The electric cigarette can help decisively as an aid in quitting smoking and giving up tobacco cigarettes. The switch can also be the entry point on the path to becoming a non-smoker. The effectiveness of e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation aid also depends on each individual – and on his or her previous smoking behavior and associated rituals. Also, you should know that there are two ways to use an e-cigarette: on the one hand, you can use liquids WITH nicotine and on the other hand, vaporizing aromatic liquids WITHOUT nicotine. The latter, however, are rather unsuitable for a successful switch from tobacco cigarettes to electric cigarettes. Often comes thereby furthermore The question arises whether and how the nicotine-containing liquids can really function as a full-fledged nicotine substitute, so that one can actually put the harmful tobacco cigarette aside permanently. Because a smoker for years, who is accustomed to his daily nicotine dose, will hardly be satisfied with an alternative, which can not guarantee him the full replacement. The answer is a little more complex, and opinions here are sometimes far apart. But we’ve put together a few facts and tips to help you make the switch to e-cigarettes successfully.

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A healthy lifestyle is the easiest and also the most effective way to stay healthy. By healthy lifestyle I f you make it a habit, you will ensure a longer life expectancy and a better quality of life in the long term.

On the other hand, unhealthy lifestyle habits are responsible for the increase of many common diseases:

  • Chronic diseases (arthritis, lung diseases, cancer)
  • Diseases of civilization (obesity, diabetes, arteriosclerosis)
  • and diseases of old age (high blood pressure, heart disease, osteoporosis, dementia)

But what exactly is a Healthy lifestyle? How does this differ from the unhealthy lifestyle that makes us sick? And what does it actually mean when we say that we would like to healthy living?

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Fat in the diet is a never ending topic. For a long time, a high-fat diet was considered unhealthy.

"We can’t vaccinate the pandemic away," says Streeck

Leonhard Landes - WORLD

Compulsory vaccination for medical facilities should protect the health care system from overload. But now exactly this threatens. Because many unvaccinated employees break away.

Source: WORLD/ Sebastian Plantholt

It is not for nothing that the saying goes: food and drink keep body and soul together. Today, healthy nutrition is a major issue. Yet even scientists, despite extensive research, still don’t agree 100% on what healthy eating really means. We’ve compiled the expert advice on healthy eating for you, debunking the biggest nutrition myths and researching some great, healthy recipes for you.


"Versatile" is the magic word, which is also recommended by the German Nutrition Society, i.e. rich in various vital nutrients. A combination of different foods such as fruit, vegetables and cereals is particularly important, because they provide important fiber, vitamins, minerals and also carbohydrates, which the human body needs on a daily basis.

Many smokers have decided to quit smoking at the beginning of the new year, be it for the sake of their health or because smoking is becoming more and more expensive. The new ban on smoking in restaurants and pubs is also leading to more and more smokers wanting to kick the habit. However, many smokers are afraid of gaining weight if they quit smoking. Stay slim anyway. Is it possible?

Quitting smoking: The last cigarette!

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In fact, you often gain a few kilos after you quit using the Smoking quit smoking. Why is it like that and how can you prevent it perhaps?

Smokers consume ca. 300 calories a day more than Non-smoker. This is due to the fact that the organism must compensate for the lack of oxygen in the cells and remove pollutants from the body again. If the heavy smoker stops smoking, the taste improves. Thus the food tastes better, which naturally then promotes the appetite. Also that Feeling of hunger is no longer affected by the Nicotine inhibited. At the same time, smoking releases endorphins in the body, so-called feel-good hormones. These missing after the cigarette stop. To compensate for this, the ex-smoker often rewards himself with chocolate or sweets. The gain can then be up to 10 kg.

Different pathogens and the effect of vaccines

Infectious diseases are caused by pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites. Vaccines exist mainly against diseases caused by bacteria or viruses. Viruses cause, for example, polio, measles, rubella or hepatitis. Bacteria cause diphtheria and tetanus. Many people in Germany are vaccinated against these diseases. Vaccinations are also part of basic health care worldwide.

Researchers are trying to develop vaccines against dangerous pathogens. Whether this is successful depends in no small part on the properties of the pathogen. Parasites, such as the causative agent of malaria (Plasmodium), trick the human immune system. The single-celled organism has a highly complex structure and can adapt to the human host again and again as soon as it comes under pressure from drugs or vaccine candidates. For example, to date there is only one approved vaccine against malaria (Mosquirix), whose protective effect is limited. The HI virus, which can trigger the immunodeficiency disease AIDS, is also very adaptable and variable. These characteristics complicate the development of a vaccine. However, suitable vaccines have been developed against diseases such as poliomyelitis (polio), measles and tetanus. In the case of tuberculosis, on the other hand, intensive work is being done on improved vaccines, since the available vaccine does not show a good effect against pulmonary tuberculosis.

Hearing that a close relative or loved one has been hospitalized comes as a huge shock to most of us. Naturally, you want to get to the person quickly, see if they are okay and be with them on the road to recovery. But what if you don’t know exactly which hospital your relative is in? If, for example, there are several clinics in the vicinity or one simply does not get any information about them?

We tell you what rights you have as a relative and how to find your loved one fastest.

A relative is in the hospital – Will I be informed??

In principle: Hospitals and the nursing staff employed there as well as the physicians are bound to the medical confidentiality bound. You may issue for reasons of data protection not to give out any information about the patient, not even about whether the patient is in the hospital at all. They may only disclose information about the patient if the patient agrees to this actively agreed and this in writing and confirmed. A Exception naturally represents the situation if the patient is not in a position to give consent because, for example, he is unresponsive due to a traffic accident and is in a coma.

Those who are at risk of slipping into sick pay or are already receiving sick pay are often contacted by the health insurance company and asked for a lot of information. Under the guise of the duty to cooperate, health insurers repeatedly put pressure on people who receive sickness benefits and get them to disclose sensitive patient data. Read what health insurance companies are allowed to do and what they are not (but if at all the medical service) and help us to rap on the knuckles of the insurance companies.

Questionnaire of a survey is filled out

  1. People with statutory health insurance who are likely to receive sick pay or who are already receiving it are regularly contacted by the health insurance company and asked for information.
  2. Consultations with the consumer advice center show that quite a few insured persons feel under pressure as a result of this. One must have the impression that this is not only accepted by the health insurances, but is even desired.
  3. The "Act on the Further Development of Health Care" significantly restricts the collection of data by health insurance companies when receiving sick pay. There is now only a limited amount of information that health insurance companies are allowed to collect from sick pay recipients. Telephone calls are only allowed with prior consent.
  4. Once a month, the consumer center offers a free online consultation on the subject of sick pay. Interested parties can simply register.

"Hamburg Consumer Protection Level."You have problems with sick pay, then tell us about it. We are currently collecting complaints about the most important consumer problems. ⇒ Participate in survey now.

Photo of vaccination

Human papilloma viruses (HPV, HP viruses) play a decisive role in the development of cervical cancer. There is a vaccination against these sexually transmitted viruses . It is effective against the most common cancer-causing HP viruses, but does not provide completely safe protection against cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer is almost always caused by infection with certain human papillomaviruses. HP viruses only occur in humans and affect cells of the skin and mucous membrane. Direct contact with infected skin or mucous membrane sites can lead to infection. Infection with HPV usually goes unnoticed, causes no symptoms and usually heals on its own. Rarely, however, it triggers a cancer after years to decades.