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SSW 4: What happens in the fourth week of pregnancy?

In the fourth week of pregnancy it is all or nothing. Find out exactly what happens in your body in this article:

  • What happens in the fourth week of pregnancy?
  • How do I notice an early miscarriage??
  • Can I prevent an early miscarriage?

SSW 4: What happens in the fourth week of pregnancy?

In the fourth week of pregnancy, the fertilized egg nests in the uterus. This is the time when you decide whether your body will accept the pregnancy or not.

Expel sparrows from the roof - sparrow on roof

In the course of evolution, sparrows have become accustomed to humans and settle on the roofs of houses and in gardens. Noise and droppings can quickly become a nuisance. Therefore, appropriate measures should be taken promptly to repel birds. How to drive away sparrows in a gentle way.

Sparrow plague

Sparrows are very bold birds and often appear in large flocks. Thus the relatively small songbirds cause an immense noise and can become an enormous nuisance. Furthermore, the resulting excrement can become a serious problem. Therefore, appropriate bird repellent measures must be taken in time to prevent serious damage from occurring.

Sparrows on fence

 Tax classes 1-6 explained: explanation, allowances, benefits& disadvantages 2022

A brief overview of the different income tax classes 1 to 6 – advantages, annual allowances and application for tax class change at a glance.

 Tax classes 1-6 explained: explanation, allowances, benefits& disadvantages 2022

End of winter time

These constellations you can see in April

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Since the new German government put together its new cabinet in December 2021, a number of changes have already been discussed and big speeches have been made. Of course, the topic of digitalization should not be left out of the equation either. Social media will play a central role in this, as they have been repeatedly criticized in recent years by data protectionists such as expert Alexander Robnagel. Robnagel now hopes for stricter laws for Facebook, Instagram and Co. In addition, topics such as loneliness are becoming more relevant due to digitalization, especially in Generation Z.

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Social media as a topic for the new federal government

A little all-rounder: the Active from Signia offers up to 26 hours of battery life

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Many people have prejudices against hearing aids. Too many, says Holger Wiedemann from the hearing aid store of the same name. What it’s all about.

Poplar boards are easily available in hardware stores or wood shops. They also cost relatively little.

Hint: The boards should not be planed smoothly. On an unplaned, rough surface the birds find a better hold namely.

Even though meetings over the holidays and the New Year are possible this year, many families do not want to take any risks and prefer to celebrate alone at home. Grandma, grandpa or aunt are missing the small ones of course nevertheless. That’s why we have thought about which games are especially suitable to be played via Whatsapp, Zoom or Skype in these days. This way you can also spend time together separately.

Emoji puzzle

On Whatsapp there are countless emojis that represent people, objects or even emotions. More are added year after year. So why don’t we use the little pictures to relieve our boredom? Just pick a movie or song title and try to rewrite it with the help of the emojis. Your chat partner:in has to guess the title. The one who guesses the title gets his turn. What sounds easy now, but it is not necessarily so. You can tell by the crazy answers of your fellow players. Try it out!


Away with paper and pen – use the white circles in your emoji overview. You create the game field from 3×3 white circles. This game board can then be copied and the white circles can be replaced by other colored circles, which the players have determined beforehand. You copy, replace and send off the playing field until a winner is determined. The winner is the one who could replace all three circles in a row, column or diagonal with circles of his color.

Doctor-Medic Liliana Banyai

Many people know it. It seems to be particularly noticeable in the summer: photosensitivity. As soon as you look into the sun or a harsh artificial light, your eyes water. Just about any light source seems to blind you! You can also be blinded by headlights while driving, for example. This may well become a bigger risk than you initially think.

Some people are even so influenced by light that their lifestyles can be severely limited by it. Possible causes include certain medical conditions, such as cataracts or other limitations. To understand this a little better, the following talks about possible causes of light sensitivity and what you can do about it in this case.