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Radiation protection provides people with appropriate protective measures against the harmful effects of radiation. This applies to emergencies, but also in some professions.

The most effective way of radiation protection would be to renounce nuclear power. Private measures and correct behavior for radiation protection cannot prevent large-scale radiation in case of an emergency. But they can significantly reduce the harmful consequences.

When the radiation protection signal "Warning" (three minutes long continuous tone) sounds, one should turn on the radio or TV set. The relevant federal or. National warning centers immediately pass on information about the nature and extent of the disaster to the television stations, which immediately publish it.

High doses of ionizing radiation can cause acute illness by reducing blood cell production and damaging the digestive tract.

A very high dose of ionizing radiation can also damage the heart and blood vessels (cardiovascular system), the brain and the skin.

A radiation injury resulting from high to very high doses is called a tissue reaction. The dose required to cause visible tissue damage varies by tissue type.

Speech comprehension is the ability to grasp the meaning and significance of vocal utterances. By phonetic utterances are meant on the one hand words, but also onomatopoeias, such as "woof-woof" meant.

What skills must a child possess?

Disturbance in language comprehension

Children who have a language comprehension disorder are unable to understand the content of instructions, explanations, sentences, and conversations, or to. insufficient understanding.
You can usually tell a speech comprehension disorder just by looking at a child’s reaction. You cannot directly observe a speech comprehension disorder.
When there is a disorder in speech comprehension, the active use of language is always disturbed as well.

Stick figure-not-understanding

Hard coal operators expect that the fossil fuel will still be needed until 2050. Thanks to the EEG reform, they could be right.

  • Hard coal will soon be 100% imported
  • Battery storage could relieve the power grid
  • Hard coal important for grid frequency

Mining of hard coal is declining in Germany, just starting in India. (Image: Burghard / Pixabay under CC0 Public Domain)

In May, the spring constellations of Leo, Virgo and Bootes dominate the night sky. Astronomy teacher Uwe Schierhorn explains how the lion of mythology came into the sky and when, where and how Comet Johnson can be observed.

The constellation Leo

Spring brings not only warmer temperatures during the day, hopefully soon, but also the nights should become milder, making stargazing more pleasant. The day length increases thus in May further. While on 1. May the sun is 14 hours and 57 minutes above the horizon (SA 5.35 o’clock; SU 20.32 o’clock), the day lasts on 31. May already ca. 1.5 hours longer (SA 4.52 o’clock; SU 21.4 pm).

Valve announces the Steam Deck, a handheld console with Steam and all features already integrated.

by Dimitry Halley, Geraldine Hohmann, Florian Franck,
27.01.2022 09:49

Steam deck: all info on release and specs of valve's handheld pc

The best Boba Fett episode

The Star Wars world was awash in happy hormones yesterday, as Bryce Dallas Howard directed a The Book of Boba Fett episode. Howard delivered by far the best episode of the series so far. Chapter 5: Return of the Mandalorian deals almost exclusively with Pedro Pascal’s hero from The Mandolarian. The episode debauchedly shows how Boba Fett and Din Djarin cross paths.

Star Wars highlight: what makes Bryce Dallas Howard’s Boba Fett episode so good?

In the nearly 50-minute running time, Howard adapts the quiet narrative tone of The Mandalorian. In stunning visuals, it sends the taciturn hero to an artificial planet, has him fight two tough fights, and delivers a declaration of love for Star Wars: Episode 1 in the final third. And all this feels wonderfully harmonious and natural. A tour de force that stands out among the last 3 years of Star Wars history.

Architects propose a fast lane for cyclists under the Kreuzberg elevated railway line. The ADFC praises the idea, but sees the structural implementation with skepticism.

The 'Radbahn' project aims to realize Berlin's first (largely) covered bike path. Almost 9 kilometers long under the U1 subway line

Cycling through Kreuzberg with a dry head, drinking a "Coffee To Ride" on the way from Zoo to Warschauer Strabe, pedaling nine kilometers through the middle of Berlin, without cars or pedestrians, past a curtain of plants . This is what an eight-member team of architects and urban planners wants. Your idea was nominated for the Bundespreis ecodesign 2015 (German Federal Award for Ecodesign). The growing number of cyclists will be able to cross the city from east to west on a "bike lane" under the U1 elevated viaduct. That sounds like an expensive investment and construction work.

A new study has shown that a mixture of proteins and heavy metals such as zinc and copper makes invertebrate tools particularly hard and robust.

A weaving spider (Phidippus regius) shows her dazzling biting claws.

When they suck blood from a deer, ticks bite hard into the animal’s furry skin. Leaf-cutter ants effortlessly gnaw their way through the thick leaves of tropical plants. With their sting, scorpions inject their venom even into animals many times larger than themselves.

Play once again together

Do love good: play together

  • by />Udo Schumacher

We have therefore once looked at which games were conceived particularly for 2 persons or at least make also in small round tidy fun.