Anyone who works needs breaks now and then – the legislator has also recognized that. Every employer must adhere to the prescribed break regulations. Statutory break time provides protection against exploitation and exhaustion. In this way, health should also be protected. Break regulations mean that companies are obliged to observe breaks – and employees must also comply with them. We explain what exactly the break regulation prescribes and how the statutory break time is regulated..

Break regulations: legal break times, duration, exceptions

➠ Contents: What to expect

Nocturnal visitors Why silverfish live in so many households? This is the cause

Actually, their correct name is "silverfish", nevertheless they are more commonly known as "silverfish". Their silvery or pearly scales are the reason for their name, but it is their feeding behavior that gives them their technical name "Lepisma saccharina" It means "sugar guest" in German – because they need sugar to survive. They do not feed exclusively on organic waste, such as hair and dander, but also on starchy foods such as flour, cereals or pastries. It is therefore hardly surprising why insects feel particularly at home in human households. Where exactly and why you do not necessarily have to fight all silverfish, is explained below.

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Silverfish: cause and helpful control methods

Where do silverfish live? Causes of infestation

In Central Europe, silverfish live mainly in heated living spaces – preferably where it’s not only nice and warm, but also damp: in the bathroom, the kitchen, or in the rooms where you hang your damp laundry. The absolute comfort temperature is between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius, but if it gets too hot (from 35° C), they die. However, if temperatures drop below ten degrees, the insects become inactive. If, on the other hand, it is too dry, silverfish can no longer reproduce: One female lays up to 20 eggs.

We find it increasingly difficult to consciously enjoy things. Negative thoughts also tend to stick in the mind more than positive ones. FOCUS Online expert Ilona Burgel tells you how to focus more on the good things in your life again.

"I’m glad you exist," a head of office recently said to me as feedback after a lecture. When did you last hear such a compliment?

Are you now inclined to answer: I can’t remember? Or: Never before? That I can’t imagine. To say something so nice to yourself, you don’t even need a special occasion, such as a birthday or Christmas.

Christmas is especially beautiful and atmospheric when the days get shorter and on long, dark evenings candlelight falls from illuminated windows on thickly snow-covered streets. This gives Christmas a special, Nordic feel, and in fact many beautiful customs that are also appreciated in Germany come from the far north.

Where does Santa Claus come from?

Christmas includes the Christmas tree, the presents, Santa Claus – undoubtedly all elements that have nothing to do with the manger in Bethlehem. But where do they come from? Santa Claus or St. Nicholas is derived from the figure of the actual bishop of Myra in Asia Minor, St. Nicholas. Already during his lifetime legends began to grow around the saint, who is also considered the patron saint of children. The name feast of the saint was already celebrated relatively early in the Catholic church and was already early the cause for the "Christmas" Bescherung, which later, driven by the rejection of the saint cult in the Protestant churches, was shifted to Christmas.

This is how christmas is celebrated in the far north

Muscle training is both the basis and the goal of everything: For bodybuilders, perfectly developed muscles are the training goal. Well-formed, beautifully defined muscles are the result of years of hard training – and that’s something to be proud of. Training as a hard but fulfilling reward with an endorphin boost. For others, it’s a means to an end: because you can even lose weight through Muscle training and your body becomes a fat eater – no cardio unit can compete with a kilo of muscle mass.

No matter what your training philosophy, volume, or motivation, a few principles are the same for everyone. Whether you’re putting on 50 or 150 kilos, there are some basic rules you just can’t get around when training your muscles.

We present you the big ones 11 commandments of muscle training.

This is how you are protected as a pregnant woman and mother at work

Maternity protection act

Dr. Britta Beate Schon

Britta Beate Schon is responsible for all legal topics at Finanztip. The doctor of law and lawyer worked as head of the legal department at financial service providers such as Telis Finanz AG and Interhyp. Previously, she taught and researched in Japan as a DAAD junior professor of German and European law. She studied in Munster, Geneva, Regensburg and Leipzig. You can reach the author at [email protected]


A shave means to shave someone or to have someone shaved. Shaving removes hair from the skin. Hair is cut away where it comes out of the skin.

There are many reasons for shaving. Above all, many people think that hair on the face, for example, does not look good. Most often, men who do not want to have a beard shave themselves. But what is considered beautiful also depends on the culture.

Palliative care How to assist loved ones in dying

Touch gives dying people a feeling of security. Photo: Norbert Forsterling/dpa Source: Unknown

Classical medicine wants to heal. Palliative medicine aims to alleviate suffering where healing is no longer possible. It has been part of the medical curriculum for ten years, but there is still a great deal of uncertainty among the population about its importance and role – just as there is about dying in general.

Petra K. (Name changed by the editors) suffers from multiple sclerosis. She has been bedridden for two years, can no longer speak, swallow solid food, see, or move. The strength is just enough for small sounds of displeasure. So she now makes it clear: she doesn’t want to eat or drink anything anymore. Her parents, who have been caring for her 24 hours a day for years, don’t want to accept that. You can’t let your daughter starve and die of thirst, can you?!

Muscle stress during hiking

Hiking is good for you and keeps you young. In addition, regular hiking ensures that our muscles get enough variety from the often one-sided office routine. But did you know that hiking is not only good for body and mind, but a real miracle cure for healthy and trained muscles? The effects that hiking can have on our bodies are often underestimated. And that’s why we’re taking a close look at the muscle stress that comes with hiking.

Hiking uses exactly those muscles that are important for your body to keep the supporting apparatus upright. Namely, these are the leg, back and abdominal muscles. These carry you in balance and provide the necessary stability when walking upright.

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Participating in life: For around four million people in Germany, this is only possible with difficulty, because they have a rare, sometimes incurable disease. Medical research is complex and expensive, especially for rare diseases. But sometimes there is such a thing as a small miracle. Example SMA, spinal muscular atrophy: Recently, there is now a therapy against the insidious disease. Which patients benefit from the long-awaited drugs, and how do they work??

By: Bernd Thomas