Walking or leisurely, classic or extravagant, (Vienna) resident or visiting – there is a tour of Vienna for everyone. Here you will find information on city tours for every taste.

Bird's eye view of the city park

© pixabay.com | Vienna from the bird’s eye view.

Woman with long hair

Who used to be your favorite fairytale princess? Mine was definitely Rapunzel. I have always loved her beautiful dream mane and even then wanted to have hair as long and shiny as hers. Today my hair is not as long as Rapunzel’s, but with the right care I have managed to get my hair nice and healthy and long.

The best Tips for long hair you can find in this guide.

Writing a role biography: structure, outline& example

The role biography comes from German and theater lessons. It is a certain way to work out a non-real character, for example from a play. Working out means getting to know the character of the character and finding out if this character has any peculiarities or peculiarities. If you study a character in a play or a book in this way, you can better understand the decisions the character makes in the book or play.

The procedure is to pick out all the details of the role to be studied from the work. In doing this, you really try to bring out everything that is revealed about the role. It doesn’t matter if it concerns the past, the future or current events. It can be a great help to first create a profile, a characterization and or a description of the person. This then contains important information that can be used to create the role biography.

How to speed up a slow mac - guiding tech

A Mac usually takes care of itself. But once it’s been used a year too much, it becomes slow, just like any computer. It can be anything; hard drive overload, corrupted system files, a fraudulent app or just an outdated operating system. A lot can go wrong under the hood, and finding the specific culprit on your own takes a long time.

Fortunately, the Mac has a number of built-in third-party diagnostic and cleaning utilities that can really speed things up for you. Check out the apps/tips below.

As soon as they have finished their studies or training, young people can apply for a job finally plunge into the job market. After all, at some point there comes a point stand on your own two feet and want to earn their own living. But before you get started on your career, it’s first a matter of making the Writing applications, in order to convince the possibly future employer of itself.

What does a brief application include?

What does a short application contain?

The samurai were a group of elite fighters from the lesser nobility who specialized primarily in hand-to-hand combat. They were loyal to their masters and their families even after death.

Table of contents

The samurai of old Japan have a legendary reputation. Often they are portrayed as some kind of mercenaries. Others equate them with the Shaolin monks, who were also battle-hardened. Both is only partly correct. There are some similarities between the mercenaries and the Shaolin, but they are a separate group.

The samurai were a group of elite fighters from the lesser nobility who specialized mainly in hand-to-hand combat. They were loyal to their masters and their families even after death. Only when they lost their position did they go on the road to find new employment. What they have in common with the Shaolin is that their training as samurai began at an early age and was completed at the age of 19 or 20.

How to fix nintendo switch wifi keeps disconnecting | simple solutions

If your Nintendo Switch WLAN continues to disconnect, the probable reason may be superficial. Wireless connection issues on the switch can be easily fixed, so you may be able to fix your issues quickly. In this troubleshooting article, we’ll show you the most common reasons for wifi problems on Switch, as well as the simple solutions you can perform.

Common reasons why the Wi-Fi gets disconnected on the Nintendo Switch

There are a number of possible factors that can cause wifi issues on this console. Find out what things you might need to check to fix your own wireless problem.

Hairstyle and glasses for men

Hairstyle and glasses on the man | Photo: © Milan Csizmadia / Unsplash.com

Some wear it accurately parted, others slightly tousled, still others go for the trendy mid-length: our hair – like our glasses – is a decisive detail of our look. But what glasses fit best with my hairstyle? Must also think about the beard when choosing the ideal prescription and sunglasses? And what role does my face shape play in the right haircut?? Together with style expert Petra Waldminghaus, we explain to glasses wearers how to find a model that suits them perfectly.

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Child benefit: How much are you entitled to?

Child benefit: How much are you entitled to?

The Child benefit, also child allowance is mentioned, as part of the Family allowance To be seen, because families with children are to be relieved from taxes. It is therefore not To get a Social benefit and is thus open to all families for the time being.