The model and the professional footballer have been a couple for five years now. Together they are currently raising four children. But family relationships are complicated.

The football star and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez are parents of four children

The soccer star and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez are parents of four children.

Two more are already on the way. The couple is having twins - a boy and a girl

Scottish Islands

Scottish islands


Follow me on a little journey. A trip along Scotland’s coast, starting in the north and going down into the southwest. We visit the many small and large islands that are part of Scotland. islands, each of which has its own character. Islands, with their own culture. Islands that have played a role in history. And islands that can enrich our future trips to Scotland – because they offer fantastic and special nature and sights that are not available on the "mainland".

Since Windows 7 Microsoft offers the possibility to burn CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs directly from Windows Explorer. If your PC comes with a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc burner, you really don’t need third-party burning software.

In this post, I’ll walk you through the steps to burn a disc and the different options when burning. If your drive supports it, Windows can actually burn a disc that works like a USB drive, which means you can add and delete data from the CD.

Burning discs in Windows 7, 8, 10

The easiest way to start the disc burning process in Windows is to insert a CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc into the drive. Windows should automatically open a dialog box asking what you want to do with the CD.

Christmas is the feast of the family, so we always said and most Germans also traditionally spend Christmas Eve and with their close family and visit relatives during the Christmas holidays. But at the same time, Christmas is also the festival of love, and not just romantic love, but love in general for all the people who are important to us without being related by blood: Friends.

For this reason, more and more people organize a Christmas party with friends, Usually a few days before Christmas Eve. But it is also no longer an exception that people spend Christmas Eve or Christmas with their friends. Close friends are nowadays something like an elective family for many – also for me.

If you have a Christmas party with friends or. If you want to organize a Christmas party for your friends, here are 10 ideas for you to make it really extraordinary and unforgettable. &

Polarization is another phenomenon of waves, which should also exist in light.

We already know that light is an electromagnetic wave.

Electromagnetic waves are Transverse waves. This means that the magnetic and electric fields are perpendicular to the direction of propagation.

"Racism Inception": Dieter Nuhr embarrasses himself with book review and admits mistakes

  • The cabaret artist Dieter Nuhr has let off steam in his show about a book by the Cologne author Alice Hasters.
  • The problem: He apparently hadn’t read it at all beforehand.
  • And also otherwise his contribution is full of technical errors.

"Racism inception": dieter nuhr disgraces himself with book review and admits mistakes

Berlin. Did you know that a German author’s seemingly intellectual book, of all things, is partly to blame for the rise of Donald Trump? Did you not know? Also not true. But that’s about the sound of one of Dieter Nuhr’s punch lines, which he presented to his viewers on Thursday night in the program "Nuhr im Ersten".

In the piece – broadcast between appearances by Wolfgang Trepper and Simone Solga – Nuhr tries to figure out why millions of Americans have already voted for Donald Trump again. After a small digression he comes to the thesis: Probably the leftists are to blame.

Temperatures drop slightly when the "CrisMus breeze" hits in early December arrives, making the start of the season more enjoyable. Towns and cities create a festive atmosphere by decorating the streets and palm trees with colorful Christmas lights, known here as "pepper lights" Are known. Houses in affluent neighborhoods compete for the best light displays and even local cabs are decorated.

Christmas trees are everywhere; the plastic kind can dominate, but locally grown Blue Mountain pines are more elegant. Grown high in the lush mountains, they’re a softer, lighter alternative to Norwegian pine. It is also traditional to decorate the house at Christmas with bright red poinsettias. They are so popular that it may be necessary to order them months in advance.

How to celebrate christmas in jamaica

In search of beautiful sayings and wisdom about golf ("Golf Quotes and Wisdom" – link: s. below) I have come across numerous sayings that do not fit the theme. (Somehow of course. Golf offers basically all facets, which also life offers. [Wisdom of Golf Knigge)

To "throw away" the beautiful sayings and life wisdom are too bad. Therefore, here is a small collection of sayings that touched me in some way during my research.

Wisdoms and beautiful sayings

Beautiful sayings and life wisdoms

Like most millennials, I created a Facebook account in 2007 to see what my crush was up to and click through photos from parties I wasn’t invited to. Even a decade and a half later, a trail of fleeting moments from high school through adulthood could be found on my Facebook page in the form of photo albums, song lyrics, and messages.

The nature of the platform has changed, as have Facebook’s early users, but getting off isn’t exactly easy.

Celebrating his debut as an iron man: Bjorn Willems. The Raunheim native is an experienced long-distance runner, he only started swimming and cycling training three years ago

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Ironman 70.3 Wiesbaden

Premiere at the Raunheimer Waldsee

From 8.10 o’clock start on Sunday (9.) at the Ironman 70.3 Wiesbaden the age groups. Then Bjorn Willems will also jump into the water and plow through the lake. The forty-one-year-old has already gained experience as a helper. Now he swims, rides and runs at the Ironman himself.