Happy Birthday Media Bubble – our blog turns 9 years old! To coincide with the event, our editors picked out what they considered to be the best posts of the past few years – and discovered that many topics are still very relevant today! Below, you’ll hear from us about what’s been going on in the world and on our blog in 2019…

The state of the music industry in times of crisis

For several months now, especially at the beginning of the Corona crisis in Germany, the motto ‘Social Distancing’ has been dominating the lives of each and every one of us. But not only was our social interaction even brought to a standstill at times, but cultural life as well. Find out how the cultural scene – especially the music and events industry – is dealing with the effects of the crisis in this post.

Fake accounts and the streaming market

Music consumption via streaming services has increased rapidly in recent years. Algorithms record user behavior and create a picture of opinion that is supposed to be representative of the popularity of the artists. But what if this supposed opinion, expressed in the form of clicks, is "fake" and has been manipulated for economic purposes?

The Internet can help learn an instrument. It cannot replace a teacher

Lots of time at home: Since the pandemic began, this is the new normal. This poses new challenges for hobby musicians, but also opens up opportunities. Making music at a distance is the new thing, with online lessons, learning videos, or even online platforms. "I’ve had a student living in Switzerland for over ten years who I’ve never met in real life," reports Konstantin Gutmann, founder of an online music school. The pandemic has made many more students aware of this way of learning.

"We already started with our online lessons in 2011. At the time, many people were skeptical about this and asked how it could be done. But it works and the internet and the technologies for it are getting better and better."All you need to teach instruments remotely is a computer with a webcam and a stable Internet connection via LAN cable. Via video conferencing software the weekly lessons then take place. It’s important to place the camera or the learner facing the camera correctly, says Gutmann. That way you can track how the instrument is held and if the note is hit correctly.

How to recover deleted songs from sandisk mp3 player

Who doesn’t like music? After all, we all love to listen to our favorite songs on our smartphones and MP3 players. However, losing them can be a very frustrating situation. If you have also accidentally deleted songs from your SanDisk or Sony MP3 player, do not worry. There may also be other reasons for losing music files on your MP3 player. The good news is that you can deleted MP3 files can recover songs from your device. In this article, we will look at a step-by-step guide for a free music recovery app.

Overview of SanDisk MP3 music player series

Before we learn how to recover deleted music, let’s briefly learn more about SanDisk Music Player. The company is already known for its range of SD cards, hard drives and other utility products. It has its own line of MP3 and MP4 players under the "Clip"-Series developed. Some of the most popular SanDisk MP3 players are Clip Sports, Clip Jam, Clip Sports Plus and more. They are available with 4 GB, 8 GB and 16 GB of memory. All of these music players have a wide range of special features and also support expandable memory.

Sabine Schror is a freelance writer for the NetDoktor medical editorial team. She studied business administration and public relations in Cologne, Germany. As a freelance editor, she has been at home in a wide variety of industries for more than 15 years. Health is one of their favorite topics.

What makes a good mood? Tips to lighten your mood are particularly popular during generally difficult times, but they are also useful for those who are in a good mood. However, all people are in a bad mood sometimes. You don’t have to spoil your own day with it. Read here how to lift your spirits and get back in a good mood.

Woman is in a good mood

It seems to be a science in itself to build up a music collection in MP3 format in a way that it can be played and searched with different programs and devices without the whole thing ending in chaos.

The folder structure is not important at all and also filenames are not important at all. Instead, it is important that the ID3 tags in the files are maintained as completely as possible. And the information should also be meaningful, because a double album should also be recognized as such and played in the appropriate order.

Unfortunately programs like Apple’s iTunes or Microsoft’s Zune software don’t help much with this. As long as you rip, play and manage the music with just one of these programs, it might be enough, but if you want something more, you will fail. So iTunes sets the tags for the CD number when ripping a double CD sampler, but then forgets to set the album artist. And after CD 1 and CD 2 get also another album name, the thing ends unpleasantly. Zune doesn’t do it any better, here the album artist is set nicely, but instead the CD number is missing. Both in themselves completely useless.

The Ibanez brand can not only look back on a long exciting history, have an extreme variety of models, advertise with great endorsers like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, George Benson, Pat Metheny or Andy Timmons – Ibanez has managed without question to become both a cult brand and a world player of the music business in the past 50 years. Guitar& Bass has followed this development very closely over the past decades. By the way, you can learn more about Ibanez in the Ibanez issue.

  • When was Ibanez established?
  • Ibanez in the sixties
  • Ibanez Pre Lawsuit
  • Ibanez Lawsuit Phase
  • The golden years of Ibanez
  • Ibanez goes weired
  • Ibanez in the eighties
  • Ibanez in the nineties
  • Ibanez today
  • Ibanez electric guitars
  • Ibanez effect units
  • Ibanez acoustic guitars
  • Ibanez basses
  • Made in USA
  • California
  • The End
  • Big in Japan
  • Table: Ibanez standard models

Guitar Guru: Harmony H74 Meteor& Ibanez CN 200

Update 11.08.2021: you want to photograph the content of a website? Screenshots are a practical tool for this. But if the content is longer than the view of the cell phone display it gets a bit more complicated. One solution is scrolling screenshots, which can capture the whole content of a website. How this works with the different smartphone manufacturers, you can read here.

Jessica Gietz

Samsung’s scroll screenshot function

Samsung has the scroll screenshot function on board as standard starting with the Galaxy S7. In the first step, create a normal screenshot as usual by pressing the Power and Quiet keys simultaneously. Afterwards, a preview of the screenshot is automatically displayed, while a button opens in parallel at the bottom of the screen. Tap the "Scroll capture" icon here – usually on the far left – and the Galaxy smartphone will scroll down automatically. Press on the icon until all necessary content is captured. A small preview appears on the side of the display, which shows the scroll screenshot. If you want to save only a longer passage, but not the entire page, press the icon only to the appropriate position. The scrolling screenshot will then be saved to the gallery.

If you can’t read music, but use the sheet of music only to read the lyrics, then you will sometimes wonder in the choir rehearsal why the others suddenly continue singing at a completely different place than you would have suspected. A wild leaf starts – where are they now??! – And by the time you find the spot, the others are already somewhere else.

To recognize the flow of a piece, you don’t even have to be able to read music yet. You just need to know how a sheet of music is structured in general and know some symbols and signposts that are included in the sheet of music. If you remember the meaning of these signposts and mark them in color on your sheet music, you will be on the safe side as far as navigation on the sheet music is concerned.

1. Which note and text line is mine?

This is the first question you should clarify with every new choir piece. The whole sheet is full of notes, but mostly only a fraction of it is for you and your voice pitch, the rest is sung by the others.1 There are two different ways of representing the different voice pitches on a staff:

Do you know if you are allowed to mow the lawn on Sundays? Or blow away the annoying leaves? May the landlord forbid you to bathe in the evening? We explain the difference between disturbance of the peace and everyday noise.

The child is drumming happily on cooking pots. Of course this does not please every neighbor. Children’s noise is to be evaluated as everyday noise not as disturbance of the peace. Therefore it is advisable that all neighbors involved show a little consideration and willingness to compromise.