Rapper Eko Fresh in interview: "I want to be a role model"

Rapper Eko Fresh is now also a spokesman. His current project is the audio book "Hochgekampft" about the Chaer brothers, who built up the wrestling league GWF.

Photo: Dirk Mathesius / Rosenheim Rocks/Sandra Eichner

Essen. He motivates migrants, dubs video games, reads wrestling audio books. And soon Eko Fresh will return to the stage in Dusseldorf as well.

Most users already take a permanent internet connection for granted. Even in developing countries thousands of miles away, most businesses, homes, and even public places are equipped with modems that allow wireless Internet connection.

Troubleshooting when the Mac does not establish a WLAN connection

WLAN has become ubiquitous and essential to workflows in business, academia, government, and the media. And thanks to WLAN we are in better contact with each other than ever before. We use it when listening to music, writing emails, and even for shopping.

So, if you’ve ever experienced wireless connectivity problems on your Mac, save this article locally so you can read it offline, just in case. Because problems of this kind can have various causes.

A birthday is always special. And this date should also be celebrated extensively. Especially a milestone birthday is a good occasion for a big party. It doesn’t matter how old the birthday boy or girl gets – whether it’s their 20th birthday or their 20th birthday. Birthday, the 70. Birthday, the 80. Birthday or the 90. Birthday trades. And even the 100. Birthday likes to celebrate. The only important thing is that you have to be careful when designing the Birthday party consider some tips.

If your acquaintances have an anniversary coming up, or you’re celebrating a milestone birthday, here are some practical tips for a big bash. Continue reading this page for helpful tips on how to throw your next birthday party.

90th birthday

Block website on iOS

As the littlest of the house grows, the time approaches when either out of necessity or without being excluded from their social environment We are forced to buy a cell phone or tablet for our children. If we want to natively protect access to content of any kind, iOS is currently the best option available on the market.

On the Internet we can find all kinds of content, both informative and lucrative. However, in addition, we can also find certain types of content that we do not want our children to have access to, depending on their age. The main access route is through Safari , a browser that allows us within the iOS configuration options Block websites.

Fun and festivities in greece - celebrations, festivals and cultural events

Greece is quite a religious country. Although many modern Greeks have moved away from strict Orthodox rites, religious holidays are celebrated by all the rules. In addition to Catholic Europe, the Greeks celebrate on 25. December Christmas according to the Julian calendar. On New Year’s Eve, locals take to the streets to sing Christmas carols. The Christmas bread called Vasilopita is baked. The dough hides a coin, and the one who finds it will be successful the next year. On 1. January the country celebrates the day of hl. Basil or of Agios Vasilias, who is considered the patron of the good and helper of the poor. The most important religious holiday in the country is Easter. There are colorful processions all over the country.

Fun and festivities in greece - celebrations, festivals and cultural events

There are a large number of theater festivals in Greece, because the country is the birthplace of this art. In December, a festival of puppet theater and mime is held in Thessaloniki. More than 40 different performances are shown during 11 days. Lectures, master classes and seminars are held in the city. Greeks love music, music festivals often take place on the summer terraces. RockWave in Athens, where dozens of Greece’s most famous rock artists and foreign musicians come every year, is among the biggest. Other important events take place on the island of Samothrace. This is the world music festival.

Fantastic city tours and excursions in Greece

Unique places in Greece

The Greek Pyramids

Fun and festivities in greece - celebrations, festivals and cultural events

Travelers planning to visit Greece also have a chance to see the ancient pyramids shrouded in legends. Three to present preserved pyramids are located on the territory of the Peloponnese peninsula. The first researchers have declared them as prototypes of the pyramids of Giza, known all over the world. However, the remote location in the difficult-to-access mountainous area has disproved the theory of possible similarity. The people who built the pyramids in the inaccessible mountains hardly knew about the existence of Egyptian pyramids.

