Don’t despair: here’s how easy it is to tie a tie

Tying a tie quickly – this shouldn’t be too difficult, but unfortunately it is for the inexperienced. If you tie a tie only on special occasions and a festive styling, it is always a new challenge to remember the right tie knot. Did the loop now go over . Wait, no, the end has to go through here and then . damn, where to put your hand? Is there no easy way to quickly tie a tie?

The tie dilemma has relationship-killing potential, especially at parties or official events, where you can’t be late under any circumstances. Save yourself and your loved one the stress: Youtube star "Crazy Russian Hacker", who claims to have posted the best tricks of the KGB and the Russian army on the web, has the ultimate trick for tying a tie fast. "How to tie a tie like a ninja" lives up to its name – a finished tie knot is created with just one movement of the hand.

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Do you want to retire at 63? That is only possible if you have already contributed 45 years

Do you want to retire at 63? This is only possible if you have already paid 45 years of contributions.

Work most of your life employable people as a rule for your Living expenses. However, since the day job can be quite exhausting and burdensome in the long run, many employees are glad when they can finally take their well-deserved retirement at a certain age. Became a member during the period of employment statutory or private pension insurance paid into the pension scheme, this means that the pensioners without continuing to work will still receive a monthly pension payment of.

Statement of the hit star

Helene Fischer speaks out publicly for the first time after birth rumors

02.02.2022 updated: 13:55

Helene Fischer has reacted after rumors about her birth and denied one aspect.

Building muscles for beginners

How to build muscles? In this short article, I will go over the 4 basic steps to follow when building muscle for beginners!

Muscle growth is a protective reaction of the body.

Hellmuth Karasek on the new "four-feeling" | Why I have a
I am a soccer patriot

In 1954, which is now pretty much sixty years ago, Germany became soccer world champion for the first time. That was in Bern, which is why this first world championship was later called "The Miracle of Bern".

I was twenty. Televisions were still rare back then, thick, small devices, over which an indistinct black-and-white picture flickered in a drizzly manner. I was studying in Tubingen and saw a pub on an arterial road, in front of which was written in clumsy letters on a cardboard: Here soccer world championship! Television!

Germany became world champion for the first time. Only nine years after the totally lost war that had plunged Germany into misery and disgrace.

Worldwide are more than 1.400 species of scorpions known. Carinthia has the highest number of these arachnids in Austria. The three native species are interesting representatives of their species, but unlike their tropical relatives, they are small and harmless to humans.

Who wants to meet a scorpion in Carinthia, which could be found in Federaun near Villach. The area around the castle ruins is a perfect habitat for the "Trieste Scorpion".

Domestic scorpion species

If you want to receive the mails of your Hotmail, Outlook, Live or MSN account also on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, you have to set up the mail account accordingly. We explain to you, which you can easily Hotmail addresses @hotmail.en, and the other Microsoft Mail accounts on the iPhone or iPad can set up.

Receive Hotmail mails or MSN on iOS


First you have to create a Hotmail web account, which you then want to access from your iPhone or iPad. You can do this for free on Microsoft’s new Outlook site. Here, among other things, the e-mail address de. Otherwise the registration is relatively fast. You only have to enter your name and connect it with your date of birth, postal code and password.

Sebastian Werner, 27.01.2022, 08:52

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Netflix account share: When is it allowed and how works's?

There are more letters about Riester than about any other topic. The Stiftung Warentest answers frequent and interesting questions from readers.

Riester in detail: taxation, divorce, termination

  • What’s with the nonsensical regrouping?
  • Can I still rely on a pension commitment from 2005??
  • What happens if my Riester provider goes bankrupt??
  • Is a Riester contract worthwhile at all now??
  • Is Riester even an option for savers over 45??
  • Riester as self-employed with child?
  • Acquisition costs repeated every year?
  • Are costs justified in the event of premium changes?
  • May others save for me?
  • Where do I turn if I have problems with my Riester contract??
  • Can I correct incorrect contribution payments??
  • Does nursing care allowance count as income subject to social insurance when Riester pension plans are used??
  • Is sick pay relevant for calculating your own contribution??
  • May the allowance office reclaim money after termination??
  • Why is the allowance reduced despite correct personal contribution??
  • What applies if I want to use Riester to reduce the debt on my residential property??
  • How can I use Riester to finance my own home?
  • As a housewife I pay the minimum contribution. Why are the allowances reduced??
  • What happens with the promotion of my wife, if I am in pension?
  • My husband is on parental leave. May pay in more than the pure allowances?
  • What happens to Riester contracts in the event of divorce??
  • What is the cost of splitting the contract?
  • Can I continue to make savings on a split Riester contract??
  • Can I transfer the Riester capital after pension equalization??
  • Does the guarantee apply if the contract is in the red at the time of the divorce??
  • What does the marital portion refer to??
  • What is the marital portion if the contract is in the red??
  • Which contract conditions apply after a divorce??
  • Can I have the transferred Riester entitlement paid out directly??
  • How is the Riester pension taxed after a pension settlement?
  • What role does eligibility play in pension equalization??
  • Can housewives and househusbands continue to save for their pension after divorce??
  • What happens to Riester child allowances in the event of divorce??
  • Do I have to live forever, so that the Riestern was worthwhile at all?
  • Loss of support despite pension guarantee?
  • Is the allowed capital payout 20 or 30 percent??
  • What is the difference between subsidized and unsubsidized capital??
  • Are there good offers for the payout phase?
  • Do I have to pay final withholding tax on my Riester fund savings plan??

Doubts about old-age provision with Riester

What are the nonsensical reallocations?

Star sign Scorpio

If you are between 24.October and the 22.November, then from an astrological point of view, you are a Scorpio. Just like the zodiac signs Pisces and Cancer, the Scorpio belongs to the element of water. The ruler planet of the zodiac sign Scorpio is Pluto, even if it is officially no longer considered a planet.

The motto of the zodiac sign Scorpio is: "I desire."