Extreme temperatures: How much heat can humans tolerate??

These are the greatest dangers in the heat

Hot summer temperatures can quickly become dangerous for your health. Which health risks you should know in the heat and how you can protect yourself, you can see in the video.

The autumn was rough – but now it’s here, the winter. Finally time to unpack the warm clothes. But what does the cold weather actually mean for our four-legged friends?? When does it become too cold for dogs? The answer is here.

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A dog stands in the forest in winter

Of course, an absolute elation arises spontaneously if your letter of application was successful. And rightly so – and in any case you should celebrate your success exuberantly. But one last hurdle you must first take elegant – your notice of termination with the current employer. And not everyone is cool about it here. For every second person, going to the boss is associated with considerable stomach ache.

This makes it all the more important to prepare for the termination to be prepared accordingly. This applies equally to a termination interview, as well as to the written notice of termination.

Contents: How to give notice as an employee

The diseases of civilization have arisen from our changed lifestyles. This includes not exercising enough or eating industrially produced foods – at the cost of such foods containing preservatives and flavor enhancers. First and foremost are salt and sugar, which are hidden in almost all highly processed foods.

What makes us sick?

If you approach the topics of "healthy living" and "health", you can also ask the opposite question: What actually makes us sick, apart from genetic dispositions?? A clear indication is given by the statistics of the most frequent causes of death in 2014 according to the German Medical Newspaper:

– Cardiovascular diseases: 338.056
– Cancer: 223.758
– Diseases of the respiratory system: 58.604
– Diseases of the digestive system: 38.537

Ronja Asmussen does not have good memories of her pregnancy. She lives on Sylt – and that’s been a problem since the birthing center there closed down at the end of 2013. Ronja Asmussen started having contractions six weeks before her due date, at regular intervals – she had to get to the nearest maternity ward, on the mainland, as quickly as possible. But the last car train was gone. The paramedics therefore carried her into a normal large compartment of the Nordostseebahn. There she lay in labor for the entire crossing, in the midst of the other passengers. She only reached the clinic in Flensburg three hours later and was given a drug to stop labor pains. For Ronja Asmussen, a three-hour nightmare that could have ended differently.

VIDEO: Risky births due to delivery room closures (8 min)

Critical situations again and again

Since the birthing ward on Sylt was closed, critical situations have repeatedly arisen. The number of rescue helicopter missions has almost doubled. The situation in Ostholstein is similar: In August, the maternity ward in Oldenburg in Holstein was closed, with serious consequences for the island of Fehmarn. The nearest maternity wards in Eutin and Lubeck can be reached by car in just under an hour – a long way in the event of an emergency.

Anette Langner, State Secretary in the Ministry of Health

Michael Ambuhl is retired after nine years as ETH professor for negotiation management. A look back at the eventful career of the former State Secretary, who set out to turn practice into theory.

Michael Ambühl

Two institutions have shaped Michael Ambuhl’s life: ETH Zurich and the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). At ETH he spends a total of 14 years as a student and doctoral candidate in applied mathematics, and as a professor of negotiation. In the diplomatic service of Switzerland it is even 31 years, 9 of them as State Secretary, the highest position in the federal administration.

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Compulsory vaccination – yes or no?

First the parties of the old federal government categorically rejected a Corona vaccination obligation (source), but since the Omikron wave it is hotly discussed by the new government. Now last Wednesday a first debate took place in the Bundestag about it. The mood was divided, a draft law does not yet exist (source). There are only three drafts, a general vaccination obligation starting from 18, an inoculation obligation starting from 50 and a draft, which expresses itself against an inoculation obligation. The debate on Wednesday has not yet come to a conclusion.

How to protect yourself from this


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About 99 percent of all German beekeepers are hobby beekeepers. They do produce it – but many of them have little time to market it in addition to their full-time jobs.

Remedy sought by nearBees platform. Local beekeepers can find a regional audience on this online marketplace.

Women and men are still far from equal. Equality in all social, political and economic spheres is still proceeding slowly. This is the result of the 2019 Gender Equality Index of the European Institute for Gender Equality, for one. This is made up of EU countries’ scores in six categories related to gender: Work, Money, Education, Time, Power and Health. In addition, there are factors such as violence against women.

The index score for the entire EU rose from 66.2 out of 100 points in 2015 to 67.4 points in 2019. Sweden achieves the highest index value of all countries at 83.6. Greece is in last place with 51.2 points. Germany is also below average with 66.9 points, albeit only slightly.

This is the state of gender equality in the EU

I recently made a frozen Edeka Sushi Box tested.

At the same time, I was wondering if you can also store fresh Freeze sushi can. And most importantly, how it tastes afterwards.

Time to try it out!