If it has been a long time since your last visit to the dentist – usually several years in the case of our anxiety patients – it is often difficult to take the first step. A major obstacle to visiting the dentist is often fear of the unknown. What is actually in store for me? What stations I have to go through? Will it hurt?

What happens when you go to the dentist?

Friendly reception at the dentist

In this blog post, we’ll show you step-by-step what to expect when you visit the dentist, especially if it’s been a few years since your last appointment. Very important: Tell the practice team that you have a problem with dental anxiety. Then they will take special care of you.

Highly explosive topics were on the Bundestag’s agenda this week – from the Ukraine crisis to a general vaccination requirement to the supplementary budget for 2021. The government’s poor performance is sobering, however – that can be said after 50 days in office. Neither does the coalition show a clear stance towards Russia, nor does it back up its quest for compulsory vaccination with its own law. And with the supplementary budget, many experts believe it violates the constitution. You can read how the CDU/CSU parliamentary group sees things and what it is doing about it in this issue. This week, however, the Bundestag has not only dealt with day-to-day politics. On the occasion of the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp, we remembered the victims of National Socialism. However, we must not stop at the culture of remembrance. #WeRemember is only the first step. We must ensure every day that right-wing extremism and anti-Semitism do not find a breeding ground among us.

With this in mind, we wish you pleasant reading!
Your Communications Team of the CDU/CSU Parliamentary Group in the German Bundestag

Vaccination register demanded

In the fight against the Corona pandemic, members of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group spoke out in favor of improving the data basis. "We need a vaccination register", said the deputy chairwoman of the parliamentary group Andrea Lindholz In the Bundestag’s orientation debate on the general obligation to vaccinate. The legal policy spokesman Gunter Krings appealed to the federal government to "give up its blockade attitude against a vaccination register".

Cold days and even colder nights lie ahead for Schleswig-Holstein. For people without a permanent residence this can become life-threatening. How you can help them.

Homeless people have it particularly hard in winter. Due to the corona crisis, they now lack places to warm up

Important: If a person is in apparent health danger, i.e. is unresponsive, the emergency number should be dialed immediately. The paramedics then decide how to help the person along.

The phase in which female cats are ready to mate is generally called heat. Owners of un-neutered female cats know for sure from their own experience how exhausting the behavior of their four-legged friends can be during this phase.

Find out when cats first go into heat, how mating readiness becomes apparent, and how you can help your four-legged friend below.

Nightmares, panic attacks, fear of persecution. These are things that Anke K. from Neuruppin has to live every day. For years she was beaten, threatened and persecuted by her husband. She had to give up her apartment and has lost contact with her children. Even today she meets her husband and wishes nothing more than for him to leave forever.

Women who are victims of stalking or domestic violence often withdraw out of despair

It was Christmas 2001. "I will never forget this," says Anke K. (name changed by editor). On Christmas Eve, she had just made herself comfortable on the couch with her daughter while watching a Christmas movie, when her husband came home once again drunk as a skunk. He stormed into the room, just went for Anke and hit her right in the face – in front of her eleven-year-old daughter Jessica. "That was the day I moved out of the bedroom," recounts the woman from Neuruppin. But it was to get much worse. All addiction counseling failed, her husband became more and more aggressive and when Anke finally dared to take the step to separate from him and move out, he pursued her and threatened her for years. Today, she is still married to the 59-year-old, involuntarily, because alcohol destroyed him so much that he couldn’t get the necessary paperwork together for a divorce.

Why do we see colors??


The world of colors is an illusion. Our color perception results from the cooperation between eyes and brain – with the help of stored knowledge and experiences, personal mood and state of mind.

Color vision in the eye is a physiological and a psychological Process. The physiological or biochemical process begins directly in the eye. Vision is only possible with light – when light rays hit an object, they are reflected by it and finally reach our eye. In the eye, light rays pass through several layers and finally reach the retina. The retina plays an important role for color vision. It is composed of over 100 million photoreceptors, which can be divided into two different types: Cones and rods (so-called. photoreceptors).

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A power outage lasting for days is fortunately relatively rare, but it can happen naturally. Mostly Fuse blown out and the power is only gone for a short time. If the power outage lasts longer than a few minutes, most people rightly worry about the Food in your freezer. What to keep in mind regarding the shelf life of meat, fish and ice cream? How many hours it will take for the food to defrost?

Power failure at the freezer – it depends on the duration

Power outage

Whether you can still enjoy your food depends on the Duration of the power failure from. Modern refrigerators are well insulated, so a power outage that lasts only a few hours is usually not a problem. As a rule of thumb, freezers can be left without power for up to 5 hours without anything happening. Check the temperature inside the freezer. If it is below +3°C, there is no danger. Because frozen food does not thaw that quickly, only when the Temperature in the plus range for hours lies, it can become problematic.

Dr. Joachim Wutte
Industrial law, InfektionsschG, EQV

The vbw in the social networks

At the federal-state conference of the Chancellor with the Ministerprasident*innen on 24. January 2022, the current Corona situation was assessed and decisions were made to continue to combat the pandemic. The full report with all resolutions can be found below in the download area. Below we reproduce the wording in excerpts.

Many people who want to increase their calorie consumption first think of sweaty workouts in the gym, long jogging laps in the freezing cold in the dark, or modern torture chambers with Crossfit and kettlebell training.

Screenshot daily display Fitbit App

Overview of exercise during the day on the Fitbit app

The purpose of the Working Hours Act (ArbZG) is to protect the safety and health as well as the rest of workers (§ 1 ArbZG). In our blog post Breaks for employees: What applies under the Working Hours Act, we have already looked at the regulations on rest breaks under the Working Hours Act. In this article, we highlight for you the maximum number of hours an employee may work per week and when the law allows for deviations.


Basic maximum working time: 8-hour day on working days

Working time within the meaning of the Working Hours Act is defined in accordance with. § 2 para. 1 ArbZG the time from the beginning to the end of work without rest breaks. Gem. § 3 S. 1 ArbZG, the working day may not exceed 8 hours. Working days within the meaning of the Working Hours Act are the days from Monday to Saturday (cf. § Section 9 para. 1 ArbZG). Thus, the law basically assumes a 48-hour working week. Gem. § 3 S. 2 ArbZG the working time can be extended to a maximum of 10 hours, if within six calendar months or within 24 weeks on average 8 hours are not exceeded.