The birth of your own child is one of the most beautiful moments in life. But you have a right to special leave for this?

Stork brings baby

The birth of one’s child is a special event for parents. If the day of birth is a working day, the event conflicts with the contractually owed duty to work. In this article, we explain the legal situation with regard to a claim to paid leave for the day of birth.

Selling on the Internet: On platforms such as Ebay, old treasures can be easily and quickly turned into cash. However, private sellers run the risk of being held liable for material defects. © Getty Images / Uwe Umstaetter, Screenshot Stiftung Warentest (M)

On Ebay or in on-line classified advertisements one gets rid of old things. We explain to private sellers how to exclude liability with correct private sale clauses.

Characteristics of sculpting fairy tale and cartoon characters, animals and houses from the snow.

Perhaps it is difficult to find fun more interesting than sculpting the figures of fairy tales and cartoons from wet snow. This is fun, encourages imagination and does not freeze the child.

In addition to exciting indoor activities at home or in kindergarten, adults and children like to spend time outdoors.

Resting pulse normal values

Resting pulse is colloquially referred to as the heart rate when the body is at absolute rest.

In order to recognize an elevated pulse and to treat it at an early stage, it is advisable to measure the pulse regularly. This can be done easily at home and requires no further aids.

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Women can not build muscle? Evil prejudice.

  1. · Build muscle and lose weight: This is why strength training is so important
  2. · Build muscles: on equipment, with dumbbells or your own body as a weight?
  3. · The best exercises to help the body build muscle quickly
  4. · Build muscle fast with the right diet
  5. · The perfect workout in video:
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It’s true that women can’t build muscle quite as fast as men can. This is partly because they have more fat and less muscle mass to begin with. In addition, the body hardly produces testosterone. But: it does not matter at all. Very few women want huge mountains of muscle, but rather well-defined muscles. And you can do it without any problems.

A few days ago, a message with the following question fluttered into our Pushing Limits mailbox: What do you actually think of an athlete flying halay around the world in order to compete in an Ironman 70.3 races to qualify for Ironman Hawaii? A subject on which opinions differ.

  • Cover photo: Getty Images for Ironman

Ironman Hawaii is the elixir of the World Triathlon Corporation. A participation at the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island is something like the accolade for every endurance athlete who has managed to qualify for this race by a special performance. At 41 Ironman events worldwide, athletes have the chance to secure one of the coveted and hotly contested Hawaii slots. Meanwhile, it’s over 2.400 athletes compete in the Hawaiian heat each October to find the world champions in their age groups.

With gambling addiction officially recognized by the World Health Organization as a mental illness, we ask our experts for guidance on what it is and what steps parents can take to protect children from developing the condition.

What is gambling addiction and how you can prevent children from developing it?

Since gambling addiction has been officially recognized as a mental illness by the World Health Organization, we ask our experts for guidance on what it is and what steps parents can take to protect children from developing the disorder.

It’s not the calendar age but the biological age of your vessels that counts – these are the findings of a U.S. study that analyzed the health data of more than 126 people.000 patients studied. Have you already determined your biological age?

Biological age is not just a marketing ploy, but represents an important predictor of life expectancy. This is the result of a recent study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology.

The life and work situation of many couples has changed a lot in recent years. More and more frequently, the desire to have children is postponed to an older age as a result.


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While the average age of the mother at the birth of her first child in 1970 was still about 24 years in western Germany and about 23 years in eastern Germany, first-time mothers in Germany in 2018 were on average 30 years old.

As a result, the proportion of first-time pregnant women over 40 also increased. However, as you get older, the chance of a successful pregnancy decreases.

heavy lifting in pregnancy

The pregnancy test was on the bathroom shelf and I was waiting. At my side my 3 year old, meanwhile 16 kg heavy. "I want to see too" – he wanted to be lifted high. And for the first time I asked myself the question: How heavy can I lift and carry during pregnancy??

Of course I still lifted it this time, after all I was only in the 4. Week pregnant and physically still completely unimpaired. But after the test was positive, I wanted to know more precisely for the future, so that I do not lift too heavy and thus endanger myself and my baby. So I wanted the following questions answered: