Calorie consumption while walking

But what about the Calorie consumption while hiking really? Are as many calories really burned as when jogging?? How does the consumption differ when hiking at different speeds?? And above all: do all people burn the same amount of calories while hiking? We take a look at exactly these questions and provide the answers in this article!

Everybody has his personal calorie consumption when hiking

  • Hiking with luggage?
  • Is hiked uphill or downhill?
  • What pace is preferred when hiking?
  • How about age, gender, height and weight?

The fact is, hiking is not a high-performance sport and there is no need to learn any special technique. However, this does not make "real" hiking any less strenuous. Because anyone who has ever been on a hiking tour untrained knows what happens to the muscles (the next day). It is therefore obvious that calories are burned and consumed while hiking.

Seeing in 3D

Sweat beads on the forehead, cars honk, a passerby waves his hands. Stress level often increases when parking. The visual system is best suited to estimate the distance to the sports car behind us and to the concrete bollard in front of us.

  • Although images arrive on our retinas in two dimensions, we have a good eye for three dimensions. This is due to the additional evaluations of information that the visual system makes – such as shadows, overlays, and empirical values about sizes.
  • In addition, the visual cortex in the brain calculates the position of an object in space from the different angle of view of the two eyes on an object, the retinal disparity.
  • Retinal disparity enables stereoscopic vision
  • Further clues to the depth of space are given to the brain by the position of the eyeballs as they fixate on a point, and by stereoscopic vision, the fact that the two images from the eyes are merged into one in the brain.


The retina is the inner eye skin covered with pigment epithelium. The retina is characterized by an inverse (reversed) arrangement: Light must first pass through several layers before it reaches the photoreceptors (cones and rods). The signals from the photoreceptors are transmitted via the optic nerve to the processing areas of the brain. The reason for the inverse arrangement is the developmental origin of the retina, which is an outpouching of the brain.
The retina is about 0,2 to 0,5 mm thick.

Only ca. 17 km from downtown Hamburg, the Vollhofner Forest lies to the south. In just under 60 years, an untouched natural idyll has been able to develop on a former flushing field – without any human intervention at all. Many rare animal and plant species have found a habitat in this 45-hectare area. But this pioneer forest is under threat. The area of the forest is part of the port expansion area and will be reserved for logistics halls according to the 2012 port development plan. For this the ca. 30.000 trees to be felled. Since 2012, the port’s turnover figures have dropped significantly and the urgency of the climate crisis has clearly increased. Therefore, the climate protection initiative Vollhofner Wald calls on the Hamburg Senate and the HPA (Hamburg Port Authority) to stop the plans to cut down the forest once and for all and to put the forest under permanent protection. After activists* campaigned for the preservation of the forest with a tree house in the fall of 2019 with media attention, the area was closed to the public. The forest has been accessible again since August. In June 2020, the SPD and the Greens agreed in the coalition agreement that the Vollhofner forest should no longer be used for port development, but that other previously untouched natural areas should make way instead, for example in Altenwerder. Only if these were developed, the forest would be put under nature protection. This use of natural areas for industrial purposes has unfortunately already become a tradition in the Suderelbe area.
We do not accept this anymore!

You want to do something?

Climate strike 3.12.2021

With the current Hamburg climate plan we do not prevent the climate catastrophe!
The decisions of the climate conference in Glasgow are in no way sufficient to limit global warming to 1.5 ° C!
The coalition agreements of the probable future federal government hardly raise hopes.
"There is much to be said!"
Under this motto we will demonstrate next Friday together with Fridays for Future and many other initiatives.
The climate strike starts at 2 pm at Arrivatipark (near Gruner Jager) The route goes ca. 3 km to the writing 1.5 °C
We will be there and look forward to seeing you!

Forest walk 28.11.2021

There are regular walks in the Vollhofner forest again (every 3-4 weeks)!
From 12 o’clock. Meeting point is – as always – the "Kehre" on the road Vollhofner Weiden between the bus stops "Dradenauer Deichweg and "Hafenbahnhof Alte Suderelbe" (Old South Elbe Port Station) (bus lines 146, 250, 251). There will be a shuttle service for cyclists from the Finkenwerder ferry dock at 11:30 am.

microsoft teams vs dropbox

In a recent episode of AvePoint’s "Shift Happens" podcast, author Ray Wang mentioned how modern technology is partly responsible for the success of remote work. And indeed, the rise of collaboration apps and the disappearance of isolated platforms have shaped the way companies implement the new hybrid work model.

