Normal weight BMI or abdominal circumference? Which measure overweight more correctly determined

Anyone who is concerned about losing weight usually first consults the body mass index (BMI). Its value is based on the formula "weight in kilograms divided by the ratio of height in meters". It can be determined with the help of a calculator or BMI calculators on the Internet.

If the value is between 18.5 and 24.9, a person is considered normal weight according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO). Overweight starts at 25, obesity at 30.

GEO Knowledge Nutrition No. 8

According to experts, the rapidly spreading Omikron variant will probably not lead to the hoped-for herd immunity against the coronavirus. The problem, among other things, is the rapid mutation of the virus.

Since the early days of the pandemic, many have expressed hope that it would be possible to achieve herd immunity to Covid-19 if a high enough percentage of the population is vaccinated or infected with the virus. These hopes were dashed, however, when the coronavirus mutated in rapid succession last year into new variants that enabled it to re-infect people who had been vaccinated or previously infected.

Virus will find ways to overcome immune defenses

Although some health authorities, such as in Israel, have revisited the possibility of herd immunity since Omikron emerged late last year. They point to the fact that the Omikron variant is spreading so rapidly. And at the same time, the courses are milder, which may indicate that the pre-existing immune protection is working and weakening the disease-causing effect of the virus.

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. It makes up about one-sixth of the body’s weight. How it is structured, functions and what is good for it.

The following topics are covered in this article

Organs, skin: drawing of a human body, organs are visible, skin is visible on the left half, not on the right half

Everything has been said about caries, you think now. One Google search and you know all about this plague. And yet almost everyone gets tooth decay in their lifetime. A vaccination against it does not exist so far. My name is Dr. Volker Storcks, I have been a dentist for more than 20 years and I would like to share with you a few more aspects on the subject that really matter from my point of view.

Myth no. 1: Enamel soft from birth

If you eat too much sweets, you will get caries, you say rightly. And yet there are people who eat a very sweet diet and get little or no tooth decay. How can it be? Apparently there are even more factors that influence the development of caries. For example, I have observed that these people often brush their teeth relatively well, but they are not even aware of it. From a scientific point of view, there are no soft teeth, the enamel is always equally hard, in each of us. So you can forget this excuse. At this point I refer only briefly to a major exception, which is increasing sharply among children: "chalk teeth" resp. Molar incisor hypomineralization, as the experts say. This disease is actually congenital and in various forms causes unripe enamel on the first permanent incisor (the 1s) and the first permanent molar (the 6s). To this day, it is still unclear how this comes about and is associated with a great deal of suffering among those affected.

Back to caries: This is always caused by acids, which produce bacteria that stick to our teeth as a coating. When these bacteria get sugar as food, they produce a lot of acid, which really dissolves the calcium out of the teeth. So this means that if you remove the bacterial plaque thoroughly every day, no acid can be produced, even if you eat sweets!

Until now, the sexual enhancer Viagra was available in Austrian pharmacies only by prescription. This could now change. Am 2. Prescription commission meets in February. It decides whether Viagra should be available without a prescription in future.

Potency drug Viagra soon available without a prescription?

For over 20 years, men suffering from erectile dysfunction have been able to turn to Viagra. In Great Britain, Norway, Poland and Switzerland, the drug, which is based on the active ingredient sildenafil, is already available without a prescription. Not so in Austria. Here, one must present a doctor’s prescription at the pharmacy for purchase. The reason: dangerous side effects as well as interactions can occur when taking the drug. If Viagra is taken together with a nitrate-containing heart medication, for example, a so-called hypotonic shock can occur. In the worst case, this leads to death.

Cats are incredibly lovable animals. However, even with them there is a phase that is exhausting. Cats come to an age when they are sexually mature and want to mate. Between four and twelve months of age, females that have not been spayed are affected. So this is also the beginning of the time when your cat is in heat.

