraten you the Lösung

Many users have already had experiences with a computer that no longer starts or that regularly says goodbye with a blue screen. The causes for this can be manifold: A completely dusty system or a loose connection cable can be the triggers as well as defective hardware, a damaged bootloader or too high overclocking.

Passwords are part of our everyday life. Not a day goes by without us entering a password to log into an account. A complicated password makes for a secure password.

In the beginning, when the Internet was still new territory, our passwords were incredibly simple. Passwords like "1234" or with our name were the norm. Nowadays this does not work anymore.

If you want to create a secure password, it should not contain any personal information.

Anyone who sells a property privately must normally pay tax on the resulting profit as income, unless the property has been in their possession for at least ten years. However, there are exceptions to this rule. What you need to consider if you want to sell your house after two years and how you can deal with taxes incurred in the process, you can find out here.

The most important facts in brief

  • If a property is sold already two years after its acquisition, private sellers have to pay income tax on the gain.
  • Income tax is not levied if the seller has used the property himself.
  • A profit of up to 600 euros is tax-free.
  • The profit from the sale of the property must be declared in the income tax return.
  • If more than three properties are sold two years after acquisition, this may be considered commercial real estate trading.
  • A good real estate agent will achieve a good sales price for you.
    Our service: We recommend three good real estate agents in your region.

1. When do I have to pay income tax on the sale profit?

If a property is sold privately, private sellers are exempt from taxation under the Income Tax Act (EStG) – provided that the sale takes place later than ten years after acquisition. The basis for this is the § 23 EStG, which deals with private expression transactions.

The so-called ten-year period begins with the date of purchase specified in the original purchase contract and ends with the date of change of ownership specified in the new purchase contract. If the sale of a property takes place before the ten-year period has expired, regular income taxes on the profit must be paid to the tax office.

Cards on the table: are you indispensable to your employer?

In professional life, everyone has a market value. This plays a role, for example, in the application process, when you are supposed to state and justify your salary request. It is roughly based on your education, work experience, hierarchical position and any special qualifications like foreign language skills& Co. And even when asking for a salary increase in an existing employment relationship, you should be able to realistically assess and justify your market value. So far, so good. But if you are "superfluous" for your employer, he will certainly not promise you a salary increase. Worst case scenario, he might even pull out the dismissal notice. Today, therefore, it should be about your "added value", not about the market value.

If you are looking for appreciation at work, more money or even a promotion, you should make yourself indispensable to the employer. For those who are replaceable may sooner or later be threatened with exactly that: they will be replaced – by a cheaper, younger or in some other way "better" employee. If and when that happens depends in large part on loyalty on the employer side. There tends to be a more human, sometimes even family-like relationship in SMEs and employees are also valued as people rather than just as workers. In such cases, pure performance is still important, but it is not the only metric that determines professional success or failure. Unfortunately, this is by no means the case in all companies and, generally speaking, large companies and corporations tend to view employees as a means to an end. And the purpose is always: as much profit as possible.

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How much your new home can cost depends on how much money you have and earn.

Our purchase price calculator in the practical filter function shows at a glance how high the price for your home may be. To the purchase price calculator.

We have also compiled the most important rules of thumb for home financing for you.

Good news for consumers: better notice periods apply to cell phone or Internet contracts with immediate effect. More precisely: If you have the 24-month minimum term behind you, you can now monthly from the contract. The Telecommunications Act has been revised for this purpose. The changes apply to new and old Contracts equally.

Better cancellation rules will also apply in other areas from January 2022, including: