"How can I win customers for myself?" This question is as old as marketing itself. Viewed in a somewhat broader context, perhaps even as old as man himself. In this playbook, we explain how inbound marketing can help you attract your target audience, identify their true wants and needs, and respond to them accordingly.

The following storm-tested inbound marketing techniques will transform any online marketer, no matter how quiet, into an irresistible customer magnet.

Do not search, but be found

Inbound Marketing. inbound: arriving) is a sales method based on being found by customers. Because: "If you stop searching, you will be found." Every single person knows that. Outbound marketing – the desperately searching counterpart to inbound marketing – usually tries relatively indiscriminately to reach a broad mass via mail, print, radio, TV ads, flyers, SPAM, and telephone. In contrast, inbound marketing uses the more subtle methods of content marketing to attract and retain customers: email, SEO, social media, blogs, etc., which can be supported by marketing automation. Videos with real information value instead of annoying run-of-the-mill TV commercials. Topic-relevant blog post instead of meaningless print ad. High-quality content that creates added value and makes users curious to learn more, instead of platitudinous cold-calling. Inbound marketing promises not only more stable customer relationships in the long term, but also cost savings through more targeted communication and multiplier effects via intrinsically motivated customers who pass on your content.

Men makeup makeup without anyone noticing it

Make-up is a woman’s business? Bullshit! You can ignore such outdated role patterns. Because why shouldn’t men cover up dark circles and pimples too? After all, good looks are not reserved for women alone.

Why do men need make-up?

No man really needs makeup. Women just as little. But like the ladies you can use it to cover dark circles, pimples and redness. This will make your skin look cleaner and younger – and you more rested and fresh.

How much make-up is okay for men?

It’s simple: the amount you feel comfortable with. You feel like lipstick and nail polish? No problem! However, if you don’t want people to see that you’re wearing makeup, watch the quantity. Feel your way with a concealer to cover dark circles and pimples. If you want even more coverage, you need a tinted day care or foundation.

When children suffer from anorexia or bulimia, their parents quickly reach their limits. The road to normal eating behavior has sometimes been long. Very few people manage to do it alone. But before help is accepted, the disease is usually already too pronounced. The fight is getting harder.

Emma K. is a pretty young girl with long blond hair and blue eyes. The 12-year-old comes from a small town in the Osterzgebirge mountains, about 50 kilometers from Dresden. At high school she is one of the best, after the vacations follows class 7.

She knows what she wants to be when she grows up. "Educator", she says. Emma seems like a carefree child on the cusp of becoming a teenager. But there is the secret fear of the scale. Every week she shows how Emma is doing. The girl has been suffering from anorexia, anorexia for about two and a half years.

Requirements, amount, earning points, income test, allowance – an FAQ on the new basic pension.

Senior sitting smiling in a lounge in a retirement home

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Wednesday, 02. February 2022

Green Party Congress In search of new leadership and compromises in governing

At their party conference, the Green Party, as expected, elected Ricarda Lang and Omid Nouripour as their new leaders. Their task is great: they must reconcile the values of the party with the reality of governance. Conflicts are already emerging.

By Gudula Geuther | 27.01.2022

All over the world, millions of people gather on Christmas Eve, the 24th of Av. December to celebrate the imminent birth of Jesus Christ. But was Jesus really born on this date? Here you will find answers to all questions about Jesus’ birth.

Table of contents

When was Jesus born?

According to the legend Jesus Christ came in the night of 24. on the 25. December in the year 0 to the world. Christians around the world therefore traditionally celebrate the birth of the Messiah and Son of God on this date as the Christmas. But this is Jesus’ true date of birth?


Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to live in a harmonious neighborhood. Again and again one hears of escalating neighbor disputes that drag on for years. How to defend yourself and enforce your rights.

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On the occasion of 12. German Tafel Day, the Tafel Hammelburg also invites people to an open house on Saturday, 29 September. September, to the open day in the Tafel building at the station 2 a. From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., visitors can gain an insight into the work of the Tafel and obtain comprehensive information.

A look behind the scenes

Guests can take a look behind the scenes, ask questions about the Tafel’s work and gain an insight into the storage and refrigeration rooms and food distribution. In the course of the morning, drivers will deliver goods – as they do every Saturday – and helpers will check them and store them in the cold storage room. If there is interest, guided tours of the table take place. Chairman Dieter Roth and the volunteer helpers inform about what exactly will happen with the ca. 45 tons of food happens, which were collected and distributed in the course of a year by the helpers. Of course, there is also the question of who is entitled to receive goods from the food bank and under what conditions. The event is therefore also of interest to sponsors and donors, who can use this opportunity to make sure that their commitment is meaningful and necessary. In this way, the Tafel Hammelburg lives up to the goal of the German Tafel Day to set an example against food waste and poverty.

More helpers welcome

Women and men, young people and older people who can imagine doing voluntary work would also be very welcome, write those responsible for the Tafel. The tasks are varied, each helper decides for himself to what extent he wants to contribute and how. Guests can fortify themselves with coffee and homemade cake.

computer, block, notes, GIF, GIFs, create GIF, build GIF

Stand out from the crowd with your social media posts, make your emails more dynamic or liven up your blog posts: GIFs offer you many uses. How you can easily, quickly and inexpensively create your own GIF, we explain to you.

The Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is somewhere between a still image and a video. The animations allow us to recreate scenes from old iconic movies, visualize memes, or present messages visually – and usually funny.

When it comes to correctly measuring one’s calorie consumption during exercise, there are a number of myths floating around the Internet. Dr. Hande Hofmann from the Technical University of Munich explains it – and gives tips on how to effectively calculate the burn, and how apps and wearables help. Part 2 of the ISPO.com interviews.

Counting calories: Apps can also help

The search engine "Google" alone offers over 4.9 million results to the question: "How many calories do I burn while exercising??". The calculations are, like the results sometimes very different.