Collaboration tools have evolved. While they used to enable simple file sharing or communication, they are now dynamic tools that combine communication, easy and secure file sharing, and collaborative working.

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Checklist for house construction

After the second child is born, the home feels too small. Through discussions with intransigent neighbors, people want more distance. The desire for one’s own fruit and vegetables is growing, but the balcony only has three square meters. There are many reasons why people plan to build a house. Once the desire is there, the task is to make the dream house a reality. For many home builders, planning is the most exciting phase in the realization of their dream.

In any case, the following ten points are important to plan for home construction. Later we will go into the contents of this Checklist in more detail:

Bsirske calls for more efforts to combat membership decline

The outgoing head of Verdi, Frank Bsirske, sees a decisive task for the union in counteracting the loss of members.

"Churches need believers, parties need voters. And trade unions? Trade unions need members," said Bsirske on Monday in his last annual report at the federal congress in Leipzig. Unions are only strong as membership organizations. But this is exactly what is lacking, said Bsirske.

Verdi is losing members. Every year, significantly more people leave the union than join it, as Bsirske added. According to the report, there are also signs of a decline of around 20 percent in 2019.000 members. In the year of its founding, Verdi had 2.81 million members; last year it had 1.97 million. Verdi wants and needs to take countermeasures there, said Bsirske, who will step down after 18 years at the helm. On Tuesday, his deputy Frank Werneke (52) is to be elected as his successor. At the national congress, around 1,000 delegates will discuss the focal points of trade union work for the coming years until Saturday.

In the second part of the Raunachtsagen, which we at the end of the Raunachte, so on today 6. January bring, there are speaking oxen, the wild hunt flies by the airs and Mrs. Percht moves with the unbaptized deceased children by the countries. Who is better to hide from in the Raunacht and who can you trust?

2. Raunacht: Christmas night

Christmas Eve is the second Raunacht. No hammering and sawing is allowed, so that "the Christkindl does not wake up". That night, the cattle in the barn are said to start talking and predict future events:

Farmer and the farmer’s wife stayed home from matins. The farmer was curious, so he sneaked out into the barn and lay under the feed bar. Then he heard an ox say at midnight: "In summer our farmer will strangle himself eating cabbage." The second ox added: "And we two will pull him to the cemetery!"

child with smartphone

"How can I locate a cell phone with cell phone number??" This and similar queries are becoming more common in search engines. If you want to know how to locate your child’s smartphone in a few seconds, you’ll find it in this post.

Locate cell phone by WhatsApp

A cell phone location via WhatsApp is now possible with almost all devices. The catch of this method of localization is that the person to be located must initiate the process themselves.

New month, new program. Netflix as usual throws out some titles from the media library, but many new contents come in return. October 2017 is waiting with new series, movies and documentaries. Star Wars" in particular was eagerly awaited by many customers. We’ll not only show you the highlights, but also warn you about the movies and series you’d better stay away from.

Here are the Netflix highlights in the month of October 2017:

New movies on Netflix:

"The Meyerowitz Stories.", from the 13. October: Along with "Okja," the tragicomedy is the second Netflix film to make it to the Cannes Film Festival in May. Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller play here sons of Dustin Hoffman, an eccentric artist, who would like to know the own children always in its shade. Adam Sandler, who usually only shoots garbage for Netflix, shines here with restrained acting.

"1922", As of the 20. October: The year 2017 has somehow turned into the Stephen King festivals. In the cinema, "It" and "The Dark Tower" are running, on Netflix, "The Mist" ran last – but the series was canceled after one season. Now Netflix launches the film "1922" to the start. A man kills his wife and is suddenly pursued by rats. A mind game begins, a bloody one of course.

Winter is dark and uncomfortable – so snuggle up in the blanket and read. We present exciting books for young people.

by Katja Ebbach

"Heartbreak Boys from Simon James Green

Cover of the book'Heartbreak Boys' von Simon James Green © one Verlag