What awaits us in the 2030s – and beyond? What social, technological and political developments could be coming our way? Possible answers to these questions have been compiled by the Future Office. Using various foresight methods, a total of 80 new topics (50 in 2020 and another 30 in 2021) have been identified, giving us a glimpse of possible futures.

Will we soon be sending an avatar to the office instead of going ourselves?? Will we perhaps live under the sea at some point in the future? Let’s soon test the use of drugs on the computer instead of animal experiments? And how could we counteract insect mortality in the future?

You can explore these and many other exciting questions in our compact topic sheets. Read for yourself!

 Sophie chung connects doctors and patients around the world

Sophie Chung This founder connects doctors and patients around the world

 Sophie chung connects doctors and patients around the world

The medical professional brings doctors to her patients all over the world. (Credit: Qunomedical)

Photo of mother with son

Many women experience discomfort during their period, such as pain, cramps, irregular or very heavy bleeding. If tampons or pads need to be changed more frequently than every few hours, bleeding is probably heavier than normal. It is clearly too heavy if it interferes with everyday life and the loss of blood weakens the body.

About 10 out of every 100 women have a period that is too heavy (hypermenorrhea). If the menstrual period lasts longer than 5 to 7 days, it is considered prolonged bleeding (menorrhagia). Both often occur together, as often the same cause is behind it.

For many mothers and their children, the breastfeeding period is a particularly intense time. But how long should children be breastfed at all and when should weaning begin in order to switch to complementary feeding?? These questions not only occupy many mothers, but are also the subject of many discussions.

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Woman breastfeeding her child

How long should mothers breastfeed?

The World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF and the National Breastfeeding Commission agree: Provided mother and child are healthy, breast milk is the best food for infants. Therefore, it is recommended to breastfeed the child at least in the first days immediately after birth. The colostrum, which is produced in the first seven days of the baby’s life, contains many antibodies, nutrients and growth factors. They support the development of the child’s digestive tract and protect the child from infectious diseases.

This is how people lived in a castle in the middle ages

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Castles can be very fascinating structures. They are so simply designed and yet they have something mystical about them. Even today, there are still some opportunities to visit castles, possibly even with a guided tour. They were the home of many people back then, they offered Protection from enemies. The medieval castles also had a lot of personnel, such as cooks, blacksmiths, maids, servants, stablemen, maids and some more.

There was a castle garden with fruit trees, a throne room, a chapel, a beer cellar, a torture chamber and a treasure chamber, which was always very well guarded. What was life like in a castle?? Here are 11 insights into life back then.

Walking Muscle building

Going for a walk and building muscles are not mutually exclusive

Exercise keeps you healthy. For this, it is not at all necessary to go to a gym or otherwise work up a sweat to stay fit. It is much more important to move at all.

Which muscles are trained during walking, to what extent muscle building is possible during walking and whether walking is an endurance training, is explained below.

Diet and exercise are overrated for life expectancy, researchers say. Especially conscientious and determined people reach a Methuselah age.

People – at least in affluent societies – are living longer than ever before. 80 or even 90 year old seniors with considerable fitness are no longer exceptions. Still, there are also many who don’t make it there. Which raises the question of why the life expectancy of different people varies so much.

Is it because of genes, diet, physical exercise, social relationships or just financially? The U.S. researchers Howard Friedman and Leslie Martin have pursued this question and present the results on Monday in a book: "The Long-Life Formula" (Beltz-Verlag). According to this, besides a favorable social environment, it is mainly personal factors that make us reach a Methuselah age. Such as discipline and determination – and a certain tendency to boredom.

First effects after just a few hours: What happens to your body when you quit smoking

Professional photo Franziska Telser

Immediate effects: this is what happens when you quit smoking

  • In Germany, around 120 people die each year.000 people due to tobacco consumption. Nevertheless, almost 24 percent of all men and women smoke.
  • Although smoking does immense damage to the body, it recovers surprisingly quickly. The first effects can be felt just a few hours after your last cigarette.
  • Even heavy smokers can regain the same level of health as nonsmokers. However, this takes several years.
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It’s one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions: Quit smoking. The last cigarette has burned away. Lighters, ashtrays and matches relegated to the last corner of the kitchen cupboard. While you are still fully motivated on the first day of the new year, a nervous breakdown threatens a week later.

Do you know this? Their elderly relatives flatly refuse to accept outside help and care, even though they have long since become unable to care for themselves on their own. We’ll show you what you can do to convince your loved one of the benefits of home care or moving to a nursing home.

Your elderly mother repeatedly resists outpatient care services and insists that you perform all caregiving tasks with her. Her already frail father just won’t stop driving his car around town, even though he can only react very slowly. Your aunt denies the need for home care, even though all she does is walk around with unwashed hair and dirty clothes. And your grandmother has been refusing to move into an assisted living facility for months because it is full of old people.

Refusal difficult for all

You know these situations where loved ones refuse to provide care? Nothing is more difficult for a caregiver than dealing with an older person who refuses much-needed help. "This is one of the most common and difficult caregiving challenges that family members then face," says Dr. Donna Cohen, psychologist and author of The Loss of Self: A Family Resource for the Care of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders.

Dream interpretation spit

Spitting is not welcomed in public in our society – apart from the soccer field. Saliva is perceived as unhygienic and generates disgust. Spitting is often meant as an expression of disrespect. If you spit on the floor in front of someone, you are deliberately attacking that person’s dignity.

Even small children are taught not to spit at another person. Because this is considered a bad behavior. Not only because it is perceived as disgusting, but also because spitting on you can transmit diseases through virus or bacteria.