Hearing that a close relative or loved one has been hospitalized comes as a huge shock to most of us. Naturally, you want to get to the person quickly, see if they are okay and be with them on the road to recovery. But what if you don’t know exactly which hospital your relative is in? If, for example, there are several clinics in the vicinity or one simply does not get any information about them?

We tell you what rights you have as a relative and how to find your loved one fastest.

A relative is in the hospital – Will I be informed??

In principle: Hospitals and the nursing staff employed there as well as the physicians are bound to the medical confidentiality bound. You may issue for reasons of data protection not to give out any information about the patient, not even about whether the patient is in the hospital at all. They may only disclose information about the patient if the patient agrees to this actively agreed and this in writing and confirmed. A Exception naturally represents the situation if the patient is not in a position to give consent because, for example, he is unresponsive due to a traffic accident and is in a coma.

Those who are at risk of slipping into sick pay or are already receiving sick pay are often contacted by the health insurance company and asked for a lot of information. Under the guise of the duty to cooperate, health insurers repeatedly put pressure on people who receive sickness benefits and get them to disclose sensitive patient data. Read what health insurance companies are allowed to do and what they are not (but if at all the medical service) and help us to rap on the knuckles of the insurance companies.

Questionnaire of a survey is filled out

  1. People with statutory health insurance who are likely to receive sick pay or who are already receiving it are regularly contacted by the health insurance company and asked for information.
  2. Consultations with the consumer advice center show that quite a few insured persons feel under pressure as a result of this. One must have the impression that this is not only accepted by the health insurances, but is even desired.
  3. The "Act on the Further Development of Health Care" significantly restricts the collection of data by health insurance companies when receiving sick pay. There is now only a limited amount of information that health insurance companies are allowed to collect from sick pay recipients. Telephone calls are only allowed with prior consent.
  4. Once a month, the consumer center offers a free online consultation on the subject of sick pay. Interested parties can simply register.

"Hamburg Consumer Protection Level."You have problems with sick pay, then tell us about it. We are currently collecting complaints about the most important consumer problems. ⇒ Participate in survey now.

Photo of vaccination

Human papilloma viruses (HPV, HP viruses) play a decisive role in the development of cervical cancer. There is a vaccination against these sexually transmitted viruses . It is effective against the most common cancer-causing HP viruses, but does not provide completely safe protection against cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer is almost always caused by infection with certain human papillomaviruses. HP viruses only occur in humans and affect cells of the skin and mucous membrane. Direct contact with infected skin or mucous membrane sites can lead to infection. Infection with HPV usually goes unnoticed, causes no symptoms and usually heals on its own. Rarely, however, it triggers a cancer after years to decades.

Learn to get up early - how to become an early riser and what's in it for you?

"The early bird catches the worm." is a well-known saying. – This proverb is based on the fact that the dew of the early morning hours attracts the worms to the surface, so that the birds have the best chance to catch fat prey at that time. Transferred to humans the saying says that who rises early, increases its chances of success. There is some scientific evidence for this thesis.

In the sleep magazine we have gone to the bottom of the topic and have dealt with questions such as "How early should one get up??", "What are the advantages of getting up early in the morning??" or "How to go from being a morning person to an early riser?" occupies. Read our article and learn u. a., how you too can become a member of the Early Birds Club and why 5:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. respectively is the best time to sleep. 5 a.m. is such a popular time of day for early risers.

There is probably nothing more unpleasant for a dog owner than the lack of housetraining in your dog. In this article you will learn the five best tips for housetraining any four-legged friend.

Dog pees in apartment

Either your dog never learned cleanliness properly or there are other causes, such as health reasons.

Calorie calculator from Verival - Calculate your calorie needs now for free

How high is my calorie needs, to get the Weight to maintain? How much can I eat lose weight? And what does your body consume during the day?

With our calorie calculator you can determine this easily. In the article you will also learn which foods support you in this process.

If goods have a defect at the time of purchase, the buyer has a legal warranty right according to. § 437 German Civil Code (BGB). Warranty law means that the seller is obliged to replace or repair a defective purchased item.

Is this so called. Subsequent performance excluded, may be resorted to the right of withdrawal and reduction, in certain cases, a claim for damages may also be considered (see below). The assertion of this claim must be made within the warranty period (usually 2 years).

The "International Noise Abatement Day" is held annually to address the important issue of noise abatement. Because noise damages our ears and in the long run our well-being. Noise-induced hearing loss has been one of the most common occupational illnesses for many years – we want to counteract this and introduce you to hearing protection products that protect you from noise.

Noise as a stress factor – health effects of noise

Noise not only limits concentration and can lead to Noise deafness but is also a Stress factor for the entire body. As consequences of noise, it can lead to changes in biological risk factors such as z.B. Blood lipids, blood sugar and clotting factors come. Cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension and certain heart conditions-including heart attacks-can also Health effects of noise its.

Stress factor-Lärm-health effects-of-Lärm

Reading time: 9 minutes

Such a small sentence. With such great effect.

"Our Forest" – Fit for Climate Change

Storms, drought and bark beetles – the last few years have taken a heavy toll on our Hessian forest. The damage caused by climate change has never been more visible: entire mountain ranges have been deforested, and spruce, beech and other deciduous tree species are suffering to an unprecedented extent. In short: The forest ecosystem is under threat – and with it its diverse useful, protective and recreational functions.

We therefore have a major task ahead of us

Hundreds of areas, each as large as a soccer field, must be replanted – and preferably with mixed tree species that are climate-stable. Wherever new trees are already growing, we therefore supplement existing tree species, thus ensuring a balanced mix of tree species. We rely on high-quality seed and the plants grown from it. We can only make forests fit for climate change if they are reforested.

The mission: "Our forest" should become more resilient – after all, our children and grandchildren would like to enjoy it in the future as well.