Even in the Middle Ages people celebrated Christmas. The first Christians already existed soon after Jesus’ death and finally at Christmas one celebrates. exactly: the birth of Jesus. (It is not the birth of Santa Claus, as it has also been said).

Some of today’s Christmas customs have their origins in the Middle Ages, some are even older, others have not been around for so long.

Already in the 4. In the 18th century, the feast of Christ was postponed to the 25. December dated. The Roman Christians celebrated Jesus’ birth on this day. In the German-speaking world, this can be said at least for the 8. Century prove.

What is it like to adopt a dog from abroad – especially from Greece?? Recently we got offspring. About the placement and pickup of our Greek bitch.

Our preliminary considerations – really a second dog?

Muffin has been with us for over two years now. For a long time we were sure: second dog? Never! Muffin was too exhausting for us as a first dog and his talent to avoid conflicts was sometimes quite limited. He is a master at crossing boundaries because he does first and thinks later. While others are only concerned about whether they would be doing their dog a favor by having a second dog move in, we have a second: Are you doing that second dog a favor by having to live with Muffin?

Anke Wenke is the flower woman from Hahnemannsplatz

Anke Wenke in her world of flowers

Friendly smiling Anke Wenke stands in her small flower store on Hahnemannsplatz, like her mother in the years before. Everybody knew Mrs. Schubert, the mummy and previous owner.

Hit another car in the parking lot in front of the supermarket? Then to drive away, can become expensive and even the driving licence cost.

  1. Hit and run – the most important facts in brief
  2. Hit and run – high number of unreported cases
  3. fine, driving ban, driver’s license withdrawal
  4. A hit-and-run accident is only committed by those who notice the damage
  5. Call the police or wait 30 minutes
  6. Expensive trouble with the insurance
  7. Shopping cart: Does private liability pay??
  8. Animal uber-fahren: No hit-and-run

Hit and run – the most important facts in brief

Late insight. If you hit a stationary car while parking or backing out of a parking space and then drive away, you may avoid a fine. You must report the accident to the police within 24 hours. The court will reduce the penalty or waive it altogether if the damage is less than 1,300 euros.

iPhone lets you take great photos and videos in any situation – from snapshots to photos you personalize with the Photographic Styles feature. Even in low light, you’ll get well-lit images and you can apply a depth-of-field effect to your videos. After taking your photos and videos, editing tools are available in the Photos app for cropping, adjusting light and color, and more.

Capture the moment

If you have your iPhone handy, you can take great photos whenever you want. Swipe left once across the lock screen – and the "Camera" app is ready to go. The camera focuses the shot and adjusts the exposure. When something worth seeing happens, you can capture the action in a video, even if you’re using Photo mode – just put your finger on the shutter button to start recording a QuickTake video.

To love – it always means to open yourself a little bit. Many of us find this incredibly difficult. After all, there is the threat of hurt feelings, insecurity and the risk of abandonment. Pretty scary!

But allowing love is the most fulfilling of all feelings!

You find it difficult to love or to allow love to happen? Do not worry! You can learn to love. Just like reading, writing or swimming.

She's one of the few women who likes to park a 40-ton truck

There are probably only a few women who enjoy parking a 40-ton truck backwards. Christina Scheib is such a rare specimen. The 31-year-old is a trucker by passion.

Bad Tolz/Gmund – When Christina Scheib marries her boyfriend, she won’t go to the registry office in a carriage. But in a semitrailer. And she herself will be behind the wheel. „But I still want to wear a princess dress", says the 31-year-old. She laughs when she talks about her dream wedding, but means every word she says. Because Christina Scheib- blonde, artificial fingernails, thickened eyelashes- Loves truck driving, even made it her part-time job five years ago.

Leek (Allium ampeloprasum Leek Group, Syn. Allium porrum), also Leeks, Broad leek, Winter leeks, Borree, Welsh onion, Mean leek, Spanish leek, Aschlauch, Meat leek is a group of varieties of the Mediterranean allium (Allium ampeloprasum). [1] This vegetable belongs to the genus Allium in the onion family (Alliaceae).

In the past, the term "leek" was mainly used in German-speaking countries. In recent years, however, the name "leek", which used to be common only in the south, has become more and more widespread. [2]

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It is a biennial herbaceous plant that reaches growth heights of 60 to 80 centimeters. Leeks do not have an onion, but the natural form has a bulb. The linear to lanceolate leaves are 1 to 5 cm wide.

Packaging can be sustainable in different ways. Less raw material, another material or fewer resources consumed. However, one thing links them together – at machine level, manufacturers have to consider and adapt a few things.

Cardboard trays for cookies cost four cents to make, while their plastic equivalent costs just half that amount. (Image: Schubert)

Last year’s Fachpack was held under the central theme of "Environmentally Friendly Packaging". We asked companies at the trade show about this very topic. However, not what current alternatives there are to the previous packaging, but what a manufacturer must consider on a machine level when converting to sustainable packaging.
What consumers don’t think about when they reach for their potatoes in the supermarket is how the packaging producer has had to rethink at the machine level so that they can now carry the tubers to the checkout wrapped in paper instead of plastic net.

first of all thank you that I can ask a question here. I have the following problem: since two and a half years I live again in a relationship. My partner and I are doing well together, we are now even thinking about moving in together.

"Despite my strong feelings for her, I don’t want "I love you" if it doesn’t come naturally to my lips. "