Every third to fourth woman who terminates a pregnancy in the second trimester travels to the Netherlands.

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Warning against aggressive abortion opponents at the entrance of the Vrelinghuis in Utrecht Photo: Robin van Lonkhuijsen/picture alliance

You are looking for an experienced specialist to perform a spermiogram? At PRIMO MEDICO you will only find specialists, clinics and centers in your field in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Learn more about the process and evaluation of a semen examination and which medical experts are responsible.

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Dr. med. Matthias Bloechle

Reproductive Medicine / Endocrinology

The government wants to set several opening steps in the course of February. This was announced by Chancellor Karl Nehammer (oVP) on Saturday during a press conference together with Health Minister Wolfgang Muckstein (Greens) and the GECKO Commission. On 5. February, the closing time will be extended from 22.00 to 24.00 o’clock postponed. On 12. February the 2-G-obligation falls in the trade, one week later the 3-G-rule is enough in catering and tourism again.

However, for the 3-G detection in the catering industry, the PCR tests would only have a validity of 48 hours, held Muckstein. Such a regulation already existed in Vienna, in the rest of Austria 72 hours were.

Loosened also a little in the event area. Instead of 25 people can now again 50 without assigned seats together and that per 5. February. There are also to be new rules in the school sector, but they will not be announced until next week. The reason given for the relaxation was that despite the high number of cases caused by Omikron, the situation at the hospitals was stable.

 Shisha bar: how dangerous the smoke is

Smoking Is it worth to run a shisha bar?

  • Lena Kanning

Shisha bars in trend Source: dpa

In Germany there are about four times vo many Shisha bars as McDonald’s branches.

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Friendship in old age |© diego cervo – stock.adobe.com

What children and young adults can do with ease seems to be much more difficult for older people: making new contacts and friendships. Friends are becoming more and more important for our well-being, especially in old age. We give you tips on how to make interesting acquaintances even with a more reserved temperament, from which – who knows – real friendships may develop.

It is one of the major problems of aging and the cause of many mental and even physical ailments: Loneliness. Many people have outlived partners and also friends, their own family has lost importance or lives too far away. Certainly, any necessary care is usually well organized, but the emotional exchange, the social closeness and the shared experience of beautiful moments are missing.

Dr. rer. nat. Daniela Oesterle is a molecular biologist, human geneticist as well as a trained medical editor. As a freelance journalist, she writes texts on health topics for experts and laypeople and edits scientific articles by doctors in German and English. For a renowned publishing house, she is responsible for the publication of certified continuing education courses for medical professionals.

Thanks to the pill, women today can usually decide for themselves when they want to become get pregnant. After the pillDiscontinuation However, fertility is restored at different rates. Not only does the type of hormonal contraception play a role, the age of the woman and the fertility of the couple are also crucial. Read more about getting pregnant after the pill here.

Pregnant after pill

Masks that cover the mouth and nose help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Here you can find out how they do it and what the difference is between FFP2 masks, everyday masks and surgical masks. And what you should keep in mind when using them.

Covering the mouth and nose is thought to curb the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. Initially and in times of low incidence, wearing so-called surgical masks or everyday masks was sufficient to comply with the regulations. But in Bavaria, an FFP2 mask must be worn in retail, public transport and various other situations where there is a high incidence of infection. About this mask duty is argued again and again. Sometimes it gets into the background that masks are only one building block in the fight against the pandemic. Equally important are measures such as keeping your distance, observing hygiene rules and regular ventilation.

What to consider when wearing a mask?

A mouth-nose protector only provides optimal protection if it is used correctly. The recommendations should be followed as closely as possible, even if this is time-consuming and sometimes difficult to implement in everyday life. It’s true for FFP2 masks as it is for surgical masks or fabric masks:

Visual impairments have many causes. Whether it is a congenital visual defect or a loss of vision due to age, the effect is the same – poor vision. Here action must be taken to improve the visual acuity.

Objects are seen blurred, slightly blurred, the eyes hurt from exertion or watering. A visual impairment has a wide variety of symptoms and can have many causes. Persistent stress and fatigue can also cause poor vision. It is not only older people who have problems with their eyes. All ages can be affected by low vision or even eye disease. In any case, visual disturbances should always be taken seriously.

What visual impairments are there?

Further information on specific visual impairments can be found on the following pages.

Here's how many calories men should eat every day

Old-school calorie counting seems to be back in fashion.

For years, diets like keto, paleo, and "clean eating" reigned supreme, with a focus on limiting specific foods instead of overall food consumption. But according to the International Food Information Council’s Food and Health Survey 2021, counting calories seems to be the most popular way to eat again.

Becoming a mom at 35+ is sometimes not so easy anymore. Darja Wagner is a cell biologist and fertility consultant. Here, in an interview, she tells us what women need to know beyond the "magic" age can do to improve the quality of their oocytes.

Dear Darja, how did you decide to become a fertility consultant??

As a cell biologist, I have spent years studying hormones, vitamins and human cells. In my last years at FU, my students and I experimented with adult stem cells, they fascinated me so much. And the eggs are the ultimate stem cells from which all organs and the human being itself are created.

When I was 35 and finally ready to start my own family, it soon became clear that the path to this goal is not necessarily a straight one. Fortunately, my own wish to have a child was fulfilled at some point. But during this time I became aware of how many women – and especially how many academics – have children very late in life. And how often they are at a loss when they have done and planned everything correctly, but their wish for a child remains unfulfilled.