What is malware, anyway?

Everyone who spends a lot of time on the Internet inevitably encounters them at some point: viruses, worms and also trojans. What damage do malicious programs cause to the computer? What are the different forms of malware? And how can you protect yourself from it?

How do viruses, worms and Trojans differ??

What are actually malicious programs?

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Idyllic nature scenes, intense sports sessions in the gym, classy dinner evenings or cute couple shoots. If you spend your time on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook on a daily basis, you might think that life is just a string of highlights.

Art figure with many likes

In principle, there is nothing wrong with showing your best side in social media and sharing the most beautiful moments, triggering emotions and generating likes. The seductive thing is that we determine what we show of ourselves and thus control to some extent how we want to be seen. Quite successfully, as the comments and likes under impressively staged selfies still prove. Creating an art figure via the detour of a digital existence, whose life promises more glamour than the one off the Internet with all its less dazzling moments, tempts many to do too much of a good thing in their productions. The danger is then great to deprive us of highlights that are of more lasting value than the personal content we post.

One of the most important tasks of an administrator is the administration of the software, i.e. the installation, the uninstallation and the updating of the installed software – also of the system.

Linux administrators have it much easier than those of Windows, because Linux systems are not just simple operating systems like Microsoft Windows which is only a basis to install other programs but a distribution. This means a distribution provides in addition to the operating system further possibly needed software in so-called repositories which can then be installed/uninstalled and updated very easily via the package manager.

The advantages are

Customized software – the software is adapted to the operating system as well as to the computer architecture

ALSFELD (ls). 2022 casts large shadows ahead, especially for Alsfeld. There are large projects such as the Kita new building, which are finished, again others, like the disputed industrial area, stand in the starting blocks and the city anniversary with its multiplicity at meetings, lets hope for alternation. A full program, which waits there for the mayor of Alsfeld Stephan Paule, as he tells in the interview to the annual outlook.

Stephan Paule is upset – and just a few days after the new year began. Annoyed about the fact that the fiber optic expansion in and around Alsfeld is progressing so slowly. Already two years ago, the city had bet on TNG, then a few days ago he read at OL that the core city has not reached the quota, but the company still wants to expand and is confident to still reach the quota.

For the mayor, this seems like a stalling tactic. "My fear is that they will always keep Alsfeld on their list pro forma and not implement what they keep promising us," Paule explains. Already the Goetel promised much to the city, nothing held and Alsfeld then dropped.

SimplePlanes, now that’s a nice understatement. Because the flying machines created with this game app are sometimes anything but simple. If you look through the gallery of fan-created planes, you won’t be able to stop marveling. So okay: rather, the title probably refers to how easy it is to take off from the to the runway here, even as a layman in the field of aerodynamics. Jundroo, also known for the equally highly recommended apps SimpleRockets and SimplePhysics, has thus created a playful Eldorado for all fans of modeling, Lego and engineering, so a damn wide target audience, young or old. SimplePlanes is available as a purchase app on Android and iOS, where it costs a very worthwhile 5 euros and 5 euros respectively. costs 5,60 Euro. Buy tip!

How do you think the Wright brothers did it when they built their first flying machine?? You will surely be able to read about it somewhere. Your first flight on the morning of 17. December 1903 was then in the air for 12 seconds, covering 37 meters. But also with this I don’t want to bore you now. It’s in the history books. Nevertheless you have got to know the two game elements of SimplePlanes. You can build airplanes and then let them take off into the air. If you have just carefully skimmed the intro, you might have seen that the same principle for building rockets existed before. There the developers had found an inspiration at Kerbal and now brought it back to earth on the plane building, as they reveal here on Reddit in their AMA.

SimplePlanes Gameplay

The app offers a variety of gameplay options. You can do a training first to understand the basics in building, launching and flying. Then there are eleven challenges to master, like reaching a maximum speed on the ground, taking off very fast and much more. All these "levels" teach you how to build an airplane so that it doesn’t crash or fall down. takes off in the first place. And then there is the sandbox mode, where you can simply build in the hanger and then test the model just as freely.

You want to pre-order/buy the PlayStation 5? You are spoiled for choice: Besides a standard model, there will also be a Digital Edition. Where are the differences?

The two PS5 models in comparison: Normal (left) and Digital (right)

The two PS5 models in comparison: Normal (left) and Digital (right).

PI and PID controllers are the most commonly used controllers in practice. Even if the actual control law is very simple, the choice of suitable control parameters is anything but trivial. We present a practical and well-proven method for setting the parameters.

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We took a closer look at the most popular permanent makeup methods and found out what you need to know about microblading, lip sculpting& Co. should know.

Here's everything you need to know before your permanent makeup appointment!

Here’s everything you need to know before your permanent makeup appointment!

Microsoft’s Xbox One can now play a limited number of Xbox 360 games. But it’s not as easy as putting in an old CD and starting it up. Only some games work, and the Xbox One runs them in an emulator.

How backwards compatibility works

The Xbox One is normally not able to play Xbox 360 games. Instead, Microsoft has created an emulator that simulates the hardware and software of the Xbox 360. Xbox 360 games will run in this emulator. It is similar to the "Virtual Console" Games on Nintendo Wii U and Wii work, or how to run old console games in emulators on a PC.

Radioactivity is a natural property of certain substances. There are natural and artificial sources of radiation.

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Different types of radiation

Radioactive substances have an unstable atomic nucleus that decays spontaneously. This emits high-energy radiation, colloquially known as radioactive radiation. Humans cannot perceive this radiation with their senses.