The topic of hypnobirthing just won’t let me go. And in a positive sense you are also a little bit to blame, because I still get a lot of letters from you with questions or suggestions about it. Franzi’s birth report about a hypnobirthing home birth I have had in the virtual drawer for a long time. Now it will finally be conjured out to show you how great such a HB birth as a home birth can go.
Because my article "Hypnobirthing from the clinic’s point of view – desire vs. Reality" was not quite as positive and encouraging as Franzi’s story. I really like the approach hypnobirthing takes and believe that it can work. That’s why I’m even more happy to be able to publish here a birth that really happened the way Hypnobirthing always promises. Pain-free.

Here comes Franzi’s birth, as always with little notes from me in purple :

It should finally start!

Sunday morning. Almost a week after the expected date. The baby is still not here. I put all my powers of persuasion together and try to persuade the baby in my belly to please get going now, because then it will still be a Sunday baby.
The closer it gets to noon, the more often I think, "Oh, we can do this today". But nothing happens. No contractions, no broken water. No GARNIX!
A little disappointed and above all exhausted – the "big" daughter is 14 months old, the belly is heavy, the air to breathe is getting tight, I have heartburn and have to go to the bathroom all the time – I go to bed late. So around 11 p.m., still thinking, "Well, women have had their babies in just under an hour, sigh!". But nothing happens and I fall asleep with headphones in my ears to the hypnobirthing music.

Today I want to turn briefly to the topic, which Google services can be used with the Huawei Mate 40 Pro despite the non-existent GMS and which not.

Which Google Apps work without problems

Google Chrome

Google Chrome enjoys great popularity as a web browser. I personally use the browser only occasionally. Nevertheless, I installed it on the smartphone as an alternative to the Huawei browser, and it works perfectly in my eyes.

Whether at full moon or new moon, in the morning glow of Venus, or at the festivals of the annual cycle: rituals are always a wonderful opportunity to experience the harmony with nature and to gain new spiritual experiences. No matter if you are a druid, a witch or a layman: If you have ever been to a ritual of white magic, you know that it is a very special moment, how overwhelming the power of the natural elements and forest spirits can be, and how beautiful it is to experience their energy in a special moment.

Because we are asked again and again about it, we have begun to build up a collection of instructions and sayings for magical witch rituals from different sources here. So far, the collection contains thirteen rituals and spells, including a protection ritual and a love spell. But we want to expand the collection constantly – so check back soon😊

In our druidic lunar calendar you will also find magical ideas and ritual recommendations for each lunar phase in the year cycle.

My brother my sister Mio fratello mia sorella Netflix

It has been a long time since the two siblings Nikola (Alessandro Preziosi) and Tesla (Claudia Pandolfi) have seen the last time. The relationship between the two has been difficult for many years. And if it weren’t for the death of their father, it probably would have stayed that way. But now they can’t do anything else, because in his last will and testament he stipulated that the two of them should share the house. Tesla’s enthusiasm is hard to contain, now having to have her carefree chaos brother around all the time. Above all, she is driven by concern for her son Sebastiano, who suffers from schizophrenia (Francesco Cavallo) whom she wants to protect at all costs. Their daughter Carolina (Ludovica Martino) in turn is quite happy to have now found an occasion to finally move out of home ..

Back home

The motif of the prodigal son coming home again may certainly not be entirely new. However, it still enjoys great popularity in movies and finds its application in a variety of ways, including the version "lost daughter". Often this is accompanied by the death of a family member (Manchester by the Sea) or death is at least imminent (Back Home), which leads to at least an unplanned, often unwanted homecoming. If in the Italian Netflix-Film My brother, my sister the estranged Nik encounters his family again, then that means business as usual for the time being. At least for the audience, which has seen similar stories quite often before.

Already since Nintendo Wii times applies Let’s Sing as the karaoke alternative for all non-PlayStation owners. After all SingStar and SingStore servers were shut down in January and Sony is not planning to release any more games, the music game Let’s Sing 2021 from developer Voxel Games to fill this gap.

For a long time the Let’s Sing-game series the reputation of a Singstar-Clones on and that is unlikely to change with the 2021 edition. The gameplay of the two music games is too similar, not to say almost identical in many areas. The player’s task is to sing more or less well-known pieces of music in such a way that the given voice pitch and tone length, which are represented on the screen by colored bars, are hit as accurately as possible. At Let’s Sing 2021 This is done either via the wired USB microphones, headsets or the smartphone app, which is available for free in the Google and Apple stores.

All variants have both advantages and disadvantages. The easiest way to start warbling right away is certainly to use the microphones. They are usually recognized immediately after plugging them in and can be used right away. The cable of the devices has a passable length, but I was still always afraid for my Switch console, especially when my teammates put on too intense a stage performance. In direct comparison to the hardware of the competition, the Let’s Sing-microphones are not quite as high quality, but still do a good job. However, I do not see these as a "must-have" and so you can theoretically also save the approximately 20 euros extra for the set and fall back on the standard edition.

