For a Hartz IV recipient, a mini-job can be the first step towards full-time employment. If you have not worked for a longer period of time, a mini-job can make it easier for you to return to work. In this article we explain what you have to consider if you receive Hartz IV and want to take up a mini-job.

Income can affect your Hartz IV

Even as a Hartz IV recipient, it is possible to take on a mini-job. However, you must keep in mind that income can be offset against the Jobcenter benefit if it exceeds a certain tax-free amount per month. Therefore, the income from a minijob can also be counted against your Hartz IV.

The basic tax-free amount for single persons is 100 euros per month. As a mini-jobber, you can keep 100 euros per month of your income from the mini-job. Income that exceeds this allowance is counted at 80 percent towards Hartz IV benefits. As a Hartz IV recipient, you have an additional 20 percent of the money from the mini-job left over. Here is a suitable example:

Chicken soup is an all-rounder and can be so delicious when it doesn't come across as bland, as in this picture. (Symbol image)

Chicken soup is not just soup. It is a childhood memory, a savior in times of need and the number one remedy for colds. This is how it gets really good.

Chicken broth is the basis for many dishes, but also a star on its own as a soup – if it is well prepared. With the apparently easy recipe, there are three pitfalls you should know and avoid.

In Moroccan media, a study by German Maghreb researcher Isabelle Werenfels is under fire. Critics accuse her of having an anti-Moroccan agenda. But it is probably only superficially about science.

Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Berlin

Radio silence between Germany and Morocco: seat of the Moroccan embassy in Berlin


Independent IT consultant and trainer. 10 years of experience in Atlassian Jira and Atlassian Confluence consulting and training.


Jira: permissions, permission schemes and security levels

One of the essential features of a process administration is its rights management. How is it ensured that every user sees only what he is allowed to see?? Can users be divided into groups and roles? How granular can permissions be?

The permissions concept implemented in Jira consists of several components that are highly interdependent and should therefore always be considered together:

Oriental architecture, bustling markets and absolute dream hotels on the turquoise sea are just your thing? Then come with us to Oman!

Finally it was time! After the suitcases were packed, the trip to the airport could begin. The suitcases were checked in on time, so we could wait comfortably for boarding with a drink. Thanks to the professional service and the great entertainment in the plane, the time passes like in a flash! Upon arrival we euphorically get into a cab and drive to our first accommodation:

Insemination dog

In some breeds, artificial insemination is necessary because the parties involved either cannot perform the mating, the natural mating act or do not want it due to temperament.

In very rare breeds, the semen can also be sent as fresh or frozen semen. The bitch then does not have to be transported over long distances and the breeds can still be preserved in this way.

There is trouble at the Steinern Kreuz in Friedberg. The city has the Entroncamento path rebuilt. Residents fear fence-sitters will watch them eat lunch in future.

A green corridor runs between the construction area at Steinern Kreuz and the single-family houses in Ernst-Eduard-Hirsch-Strasse built about 25 years ago. This is currently being redone by a construction company. The pedestrian and bicycle path there was christened the Entroncamento path a few years ago. The name of the Portuguese twin city means something like "branching" in German and goes back to a railroad junction. Maybe this gave the planner the idea to branch four ways in front of the Steinern Kreuz. In the triangles between the paths raised beds are created.

"Great idea, very innovative," praises local resident Karl Moch. "But why didn’t they ask us before they started planning??" "Us", that is Moch and his neighbors. And "the", that is the city hall. What annoys the residents: the new path reaches – so it shows the excavation – up to 1.20 meters to some properties; with others it is up to 14 meters. The new path winds its way through the site. "Great, you can do it that way," says Moch. But why does not the path meander a little more in the middle of the site? And why, of all things, is it the properties whose houses are closer to the property line that are the most targeted??

Brain research Why we learn much more than we think while we sleep

Who hasn’t fallen asleep in front of the TV in the evening and woken up again a few hours later to find out how frightening the program can be during the night?? "Never mind!", you will say. "During sleep, you don’t hear what’s on TV."

This is also true – when it comes to conscious experience. But while we sleep, the brain is by no means lying idle. It rather uses sleep to sort out the day’s information. Thus, in problem-solving tasks, the people who not only think about a task, but are also allowed to sleep on it, perform better.

Problems are best solved at night in bed

Surprisingly, the brain can do even more, because even in sleep it is still actively listening – and this can even be measured. To do this, test subjects were first trained to react differently to words they heard: For example, when they heard the name of an animal (as in the word "horse"), they pressed a button with their left hand. When they saw an object (e.g. a book), they pressed right.

They are the new ones at the top of the DGB Baden-Wurttemberg: Kai Burmeister and Maren Diebel-Ebers. At the weekend, the metalworker and the unionist were elected in Stuttgart. An interview about her motivation for the task and capitalism.

Half video conference, half live: conversation with the new DGB-BW leaders Kai Burmeister, in front, and Maren Diebel-Ebers, connected in large format. Photos: Joachim E. Rottgers

Half video conference, half live: conversation with the new DGB-BW leaders Kai Burmeister, in front, and Maren Diebel-Ebers, connected in large format. Photos: Joachim E. Rottgers

Due to an error where various program icons stopped displaying, I decided to start a system restore, on a ca. 2.5 month old restore point.

The system restore worked without any problems, i.e. without any error message during the restore process.

After that I noticed that certain programs like Firefox, Chrome or Opera simply didn’t open anymore when clicked on. No matter if shortcut or EXE file.