Regenstauf. He would love to talk about music, rap and hip-hop all day long, when he is not doing these three things himself respectively. produces. Born in Burglengenfeld, his grandfather was a GI, Harold "Harry" Merl alias "Liquid" – his stage name comes from the computer game "Metal Gear Solid" – lives and works in Regenstauf near Regensburg today. His trademark next to the upswept grid hairstyle: boarish rap. With his Polt remix, recorded together with buddy "BBou", he caused a sensation for the first time in 2012.

Rapper liquid: "i am rather the rage-against-the-machine-fight-the-power type"

"When I was still rapping High German, I wasn’t myself, I was playing a role – like an actor slips into the rapper role. And iatz i am i. Photo: Facebook page Liquid

Disturbance of the peace in everyday life - how loud may I be - and when?. Private celebrations should not become a disturbance of the peace for neighbors

The legal situation is in itself very simple: between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. is rest time. You must not make any noise that could disturb other people or even prevent them from sleeping. During this time, room volume is the order of the day – so you must not make any noise that can still be clearly heard outside your own apartment. The room volume is 30 to 40 dB. On Sundays and public holidays, comparable rest values usually apply throughout the day.

Noise: Please do not exaggerate!

Noise pollution in Germany according to noise sources 2012

Kenwood stereo systems

Most of the modern stereo systems have a USB input. This is also a very good thing, because it can be used to play different files. Of course, this is mainly about the well-known MP3 files, which are known to have the largest distribution in the music sector. Many people have a lot of songs in MP3 format on their USB sticks, so it is a good idea to be able to play them on the home stereo system. But just here there are often a few Pitfalls, why the stereo often does not play the USB stick. So it is often at small things, which can be however usually fast repaired. We have looked at the various sources of error that can lead to the fact that the USB stick is not recognized by the stereo system. Thus it will be easier to solve the problem and then finally in the appropriate Listening pleasure on the stereo system.

USB stick has the wrong format

Stereo system does not recognize USB stick

In most cases the USB stick is not recognized because of the wrong format. If the USB stick is absolutely not recognized by the stereo system, the stick should first be correctly formatted on the PC checks will be. For this purpose the stick should be inserted into the PC or laptop, so that the format and the settings can be checked. With a right click and the selection under properties in Windows, it can be quickly recognized which stick this is. So then the maximum storage capacity displayed as well as the respective format. There are three different file systems here:

How to keep youtube music and spotify playlists in sync

With so many music streaming services in town, it has become difficult to keep track of all your stored music. Personally, I use both Spotify and YouTube Music and it becomes difficult to find this recently discovered song. If you are also facing similar situations, you have come to the right place. Here I show you how to keep YouTube Music and Spotify playlists in sync. This way, your music library will be available across platforms and you won’t miss anything no matter which service you use. So if you are interested, follow and learn how to sync YouTube Music and Spotify playlists.

Sync YouTube Music and Spotify Playlists

1. We are will use IFTTT To keep YouTube Music and Spotify playlist in sync. So go ahead and install IFTTT (Android / iOS – Free, offers in-app purchases). You can also access almost all services from IFTTT internet portal.

The desire to classify and process our time is great. Of all things, an album written before the pandemic can do that with apparent ease. On her 13. On their album "Nie wieder Krieg" (Never Again War), Tocotronic deal with the formative feelings of the present. For 29 years, the band has been an anchor of German-language rock music – more life company than any Facebooklike.

"Appropriate for the time" say Tocotronic – but not only in the face of an impending war in Europe, the band is faithful companion and sculptor of feelings. On their new album "Nie Wieder Krieg" they draw precise musical pictures about longings, vulnerability and ambivalence that fit comfortingly into these times. Sounding slogans emerge that never remain superficial – behind the powerful slogans are multifaceted sentiments, all varieties of life, but above all, as you know it from Tocotronic, statements about one’s own brokenness. The band itself calls it: "disarmingly personal".