If the cell phone password is forgotten, protection can sometimes be circumvented

If the cell phone password has been forgotten, sometimes the protection can be bypassed.

The cell phone is our everyday companion. Likewise, the number combinations, passwords and patterns with which the devices are secured against unauthorized access accompany us. All the greater is the shock when you Cell phone password once forgotten have. Then good advice seems expensive.

Proper dog training: steps and tricks to get your puppy or dog housebroken. ✓Dog guide ✓simple ✓stress-free

Small puppies should be housetrained as soon as possible housetraining. Sometimes already adult dogs also have problems with cleanliness. How do you teach the dog to be housetrained and what is the reason if it does not work??

Getting dogs housebroken takes a lot of time and patience

Numerous guests and VIPs celebrate the vernissage of "Freedom in Democracy" in Liestal. Plea for a humane liberalism".

Saskia Schenker, author Rene Rhinow, Laura Zimmermann and moderator Georg Kreis at the panel discussion concluding the vernissage at the Cantonal Library of Basel-Landschaft

Saskia Schenker, author Rene Rhinow, Laura Zimmermann and moderator Georg Kreis at the panel discussion that concluded the vernissage at the Baselbieter Cantonal Library.

Rene Rhinow can certainly not be accused of inactivity and laziness of thought. Even in its 80. Year of life not. Barely three years after the autobiographical notes in "Everything with Measure", the former FDP member of the Council of States from Basel-Landschaft and emeritus professor of constitutional law presents an overview work on the concept of freedom, liberalism and the two-way linkage. Rhinow’s new book "Freedom in Democracy" celebrated its vernissage on Tuesday evening at the Cantonal Library of Basel-Landschaft in Liestal. A second public presentation will follow on Thursday in Zurich.

Free OSM additional maps without microSD slot on the Garmin Edge bike computer. Does this? In this guide I show you how to transfer free OSM maps as IMG file or install them via BaseCamp.

Install osm maps on garmin edge

With the model change from the Garmin Edge 1030 to the 1030 Plus the last Edge device with microSD memory card slot disappeared.


We provide you with an overview of all cheats, commands and console commands in Minecraft. This way you get additional options, gain access to resources and teleport to desired locations.


  • Ancient Debris: Find ancient debris

Ancient scrap is a valuable material in Minecraft. Learn in this guide how and where you can farm Ancient Debris.

Minutes? Create digitally as a mindmap!

It exists. Too much: The meeting without agenda and without minutes. And in the end, we wonder why tasks and progress are not clear. That projects fail.

Recently, a manager proudly told me: "II now go into meetings completely relaxed and unprepared."This works especially well when attendance is more important than progress and results. (Please do not be surprised if employees then do the same.)

At the latest during the preventive examinations in pregnancy it is said: Please stand on the scale! A regular check of the body weight takes place in the context of the medical precaution in approximately every four weeks. Weight gain in the course of pregnancy is quite normal and also desirable.

Pregnant woman in front of bookshelf

For many research projects, the questionnaire is still the tool of choice. But when all the answers are finally in, confusion often sets in: You finally want to evaluate the questionnaire – and you want to do it quickly and correctly! But how do you evaluate a survey? In this article we show the 5 most important steps to evaluate a survey.

If you need assistance with your questionnaire evaluation, our statisticians will be happy to help you. Simply use our Contact form for a free consultation& a non-binding offer – or call us.

Let us know your requirements& we will provide you with a free offer within a few hours.

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This article answers the following questions about evaluating questionnaires:

  • How to evaluate a survey?
  • What steps should you follow when evaluating the questionnaire?
  • How to get an initial overview of the data?
  • How do I detect correlations in my data??

Evaluation of questionnaires: structured procedure in 5 steps!

Of course, the exact procedure for evaluating a survey properly always depends heavily on the particular questionnaire and the research questions.

You want to make the most of your body. Everywhere you go, you hear what you should do to look good. Rarely is this true – but surely someone is making money from your ignorance.

No more desire for doped discopumpers and rip-offs? Here we talk plain language. Find out exactly which training plan, diet or nutrition brings the best results.

The good thing right from the start: the knowledge is there to achieve the optimum in muscle building and fat loss. We have known for a long time what works. 1000 times in practice confirmed and on a solid scientific foundation standing.


A term paper in 3 days is a real challenge. Because a good house work needs a lot of time. Time, which is often in short supply during exam time.

I guess it’s my duty to point out to you with a raised finger that a term paper needs more lead time if possible. Ideally, you should take several weeks for this in any case. But every student knows the stress at the end of the semester and is forced to set priorities. This one annoying housework is pushed further and further towards the deadline. Completely surprisingly only 3 days remain. What now?