Music is not only fun for children, it also promotes their cognitive development. For this reason, concerts are a great and meaningful pastime for the whole family. Here you can find out which music concerts and stage shows are coming up soon.

"PAW patrol live"

"PAW patrol is a very popular children’s series for children, which is now being continued with the live program "the great race" touring germany and austria. In may, the show will also make a stop in nuremberg.

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Does Russia belong to Europe?

In our article about the top 5 European countries in terms of area and inhabitants, many readers had expressed their views on whether Russia belongs to Europe. We have taken this as an opportunity to shed some light on the current situation in this regard. Russia’s relations with Europe have been very difficult for some time now. Some crisis points:


What is value added tax with example?

Where can I extend my residence permit in Munich??

What is the collectively agreed hourly wage in retail?

Florian Silbereisen: Sad insight of the showmaster – "Now is good"

This is Florian Silbereisen

For Florian Silbereisen has been going really well in recent years. Even the sudden love breakup with pop queen Helene Fischer in 2018 didn’t hurt his career. On the contrary: the heartthrob is a sought-after guest in countless TV formats.

Whether as a juror on "Deutschland sucht den Superstar," as a captain on "Traumschiff," as a guest judge on ARD and ZDF quiz shows, or as a singer on various music shows. Florian Silbereisen has seemingly achieved everything you can dream of in show business – you might think so.

There are two days a year that I always dread. One is my birthday, the other is New Year’s Eve. Two days loaded with meaning that I would love to skip. New Year’s Eve is still far away, we’ll take care of that another time. But my birthday is already today and this year everything should be different.

Well, let’s see.

My favorite thing would be to get through a birthday inconspicuously. Nobody knows, I go far away. This is how I get rid of the weight of meaning. At times I had not shared the date on social media until I realized that was unfair. I can’t remember birthdays without looking them up on Facebook or Xing.

The poem belongs to the genre of lyric poetry. Poetry comes from the Greek "lyra" = "lyre", "harp-like plucked instrument".
Poems include sayings, songs, hymns, odes, sonnets, ballads.
Emotions play a greater role in the lyric poem than in other genres of literature. The lyrical speaker communicates his relation to the subject of the poem, to the world.
In many poems he writes directly in the first person. In some poems, the lyrical speaker is hidden behind or within other people or events, and yet is very present, evaluating what is happening, taking an emotional stand through apt word choices, for example, linguistic imagery, striking verbs and adjectives.
The sentence structure in poems does not always have to follow the rules of syntax, the poet is given some freedom.
The rhythm of the poem results from its sentence structure and the structure of verses and stanzas.

Interpreting a poem

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Write a poem analysis

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Generalized anxiety disorder (GAS, anxiety neurosis, generalized anxiety disorder): persistent feeling of diffuse anxiety for which there is no real, concrete reason (free-floating anxiety). Generalized anxiety disorder is a common disorder, especially in women, typically between the ages of 20. and the 35. Year of life. In about 70% of those affected, it occurs in conjunction with depression or other anxiety disorders.

Leading complaints

  • Constantly elevated levels of anxiety that manifest physically as nervousness, trembling, muscle tension, sweating, palpitations, dizziness, or abdominal pain – these are all physiological consequences of anxiety or. of the experienced stress.
  • Permanent feeling of fear that something bad could happen to yourself or important caregivers, although there is no real danger.
  • Real dangers – such as in traffic or sports – are extremely overestimated and give rise to thoughts of what could happen.
  • Sleep disturbances, as patients are unable to switch off from ruminations, worries and fears.
  • Fear of existence and life, fear of the future, especially of social and financial security. Constant fear of not being able to cope with the demands of everyday life and work, of failing, of embarrassing oneself or of causing harm in the process.

When to see a doctor

In the next few days, when the symptoms last longer than 14 days.

Robert Schumann

Robert Schumann is considered the grand master of romantic music. Some of his early piano pieces and many of his songs still move a wide audience today. It is little known that the composer Schumann almost became a lawyer. On 8. June 1810 he was born.

Like Mozart, Robert Schumann was considered a musical prodigy who, like his Salzburg counterpart, composed and gave piano recitals under his father’s tutelage at the age of six. At the same time, the young Schumann also developed literary skills, which he brought to bear, among other things, as the author of biographical portraits for his father August Schumann’s publishing house. His fervent devotion to the works of Jean Paul, along with extensive studies of the French language, marked his youth and seemed to pave the way not only for a musical but also for a literary career.

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The Masked Singer

ProSieben once scored a surprise hit with "The Masked Singer" – and has since carefully developed it further. Now the format becomes Saturday night entertainment.

By Katharina Schad 26. November 2021, 15:12

Jessie J (33) showed off to her fans on 25. November at a concert in Los Angeles as emotional as perhaps never before: with tears in her eyes, holding on to herself and with a trembling voice, she explained that she had lost her baby.

  • Jessie J is a British pop singer.
  • The 33-year-old rose to worldwide fame with her song "Price Tag".
  • Now the British woman lost her baby.

If you haven’t already experienced it yourself, it’s hard to imagine how bad it must be to lose a child. British singer Jessie J has now had to go through this painful experience herself. As she posted on Instagram, she lost her unborn child.