The Oscar-winning film "The Third Man", named best British film of all time by the British Film Academy, was filmed in Vienna in 1949. Today you can walk in its footsteps and have several possibilities to do so.

You know the film "The Third Man" with Orson Welles and Joseph Cotten in the title roles and the famous film music by Anton Karas? Then this tour is a must for you anyway. You don’t know it, but you are still curious how it looks like under the stately houses of Vienna? Then dare, you will not be disappointed.

Entering the Viennese canal network

Start at Karlsplatz

Kihnu – the charming island that has fallen out of time

The small island of Kihnu is best known for its traditional and colorful skirts and costumes, for its quasi-matriarchy and for the old Soviet motorcycles with sidecars in which the women are always whizzing around the island. A visit to Kihnu is worthwhile all year round – also with regard to nature.

When you think of Kihnu, the first thing that comes to mind are women in traditional folk costumes. And handicrafts: hardworking seamstresses, weavers, knitters and embroiderers who make clothes and pillowcases alone or in groups. Next, images of wind- and weather-beaten fishermen mending nets in the harbor or tinkering with their boats pop into the mind’s eye. And then there are the folk dances, which even the smallest inhabitants of Kihnu seem to be able to do perfectly.

Kihnu - the charming island that has fallen out of time


Dear ones, can we mourn the loss of a person even though he is still alive? Because his mind is slowly and progressively fading away? Because a farewell takes place in installments? Steven asked himself these questions when his beloved stepfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s dementia. He has now dedicated his latest song to this company. It is called "father and son". And you can see and hear it further down in the article.

Dear Steven, when did you first notice that your father was changing, how old were you both there?

My father was an all-rounder in the craft business: building, constructing, also insulating houses, he extended our complete barn, he could literally fix anything, also cars and washing machines etc. As a trained electronics technician and construction equipment specialist, he had a huge display of different tools in our barn.

2021 was a tough year. A year in which we kept you informed quickly and reliably. On Corona, local politics and other important issues.

A year in which we entertained you, with the #Kulturkurier, great stories, impressive panoramic tours, series and great photos.

What happens in the Netflix movie "My brother, my sister"? Here’s a summary that will answer any unanswered questions you may have about the ending of the movie.

Spoiler warning: This article contains essential plot elements.

My brother, my sister

A man holds a smartphone in his hand and taps it with his index finger

Making calls, taking photos, navigating, listening to music, watching series, chatting – smartphones are digital all-rounders. But eager online use can cause considerable costs, which often only becomes apparent when you look at your phone bill.

Mobile data, data packages and additional costs

The use of smartphone apps is becoming more and more intuitive. On your computer, once you log in to some apps, you see the same data as you do on your mobile device. This is because the apps update and, most importantly, synchronize in the background. This allows you to present personalized content across all devices. Data transmission is via the Internet. If you use your cell phone a lot on the go, the data volume can be used up quickly, especially with streaming services or music. Additional costs are incurred primarily if they cause you to exceed your booked data volume.

The news that Neil Young is leaving Spotify for Joe Rogan’s podcast didn’t affect me at all. Until I started thinking about the implications for the future.

Here’s the short version of the story: Joe Rogan brings in a variety of guests, and those guests sometimes say things that are factually incorrect, and Rogan doesn’t always shut them up. Young gave his record label (and the big green streaming machine) an ultimatum after noticing that a group of doctors had petitioned Spotify: Either Rogan’s podcast goes or my music goes.

Always in the background, but responsible for the rhythm: the drums put you in a good mood. No wonder adults are also interested in it and want to take a course!

6 great drummers

The nationally and internationally known drummers show how it’s done. This tempts younger and older music fans to pick up the sticks themselves for once. But whether you’ll ever make it as far as the following five performers?

Phil Collins, Born in England in 1951, he is now known as a singer and composer. He became famous as a drummer with Genesis, later he was successful on his own, among other things with film music and musicals such as "Tarzan". Especially his drum solo from "In the Air Tonight" still goes down well not only with his fans.

What we hear

The ringing cell phone, the murmur in the streetcar, the wind sweeping through the streets: there is hardly any place where there is real silence. But what is that, what our ears pick up there all the time?

  • What we hear are sound waves. Vibrating surfaces make air molecules vibrate. These collide with each other and propagate like waves.
  • The number of oscillations per second of a sound wave determines its frequency. Measured in hertz (Hz).
  • A young person can usually perceive frequencies between 16 hertz and 20 kilohertz (kHz).
  • The faster a sound wave vibrates, the higher you perceive a tone to be.
  • Tones consist of sound waves with constant frequencies. One speaks of a sound when harmonics are added. Its frequency must correspond to a multiple of the fundamental tone.

If an ambulance with a running siren moves very quickly past the listener, the sound apparently changes. The sound the siren makes, however, remains the same. So why does it sound different? This is due to a physical phenomenon – the Doppler effect. The Doppler effect occurs when the source of the sound or the observer is moving. When the ambulance approaches the receiver, the speed of the vehicle compresses the sound waves of the siren. As a result, they reach the ear at shorter intervals. So the frequency is higher and the tones sound higher than they are actually emitted. But if the car moves away, it pulls the sound waves apart, the frequency gets smaller and the sound gets darker. By the way, the term Doppler effect does not come from the fact that something is duplicated. Rather, the phenomenon was named after its discoverer, the Austrian physicist Christian Doppler.


In the children’s opera "Iwein Lowenritter" by Moritz Eggert and Andrea Heuser almost everything is right. The premiere at the Bonn Opera House is visually stunning.

A colorful magic forest stage with two knights and a woman costumed as a heart

Enchanted Forest: Jakob Kunath (Gawein), Sarah-Lena Winterberg (Laudine’s Heart), Anton Kuzenok (Iwein) Photo: Thilo Beu