When using the smartphones, on the other hand, setting up the microphones turns out to be much more awkward. Not only do you need to download the app, but you also need to be on the same Wi-Fi as the console and logged into the Nintendo eShop afterwards. In order to connect the phones to the game, a four-digit code must then be typed in. Then, if you’re lucky, you can select it as an input device afterwards. In my attempts, this only worked after several attempts. Furthermore, we first noticed that the players who used the microphone were clearly at an advantage and only after calibrating the smartphone was the equality of opportunity restored. Overall, though, the setup is a bit of a hassle – that was the case with the 2021 edition Singstar a little easier after all.

Beautifully different: Our author dedicates a declaration of love to Ostendplatz. Photo: Tanja Simoncev

"Beautifully different": our author dedicates a declaration of love to the Ostendplatz. Photo: Tanja Simoncev

Ostalgie in the shadow of the gas boiler, the old Stuttgart and an international muddle: Our author lost his heart to Ostendplatz a long time ago.

Stuttgart – Whenever I’m at Ostendplatz, I feel like I’m in one of those far north or east London neighborhoods. Those ominous districts that no one has ever heard of until Keira Knightley is happily buying up the housing market and Ed Sheeran is opening pubs there again. Until they are gentrified and unaffordable and hold a street food market with techno DJ three times a week. Hackney is coming, said for example some time ago. And soon Hackney came too. With Banksy in tow.

County – 19 years dreaming of his own rap album. Now Kankanoid from Moosburg made it: Since one week you can buy ,Atom Plak. On Sunday he presents it at the shore lot. In the interview he talks to us about music, rap cliches and Peter Pan.

Since two decades a Moosburger dreams of his own rap album. Now he has made it under the stage name Kankanoid: Since one week you can buy "Atom Plak" as CD and download. This Sunday, 1. May, Kankanoid presents it to the public for the first time at the Uferlos Festival. The FT met him in advance for an interview: about the love for music, rapper cliches and Peter Pan.

Aesthetic violin

You would like to learn an instrument and are thinking about starting to play it? Then you are right here! We present you the most important facts, advantages and accessories of the violin and give you some practical tips along the way.

Why learn to play the violin?

The violin is a great and versatile instrument! But why exactly should you start playing the violin??
The main reason to start playing should of course always be the fun and love of music. But in addition to that, there are even more reasons to play the violin.

Reading notes is not that hard. With a few simple tricks you can quickly get to the bottom of the apparent confusion of lines, ellipses, strokes and flags. Just watch our short videos.

1. Part: The Pitch

You can read the pitch from the position of the notes on the staves. Find out exactly how to do it here.

Chapter marker

0:00 Introduction
0:24 How many staves are there and what do they stand for??
0:50 What are the names of the notes in treble clef (G clef)??
1:32 What are auxiliary lines?
1:46 What are the notes in bass clef (F clef) called??
2:16 What to remember?
2:34 Learn how to read music
3:24 Credits

Mashup by Juliane Duda to the book by Norbert Hummelt: singtrieb

extreme how the leaves quickly change color
must sweep equal u. wind comes u. so on
so also what rhymes can spoil very quickly
which is why no matter which word here
the sense lies on the road, is conveyed
it shimmers violet from many a glance
so similarly my head is halved (thirds)?)
what is written down does not come back
the angle of inclination counts, that’s how it is for everyone
september is one keyword among many
the verse rises five times to fall
so probably also the wind searches for new targets
northwest/northeast u. again nothing to tear
thematically little can be changed
the sewing machine is runningwhat does that mean?
winter is coming, it is already snowing on the edges
it could be asked about some things
for example concerning the darkness
the traffic lights have nothing new to say
in the end it is only about the writing
u. continue with the scissors: cannot read
the nerves don’t work anymore
i think it was holderlin
statistically every third person has the / cut
in the morning the light of the cigarette remains
that sounds very metaphorical (it is not)
basically only one link in a chain
the shadow of your voice has weight
the city is no longer visible in the window
in the text this is a beautiful element
probably a leaf will blow by
semantically no one knows me like that
winter becomes the victim of an aperture
i am already counting the lamps (there are eight)
perhaps now comes the time of the white walls
the poet goes to rest: good night.

Norbert Hummelt’s poems

hold a finely balanced equilibrium

between sentiment and irony, intoxicatingly beautiful in one moment and soberly observant in the next. Christoph Closer plays saxophone figures of simply ingenious simplicity, fresh, cheeky, direct and [loud], as the name of the band says, in which he and Norbert Hummelt play their numbers, which can be heard on the CD to this compact book.