Book titleHerken, Sophie Lucie: The Alphabet of Invisible Things
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With gobbledygook and silliness, but still with brains. Taking a different look at the alphabet! Instead of boredom with A for apple and B for bear, the "Alphabet of Invisible Things" for learning is about farting, sweetness, earwigs, dreams or being cool. It is full of invisible but tangible surprises. This way learning is fun for children and gives motivation to continue.

This book is an experiment. It was created in four years of ‘research’ and with many helping hands. We wanted to prove that it is possible to produce children’s books for everyone – including children’s books – even industrially, d.h. machine production.

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Why do you sometimes have to put a comma in a sentence and sometimes not?? What is the purpose of the comma, period, exclamation mark or question mark in a sentence?? Here are explanations, examples and the rules of punctuation.

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Why cats sometimes don’t come back down from the tree and how you should react

Cats can climb well and move effortlessly through their territory. When climbing in trees, however, it happens again and again that cats do not come down again. What you can do and what is definitely not recommended, you can read here.

Cats are true climbers. If they have climbed into a tree or onto the roof of a house, they will usually come back themselves. If they do not manage to turn around, cats often even carefully and slowly walk backwards. In this way they move safely through any terrain. With amazingly precise movements cats balance on shelves in the house. They move between flower vases and decorations just as safely as outside between bicycles, garden tools or under bushes and in trees.

Cats climb by either pushing themselves forward with their hind legs or by holding on with the claws of their front feet and dragging their hind bodies. The claws on the front paws are curved and have very sharp tips. This allows them to get a good grip on soft materials such as the bark of a tree.

Early miscarriage: "You weren’t really pregnant after all"

Four pregnancies, one child

When my 5-year-old daughter Lili* asks why she’s not having a sibling, I quickly deflect and say something like, "Oh, it’s not that simple. But we are so happy to have you".

Luckily she didn’t ask further. Someday I will tell her that I have been pregnant four times and lost three children.

I always wanted two children. My husband and I tried unsuccessfully for a long time to get pregnant. In 2010 we decided to have infertility treatment, the first time the egg nested, but after a few days I started bleeding.

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„In aller Freundschaft“ Vorschau (8.2.-1.3.): Kathrin und Kai müssen das Baby einer Patientin retten

Catfluencer – a combination of the words "cat", English for cat, and "influencer", i.e. a person who is particularly well-known and influential in social networks and conveys certain advertising messages, views or the like. With Catfluencern, however, the focus of the social media profile is not on a person, but on a cat.

In Sabrina Stallmann’s case, there are even two cats: Finlay and Salem. With her two British Shorthair cats the Halternerin reaches a following of 17.500 followers on Instagram with her account @finlays_kingdom.

Discovered the joy of photography through Instagram

It all started in 2019, when the 26-year-old wanted to get a cat into the house together with her boyfriend. Through Instagram, the two have found their dream cat breed: British Shorthair in the color "silver shaded". "This is how we found Finlay," says Sabrina Stallmann. A year later, she added Salem, a black British Shorthair cat.

Leading Harvard physicist has a radical theory of why humans exist

101415_randall_lisa_167_605Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Staff PhotographerWhere do we come from?? There are many correct answers to this question and the one you get very often depends on who you ask.

For example an astrophysicist would say perhaps that the chemical components of our bodies developed for the first time in the nuclear fires of the stars.

On the other hand, an evolutionary biologist might look at the similarities between our DNA and that of other primates to determine that have common ancestors with apes.

The Caribbean is one of the top destinations when it comes to dream vacations under a blue sky. The South Seas not only have a lot of variety to offer, but also really flex their muscles when it comes to dream beaches. Whether classic white sand, black bays or pink beach – let the colors of the Caribbean enchant you!

The Caribbean captivates by its world-famous, partly kilometer-long sandy beaches. The fine sand on these Caribbean beaches is often called "powdered sugar sand" because it is so fine and soft. To walk barefoot in it, while the waves wash around your ankles, belongs to the unique experiences in life, which are recommended to every traveler. But why has Sand so many different colors? Why is it yellow, or white, and how is it also that sometimes a black or pink beach can be found in the Caribbean? And how exactly do you get there?

The white beaches of the Eastern Caribbean

Sand consists basically simply Minerals – rock, and predominantly quartz. But the composition is less important than the size. Only with diameters of 0.063 to 2.0 millimeters one speaks of sand. About 2.0 millimeter it is about Gravel, below 0.063 millimeters, there is talk of "Silt".

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Does she only like me as a friend or does she fancy me?? Not infrequently, a man is concerned with the question of whether a woman with whom he spends time, only wants to be his good friend or is also interested in him as a man. The following 13 points will help you to see if she merely appreciates your attention or feels more for you. The more of these signs that apply, the higher the chances are that you are well on your way to winning her heart.

The fertile bulls of altamira

to the right of the entrance to the max-rubner institute (formerly the federal institute for meat research), a powerful bull is giving birth to a female, its neck hair bristling. the result of fertility is shown in the drawings on the right: the formation of herds with bison calves, young animals and adult hinds. At the end of the wall, the bull is seen collapsing as if struck in the heart by the sword of a torero. the last picture shows him lying flat on the earth, with which he is growing together. But even in death the animal retains its dignity.
The fascinating series of pictures about the cycle of life on the foyer wall of the federal research institute for meat research was created by max wild. The artist borrowed the motifs from the world-famous neolithic rock paintings of altamira in cantabria (northern spain). Unknown artists of the new stone age painted 250 rock drawings on the ceilings of caves and underground passages about 14,000 years ago. many people have fallen for its beauty and magic, especially modern artists. "After altamira everything is downfall", said for example pablo picasso.
Max wild is not interested in reproduction, but in reproducing the expressive power of the originals using modern painting techniques. His ideas convinced the expert commission in 1975. The anonymous call for tenders for the new building of the research institute in the E.-C.-baumann street, he clearly prevailed over his competitors from all over germany.
the kulmbach artist tries to approach the altitude paintings of altamira with a combination of wet and spray techniques. there, the dyes mixed with fat or protein were painted with animal hair, tufts of moss and palms of the hands. In addition, tubular bones were used to inflate the dyes with the mouth.
Wild imitates the process by applying natural mineral colors dissolved in silicic acid via a compressor with a spray gun. the effect is astonishing: the animal panorama appears abstract and modern through the watercolor on the one hand, while on the other hand it exactly matches the color gradations of the original with its red, yellow and brown pigmented ochre earths, manganese and wood charcoal.
max wild does not miss one of the greatest mysteries of early art: the negative handprints. They are created when the splayed fingers are used as a stencil and sprayed over them. next to the dying bull there is one. The meaning of the hand negatives is mysterious. Did magical rituals of shamans play a role? Is it the need to immortalize oneself with a handprint??
the artist’s son, gunter wild, talked to his father about the meaning of the hand while working on the artwork. "He saw them as a sign of the possession of the animal by man three million years ago, in the paleolithic era. The animal becomes a victim of human life. For my father, a decisive step in evolution", gunter wild remembers. On this occasion, he also reveals a secret: it is his hand that served as a stencil for his father.
The fountain sculpture to the right of the entrance, with which roland and ursula doerk from steinberg won another tender in 1975, is about archaic animal sacrifices. On the paved area, they place curved granite blocks, which form a stylized sacrificial table. Around it seats for the spectators. the forecourt of the federal institute becomes a sacrificial site.