Alder in the air

How the encounter with a lady eagle can broaden the perception.

Like the meeting with an eagle lady and whose falconer can expand the perception of nature and our world.

Whether randomly listening to the radio, going out at the club or at the beach bar: Suddenly you hear a great song. The melody sounds familiar, but the song title and artist just won’t come to mind. Maybe you have heard a new song, a catchy tune that you want to hear again. But what is the name of the song and how can you search for and find? After all, no one remembers more than a fragment of a song lyric, the chorus melody or a hookline right away. Don’t panic! With our tips you will surely succeed in finding the song.

Song search old school: wait or ask

What is the name of the song? There are several options to find an answer. Before there were smartphones and the Internet, there were a few ways to quench your thirst for knowledge when it came to unknown songs. And – try it – this would still work today or even in a blackout:

1. Wait in front of the radio until the song is played again and the presenter announces title and artist.
2. Hum the tune to a friend and hope they recognize it.
3. Just ask the nice DJ or bartender what’s playing.

a-ha singer Morten Harket: "I was always the outsider"

For 40 years - with interruptions - on stage with A-Ha: Morten Harket

The Norwegian Morten Harket talks about soon 40 years of a-ha, the world fame in the 80s and the complicated relationship with his two band mates. Until today many things are unspoken among each other.

Mr. Harket , the documentary "a-ha – The Movie" traces the complete history of your band, from its beginnings in teenage days to the past year. You were still on tour as a band then, weren’t you??
Morten Harket : Yes, that’s right. On quite a big world tour even, which we of course had to interrupt when the whole world was gripped by the pandemic. Next year we will continue it.

Wedding in Thuringia: Run on 2.2.22 – only in THIS place nobody wants to marry

Wedding in thuringia: run on 2.2.22 - except here

Thuringia: So beautiful is the state

Rush to the registry offices! And that in a marriage-untypical month. Because normally close the fewest Thuringia in February their bond of marriage.

MP3 player test

Music conveys what we can not put into words. Accordingly it accompanies us day by day. The MP3 player is the classic way to let you feel the music. In this article we have collected the most important purchase criteria and also devote ourselves to current MP3 player tests.We would like to help you find your perfect MP3 player for your special moments.

The best MP3 player for audio books: Agptek Adult product001
"Dive into a new world."

Carnival 2019: how to celebrate the carnival in spain and latin america

Soon the fools are loose again. And of course not only Germany. The carnival is celebrated in Spain and Latin America and is certainly worth a trip.

Carnival traditions in Spain

Although the carnival was originally a pagan celebration, today it is mainly found in Catholic regions. This is because it marks the beginning of Lent: a last great debauchery before renouncing worldly pleasures for a while. In Spain, Shrovetide is therefore traditionally celebrated in a very pronounced way. And of course, the Spanish exported the celebration to the New World, where it merged with customs of African slaves and indigenous people, so that each country celebrates its own unique carnival. And also at the Carnival 2019 is again a lot on the legs. Here is a small (of course by no means complete) selection of the most interesting ones Carnival traditions.

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The Palestinian-born Canadian rapper, songwriter and record producer Belly has participated in countless hits. Including the track "Earned It," which he co-wrote with fellow Canadian The Weeknd, and which was nominated for an Academy Award, a Grammy and an iHeartRadio Music Award in 2016. In the same year, Belly was named Songwriter of the Year by the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada.

Belly moved to Ottawa as a child as part of a resettlement program. He began his music career at age 16 and reached No. 1 on MuchMusic’s video charts at age 23. IRC spoke with him about his experiences as an immigrant and how they influence his art.

Tell us about your move to Canada in 1991.

The Oscar-winning film "The Third Man", named best British film of all time by the British Film Academy, was filmed in Vienna in 1949. Today you can walk in its footsteps and have several possibilities to do so.

You know the film "The Third Man" with Orson Welles and Joseph Cotten in the title roles and the famous film music by Anton Karas? Then this tour is a must for you anyway. You don’t know it, but you are still curious how it looks like under the stately houses of Vienna? Then dare, you will not be disappointed.

Entering the Viennese canal network

Start at Karlsplatz