What is heat at all, how it affects your cat, how it is noticeable and how you can help your cat during this time, is answered here for you. So you get clarity and do not have to worry about it.

The most important things in a nutshell

  • Heat means that your cat is ready for mating. The term "in heat" comes from the fact that cats roll around on the floor during this time.
  • Loud meowing, rolling around on the floor, loss of appetite or stretching the body and lifting the pelvis can be signs that your cat is in heat.
  • If your cat is in heat, you should think about spaying your cat for a short term solution or neutering your cat for a long term solution.

Also interesting

Cat in heat: What you should know

So that you know what to look out for when your cat is in heat and what heat means in the first place, we answer the most important questions about it below.

Cat trapped in engine compartment – fire department frees animal

Luck in the misfortune had had in East Frisia a cat.

Photo: Hauke-Christian Dittrich / dpa (Symbol)

East Frisia. In the district Osnabruck there was a heavy truck accident. In a bicycle store in Lingen a violent fire broke out in the night.

A mother sits with her child under a sunshade

Effective UV protection is important to prevent skin cancer. © Monkey Business, Fotolia

The German Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) and/or the German guideline for the prevention of skin cancer recommend the following measures for sustained protection against intensive and excessive UV radiation:

  • avoid strong sun – The sun shines more strongly at midday than in the morning or afternoon. Therefore, seek shade especially between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Tip: If necessary, postpone outdoor activities to the morning and evening hours.
  • Wear clothing – The best protection against UV radiation is offered by clothing that does not allow light to pass through. also wear headgear that protects ears and neck.
  • Protect eyes – Wear sunglasses with UV-protective lenses and never look directly at the sun, even with sunglasses on.
  • Use sunscreen – You should apply sufficient sunscreen to all uncovered parts of the body. What is important, read under sunscreen use correctly.
  • Avoid sunburn – Since every sunburn increases the risk of skin cancer, you should avoid sunburns at all costs.
  • Protect babies and children – Babies and toddlers under 2 years of age should not be exposed to the sun at all with bare skin. With children of all ages you should consistently pay attention to the sun protection.
  • protect well in water – Wear special bathing clothes and reapply sunscreen after bathing.
  • inform about medication – Pay attention to side effects caused by sun radiation, seek medical advice in case of doubt.
  • avoid solariums – Do not go to the solarium. Especially younger people should keep this in mind.
  • Be a role model – Parents should teach their children the correct way to deal with sun radiation.

Follow these sun protection measures in descending order at best. This means: primarily avoid direct sunlight on the skin and first cover it with opaque clothing. Sunscreen should not come first and should only be used on uncovered areas of the skin.

Why does my cat tremble? Reasons and triggers

For us humans, trembling is often considered a negative sign, which is why we often worry when our cat shivers and twitches. This looks unusual and scary in the first place, but a cat is really always in pain when it shivers?

Mostly it is rather due to harmless reasons. In exceptional cases, however, it may be that the trembling of the cat as a symptom of a disease is to be interpreted. In this case it is particularly important that the velvet paw is completely covered by a suitable cat health insurance.

Prevent encryption Trojans

At the end of June 2017, a few lines of code managed to infect entire companies with malware. This code sneaked into employees’ PCs, encrypting the entire hard drive and blocking access to important data. When the PC was turned on, it no longer started normally, but only displayed a notice of a ransom sum that should be paid to allow it to work again. This type of cyber extortion is based on encryption Trojans, also known as ransomware. We will show you how to protect yourself effectively against these viruses and what measures will help you immediately.

What are encryption Trojans and are they really a serious threat?

It sounds a bit like a Hollywood script, but in fact hackers smuggled a Trojan called Petrwrap into organizations, some of which were spread across the globe, in late June 2017. At first, only individual PCs were affected. However, the Petrwrap Trojan gained access to the passwords and IDs of all users within a few minutes and also exploited existing gaps in the Windows operating systems of the clients and server systems in order to spread itself. This left virtually all doors open to the Trojan.