Merz officially elected cdu leader with 95.3 percent vote

Friedrich Merz starts work as new CDU chairman with a 95.33 percent vote of confidence as opposition leader.

"The CDU is there, we are ready to go," the 66-year-old economic politician said when announcing the postal vote results of the 1001 delegates after the online party conference just over a week ago. He added: "We are also ready to enter into the democratic opinion-forming process. With this federal government, elsewhere, with other."

ETH Zurich researchers wanted to observe a solar eclipse on Mars. By chance, they made an amazing discovery in the process.

The Mars moon Phobos: When it passed the sun, researchers from ETH Zurich were able to detect an unexpected signal. ESA/DLR/FU Berlin (G. Neukum)

The Mars moon Phobos: As it passed the sun, researchers from ETH Zurich were able to detect an unexpected signal. ESA/DLR/FU Berlin (G. Neukum)

Oatmeal is very healthy and therefore an ideal breakfast ingredient

Oatmeal is considered a superfood and is in vogue. No wonder: they are good for the heart and intestines, protect the immune system and are even said to help with weight loss. We reveal what makes oatmeal a real all-rounder.

Whether as an ingredient in muesli, smoothies or savory stir-fries: There are many reasons why oatmeal should be a regular part of your diet. After all, oats are one of the healthiest grains around. It provides us with many important nutrients, including plenty of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Matthias Schmidt has been writing an incredible success story in the insurance industry for the past two years. If he was still an individual broker as Vers-Kompass 2019, he is now the managing director of the Kompass Group with more than 100 affiliated partners. How it came about and what the OMGV Award has to do with it, we talk about that and much more in the current episode of the Kingmaker Podcast.

In advance, in each episode of the Konigsmacher podcast, you can win one of the limited golden Konigsmacher mugs. All you have to do this time is answer the following question: What did Matthias want to be when he was a child?? You can find everything else about the competition at the end of this article.

Where do we stand as a society and where are we heading?? That’s what we wanted to find out, and in 2019 we asked about 4.000 people surveyed. With our results, we want to offer a different perspective on German society and thus enable new approaches to cohesion.

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Why this study

In order to be able to shape the future, we should know where we are today as a society – and where we might be heading. Finally, a look at other countries shows that even stable democracies come under pressure from polarization and social conflicts determine people’s lives.

Learn German – listening comprehension, reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, exercises, exams, writing, quizzes, music, videos, images

Contradictions - language - illogical

Supposed contradictions in the German language

Hurry up, because less is sometimes more! Especially in times of virtual reality and minus growth, in times when even inveterate vegetarians have to sit down when they have stood, we should dare to square the circle and, if we don’t succeed, just let things be, because it is an open secret that the older gentleman is usually younger than the old man and empties are bad when you are still thirsty.

An article for all those for whom German was only an elective subject and who feel a bittersweet love-hate relationship with the German language, but prefer factual romances.

There are always reports in the media about malware and threats from the Internet that cripple individual computers or infiltrate entire networks. From such incidents are both Private individuals as well as companies and authorities affected. The range of dangers on the Internet is now very wide and good protection is essential.

The reasons for infecting computers are manifold. Most of the time, these are hackers who either personal data collect or, in bad cases, extort money from you. Another possibility is to target your computer remotely and add it to a botnet.

However, these Internet threats do not necessarily have to affect your own PC. Because with the help of a few simple rules as well as the appropriate Internet Security Software can be used to reliably protect computers from viruses and other threats. Protect. shows how this works.

Honda ADV 350 in the driving report Best from the construction kit

After the great success of the X-ADV 750, Honda is now adding a smaller brother to its crossover scooter. For him, the 50 percent rule applies: half the cubic capacity, half the performance, half the price. And yet the Honda ADV 350 is no half-measure. Quite the opposite.

Why is Honda now building the ADV 350? After all, Honda is the market leader in scooters in Italy, already building two other 350cc scooters at its Atessa plant there, the SH and the luxurious Forza 350. He also donated the tubular steel frame with the "optimized spar thickness". In addition, the new ADV inherited the 330 cc single-cylinder engine from the two brothers. The proven engine is completely manufactured by Honda in Thailand and then shipped to Italy. The concept and design were created in Rome, Honda’s European design center. This is where the successful CRF 1000 L Africa Twin and X-ADV 750 models were conceived and designed.

Honda ADV 350 with 795 mm seat height

In 2017, the X-ADV crossed the genes of touring enduro and large scooter, equipped with the 750cc twin from the NC models, complete with dual-clutch transmission and chunky tires. This crossover bike has so far found around 44 customers in Europe alone.000 buyers. 10.000 units in 2021 alone made the X-ADV Honda’s best-selling motorcycle in Europe last year. Wait a minute? Motorcycle? Yes, Honda means it seriously, classifies the X-ADV 750 with the Adventure bikes, not with the scooters. Now this 750er exception vehicle was the godfather for the latest scooter, the Honda ADV 350. Without X.

People who work out regularly quickly become restless when illness, injury or other extreme situations tear them out of their usual workout routine. But to all those who are plagued by the fear of muscle loss during a forced break, we can at least give some all-clear.

Woman training with dumbbell

Whether quarantined due to illness or injury, or on vacation, we don’t always manage to do the amount of exercise we had planned – and suddenly there are several days or weeks between two training sessions.

Selling homemade: A trap looms when it comes to taxes

Anyone who sells homemade goods automatically becomes an entrepreneur and must register a trade

Anyone who sells homemade goods at flea markets quickly slips into commercial trading. It is particularly tricky with food. This is to be considered with the taxes?

If you want to sell homemade goods, you have to pay attention to a few things. No matter whether he sews bags, cooks jam or felts hats. Those who are particularly good at something will find plenty of buyers for their own creations on special online portals such as DaWanda, vondir or on Ebay. The trend has long since reached flea markets and festivals as well. So why not earn a few euros on the side with your hobby?? But watch out: Anyone who sells homemade items not just occasionally, but regularly, is already acting like an entrepreneur. An overview of when a seller is considered a professional.