How to edit a gif on a pc or smartphone

Ah, GIFs: the transition between photos and videos. Whoever predicted these files would be so popular was absolutely right. In fact, the GIF feature has been added to several instant messaging apps so you don’t have to search for the files online. All in all, GIFs are great.

But what if you want to step up your GIF game? What if finding and sending reaction GIFs isn’t quite enough? How to create or edit a GIF file on your device? Let’s find out.

How to play psp games on android

When you think of gaming handhelds, what comes to mind?? Perhaps the Gameboy Color or Gameboy Advance from your childhood, home to classic games like Pokemon Red Version and Blue Version or The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap . You may be thinking of the Nintendo DS, the successor to the Gameboy, which gained its popularity in the 2000s thanks to an incredible lineup of video games with huge hits like Mario Kart DS and Animal Crossing: Wild World to highly acclaimed niche titles like The world ends with you Or Radiant Historia . Perhaps your gaming history goes back even further to the 1979 Microvision console or Nintendo’s Game& Watch- Series of dedicated handhelds. Or maybe you’re new to video games, and when you think of a handheld system, your mind immediately jumps to Nintendo’s 3DS handheld or their brand new convertible system, the Nintendo Switch.

The handheld gaming market has long been dominated by Nintendo, but forgetting Sony’s own handheld systems would be a big mistake. Although both the Playstation Portable (or PSP) and the PS Vita weren’t considered huge successes compared to Nintendo’s dominance of the handheld market, both consoles have their own selection of highly acclaimed games that every gamer shouldn’t miss out on . While the Vita is still sold today – despite Sony’s lack of first-party support – the PSP has long since been retired, and as a result the emulation market for the device has grown stronger and stronger each year. Thanks to emulation, it’s easier than ever to play some classic PSP games on the go right on your Android device. The market for PSP emulators isn’t as strong as it is for emulators like the Gameboy Advance or even the Nintendo DS, but there’s a great selection on the Google Play Store that can load your PSP games right onto your device On-the-Go games. Let’s take a look at the best emulator for games on the go and how you can download your favorite games to your phone to play in your house or on the way to work. Learn how to play PSP games on your Android device here.

Announce pregnancy

You are pregnant and have been carrying this sweet secret since your positive pregnancy test? Then first of all: Congratulations! Thank God the time is also coming soon when you finally get to share with the world: I am pregnant!

Get inspired here on how to announce the great news of your pregnancy!

Shaving with the razor

Many men do not even know how close the shave with a razor can be.

Not only can it give you a better result, shaving with a razor also looks more masculine and gives the shave more style.

The qualitative content analysis according to Mayring is a Instructions for analyzing qualitative data. The content analysis process can be broken down into a series of steps. One Step by step guide and a Example for illustration basics and techniques of qualitative content analysis are presented on this page.

Conducting a content analysis requires a great deal of theoretical knowledge and extensive preparation before one can proceed to the actual analysis. The instructions describe each step and explain the background briefly and concisely, so that a qualitative content analysis according to Mayring also for beginners possible.

Qualitative content analysis according to Mayring: Summary

Pump muscle building - Better muscle growth through pump? (Scientific analysis)

The pump during muscle building – Already Arnold Schwarzenegger compared the pump during training with an orgasm during sex. