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Local holidays and celebrations

Easter and holy week

For the Greek Orthodox Church Easter is the most important feast. Some of the most beautiful songs from the Easter liturgy are already sung during the holy week before Easter. On the morning of Holy Saturday, the "Judas", a scarecrow made of straw and old clothes, is led through the village on a donkey. People laugh at them and hand out "Kaltsounia" (cheesecake) and candy. The scarecrow is burned in a big fire at midnight to symbolize the cruel fate of the traitor. At the end of the fair, the Association for Culture of Vamos serves free food and wine to the villagers. It is at the same time the end of the 40-day fasting period.

Easter Sunday is the most important date in the Greek Orthodox church calendar, a day of merriment and celebration, with lots of wine, dancing and singing. In all Greece on this day a lamb grilled on a spit is eaten. In Crete it is often roasted in the oven over grapevine branches.

Roman praise -'Changes': Ein Lebenszeichen vor dem Eurovision Song Contest. Roman Lob singt von 'Changes'. (Quelle: Ben Wolf / Universal Music)

The Eurovision Song Contest in Baku is getting closer and closer – but not much has been heard of German contestant Roman Lob in recent weeks. Since his victory in "Our Star for Baku it has become quiet around the 21-year-old, there is no hype like that caused by his predecessor Lena. All the more important that Roman with his debut album "Changes." now once again gives a sign of life.

Current photo shows

Roman Lob has been compared to Lena since mid-February. Lena, who enchanted everyone. Lena, who won the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) in Oslo. Lena, who was allowed to compete in the defense of the title. How to get against it? Praise, until his victory in the post-Lena show "Our Star for Baku" Industrial mechanic, don’t even try it at first. Why also? Finally, the competition in Azerbaijan comes on 26. May not be from Hanover like Lena Meyer-Landrut, but from England, Latvia or Ukraine.

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Motivation for training How to motivate yourself to exercise for the long term

Outside it’s cold and wet, at home you don’t have the space to really get started with sports? But it’s not just the weather or Corona restrictions that make your workout difficult with tests, masks and distance rules. As hard as it sounds: First and foremost, it’s your excuses and laziness that stand in your way. Because where there is a will, there is also a workout!

The most important thing now is a good dose of motivation. We will show you how you can rekindle the joy of sports even under difficult conditions and how you can stick to it – despite every drive killer.

Motivation for training: 10 effective tips

Proverbs and quotes usually contain a kernel of truth and have an inspiring effect. For this collection I have chosen sayings and quotes that highlight the pros and cons of a topic. You will find statements about

Comprehensive: sayings and quotes about time

What Is Time?

The simplest of definitions gains depth when you know that Einstein figured out how to influence time:

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How to write professional reviews

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A lot has happened since 2004, the iPod per se is no longer up to date, just like this forum. To not lose the information the forum is now read-only for guests, registrations are no longer possible due to the high number of spam accounts. Thanks for the good time to all active users!


I have had the following problem for some time now:
I have an IPod Touch (software version 4.2.1) and set it to automatically sync with ITunes (version discontinued. So far I could always create playlists on the go without any problems, which were then transferred to the library during synchronization (on my IPod there is only music that is also in ITunes) – a feature that I appreciated very much, because I very often create lists on the go. Unfortunately this does not work for quite some time now. The lists are not transferred and also disappear from my IPod.

IPod software u. ITunes are up to date as far as I know, also I already tried to reset the IPod, but without success.

That's why MP3 will live on for a very long time

The licensing program for the MP3 format has expired. Nevertheless, the MP3 will probably be with us for many years to come, even though better alternatives are now available.

For links on this page, the dealer may pay a. a commission, z.B. for those marked with or green underlining. More Info.

MP3: Licensing program at the end, music format not yet for a long time

After 22 years, the Fraunhofer Institute has ended the licensing program for the MP3. Thanks to the expired patents, the MP3 can now be used freely; until now, companies often had to pay fees when using the format, for example in connection with corresponding audio software. The Fraunhofer Institute will not develop the format any further.

Some people perceive numbers or tones as colors – behind this is a hardly researched phenomenon

On the website of the German Synaesthesia Society this scene from the movie Ratatouille is mentioned as an example for synaesthesia

On the website of the German Synaesthesia Society this scene from the movie Ratatouille is mentioned as an example for synaesthesia. Pixar / Disney

When Alexandra Kirschner thinks of numbers, letters or certain words, colors appear in her mind’s eye. And Alexandra Kirschner’s life is more colorful in other areas as well. Every day of the week has its own color for them, which always appears in the same way. Monday red, Saturday black and Sunday light blue.

Alexandra Kirschner is a synaesthete. It perceives sensations partly coupled. When she hears a noise, sounds or music, colors appear in her mind’s eye. They often come from the same direction as the sound or noise, she explains. If the sound comes from the back left, she sees the corresponding color in her left visual field.

Personality types

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#Personality types Which personality type are you??

You know her, too, that one colleague who talks all the time while you yourself are drowning in work. Concentrate on getting things out of the way? No chance. And if you then also times what on the soul burns, the chatterbox does not hear guaranteed correctly. Yes, that sucks. But: probably she just can’t get out of her skin ..

Personality Types: There are 3 basic character types

Why we are the way we are is something that psychography – a young branch of psychology – is now trying to fathom more precisely. In addition to the well-known factors such as upbringing, biography or genes, which have an influence on the personality, another element is added here: the temperament. In the so-called nature research it is assumed that every person specializes in one area of life: in the world of thoughts, feelings or actions. Translated into everyday life, this means that we are thinkers, feelers or doers – and experience the world accordingly.