What exactly does it mean?

Danger of stop signs: A mistake can even cost you a point in Flensburg

02.02.2022 updated: 11:27

Not obeying traffic signs is expensive. With a sign it comes really thickly.

Bacon instead of cigarettes: Scientists debunk non-smoking myth

Not all smokers gain weight when they swear off cigarettes

Many smokers fear that they will gain weight if they stop smoking. But that is not necessarily the case.

Actually it was Claus I. It was easy for him to stop smoking: After hypnosis, his desire for cigarettes had abruptly disappeared. If there had not been the thing with the food. "After two or three days, my taste buds recovered. Suddenly everything tasted much better," recalls the computer specialist, who had smoked two packs a day. "A yogurt from the discount store was suddenly a delicacy. It was like a taste explosion!"

Save taxes Donate instead of bequeathing – this is the right way to do it

Donate instead of bequeath.

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With a SDD hard disk you make your computer quieter and often a bit faster at the same time. Actually, it is not a "hard drive" in the traditional sense of the word. And there are a few other differences you need to look out for when installing an SSD. GIGA shows you how it works.

SSD hard drives are faster because they don’t rely on moving parts, but instead use memory chips. They can show their advantage everywhere, where speed is required: So for example as boot hard disk, from which a PC or laptop is started. However, SSDs differ not only from the usual hard disks with the rotating disks, but also from each other. So, if you want to install an SSD, you should already check at the time of purchase whether it can work at all.

In our video we explain everything you need to know about SSD:

After death in the district of Kleve : How parents can protect their children from meningococci

The Arche Noah daycare center in Emmerich: This is where the child was cared for

Dusseldorf In the circle Kleve a child with suspicion on Meningokokken died. Now all the children who were with him in the nursery should be medically examined. But what are meningococci? And can you protect children from the disease?

Susanne Hamann

"The floor sways", "everything is spinning" or "the feeling of falling to one side" – Those affected can experience dizziness in very different ways. In this information you will learn how dizziness develops and which treatments are possible.

At a glance

Various organs and perceptions are involved in making us feel balanced: the eyes, the ears, the balance organs in the inner ears, the nervous system, the cardiovascular system and emotional sensations.

Analyze Movies Film Criticism

You can easily watch a movie in the cinema. Or analyze it like a professional film critic. Film analysis has a special appeal: it sharpens the eye for the dramaturgical craft of filmmaking and allows creative insights into the director’s brain. That is why you will find here a guide to it.

Every language has its grammar. This is also true for motion picture design and therefore in film and video production. The cinematic language is composed of conscious and subconscious choices made. They are all subject to one goal: to tell a story in the most exciting way possible for the audience. With a film and scene analysis, you get the key to film reviews and to assess the director’s work.

Smartphone photography: How to take better pictures & selfies with your cell phone

Are you dissatisfied with the photos of your cell phone, but you simply cannot afford a new camera smartphone at the moment?? Then check out our guide to smartphone photography for helpful tips and tricks to improve your phone’s pictures and selfies.

To get better cell phone photos, you don’t necessarily have to spend money on a new device. Even though smartphones now do many of the settings themselves, there are some things you can do wrong with smartphone photography. We have summarized some helpful tips for you, which you can access via the table of contents.

puppy housebroken

You are about to finally fulfill your dream of having a puppy dog? Congratulations. But what do you have to think about? Often you are concerned with the question: When will the puppy be housebroken?? How exactly do you get that? And when does that work out at night without any puddles of bad luck?

When your puppy moves in?

Of course, it is not unimportant how old your four-legged friend is when you take him in. If it is still a very young puppy, this is good in that you have the formative stage to yourself and can teach him many things easily by yourself. As a rule, puppies meet their new home at 8 to 12 weeks of age and at the latest after 15 weeks of age.

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