Hamburg – The expectations are as great as the box is small. On the slim black housing of the Playstation Portable (PSP) weighs not only the hopes of Sony. The film, games and music industries are expecting a small mobile boom from the multimedia machine, which is supposed to be able to display everything: Music, movies, games, Internet. But what can the PSP really do?

Sony PSP: The new lifestyle accessory

Sony PSP: The new lifestyle accessory

You are sitting in the office or in the university library, maybe even in the home office due to corona, staring at yourself and drifting off into nirvana. For this, the night does not even have to have been soaked in alcohol. For frequent sleepers like me, not getting to bed early enough and having to hold out without their vital eight hours of sleep is enough to make them permanently tired the next day. Being fit for work or university then seems almost impossible. Without knowing it, I have done pretty much everything wrong on such dog days so far – at least according to sleep experts.

Trap 1: The alarm clock with snooze function

Often the struggle with myself starts when I wake up: Five more minutes! And already the cell phone alarm clock is set to snooze. I guess there is nothing that gives me more inner peace than scamming five more minutes in bed. Only that it never stays with these five and I regularly stand in the shower brushing my teeth, because the snoozing has degenerated once again.

The solution

Alexei Volodin was celebrated with a standing ovation during his performance in the course of the Frag-Art concert series.

The famous Russian pianist Alexei Volodin

The famous Russian pianist Alexei Volodin.

Reserved in appearance, unleashed at the piano: since Alexei Volodin won the Concours Geza Anda in 2003, he has played his way into the first league of pianists. Alexei Volodin has become famous for his sensitive touch and technical brilliance. He plays with the biggest orchestras in the world, but always performs solo recitals.

More than a billion hours of videos are watched on Youtube every day. What is liked is shared with friends. But is it allowed at all?

Publishing your own film on YouTube is a dream for many - But what do you need to keep in mind?

Music videos, comedy numbers and the recording of computer games – that’s what twelve to 19-year-olds prefer to watch on YouTube, according to a study by the Medienpadagogischer Forschungsverbund Sudwest (Media Education Research Association Southwest). Very few users upload movies themselves, 90 percent mainly watch and share their favorite videos with others. What is allowed and what is not? An overview:

Shirin David, Capital Bra: When rappers become entrepreneurs

Iced tea, pizza, gin or wine: rappers have success with their food products. Supermarkets such as Aldi and Rewe can hardly avoid a listing. Why is that?

Bratee, Dirtea, Haftea – There’s currently no getting around the colorful cans of rap icons. Rewe, Edeka, Lidl, the kiosk next door: The rapper’s iced tea dominates the niche. Where does the trend come from, which lets rappers push ever further on the food market?

The name server comes from the English and means translated servant. A server is either a software that communicates with another program as a client and thus provides access to services, or the hardware on which this software runs. While there is only the term server for the software, the term host is also used for a server as hardware.

For the layman now probably the question arises, for what a server is needed concretely. More and more information is being stored on hard disks in digital form, for example texts, images, videos or music files. If there are now several computers in a household or office, a server ensures that this data can be accessed from all computers. The server is thus a kind of central and takes over the function of the main computer, which provides the data for the other computers of the respective network. Ready-made servers are offered in different designs. However, servers are not always able to fulfill the customer’s wishes with regard to, for example, expandability, performance, energy efficiency or support. In addition, the price is often very high. If you know something about computers, you can therefore also build a server yourself. The main criteria for a server brand self-build are the costs, the performance and the stability, but also aspects such as the volume or the power consumption should be considered.

And how to build a NAS server yourself is shown in this video:

Learn German – listening comprehension, reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, exercises, exams, writing, quizzes, music, videos, pictures

this far or this far? this far or this far?

so far or so far?

As far as I know, you can write this far both together and separately. So far, so good! But of course you can not do it the way you want. As far as we are able, we want to explain the difference to you here. Are you ready?

If you’re ready, here comes the explanation:

How to download youtube videos to iphone

YouTube has looked for an exciting niche and found it. This is how the videos of the video portal are preferably consumed on smartphones. Netflix& Co. but on the small displays of iPhones you can only use them in case of emergency. But YouTube also has its downsides. So you need a permanent internet connection for the portal. In addition, there are some other points that limit the convenience of use. An example of this is the fact that videos can only be played back if the display of the iPhone is actually switched on. A solution to the problem would be to simply save the video on your device. In the following we would like to show you if and, if so, how you can download YouTube videos to your iPhone.

Nothing works without an app

As you can probably guess, your iPhone doesn’t come from the factory with the ability to download YouTube videos just like that. Instead you have to resort to suitable apps. In Apple’s in-house App Store, you can find a number of external apps that help you download videos to your iPhone. As soon as the movies are on your smartphone, you don’t need an internet connection anymore. You can watch them whenever you like.

Imperial palaces, numerous historic buildings and museums, traditional delicacies, and a ride in the famous Fiakern make Vienna a very special place to visit. In search of a city for a romantic stay, Vienna is an unforgettable destination. Numerous luxury hotels in Vienna, which are among the best luxury hotels in Austria, round off the stay perfectly. We have a small selection of the most romantic hotels in Vienna We have compiled a list of the best accommodation options for you and present them in detail!

This article is part of our "Spotlight" series, where every week we present you exceptional luxury hotels in different categories selected by us. You can find an overview and further articles here.

In our Spotlight format, we present the most interesting reisetopia hotels on a selected topic every week. Because some 5-star hotels from our catalog promise a particularly extraordinary stay that you should not miss out on! Spotlight tells you everything you need to know about the top luxury hotels that we particularly recommend to you!

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German-language websites, catalogs and flyers also often use the ® (Registered) or TM (Trademark) symbols in the company name or product name. With photos, diagrams or advertising texts just like to the conclusion of the Website – gladly on the imprint side – then still the symbol © (copyright) is found. What are these symbols all about?? When is their use permissible? Where incorrect use threatens a warning notice?

R in a circle ®: Registered

The symbol ® – the R in a circle – originates from the trademark law of the USA. It shows that the trademark is registered (Registered in U.S. Patent and Trademark Office) is. Thus, in order to use the ® symbol, it is not sufficient that the trademark has been applied for but not yet registered in the official trademark register.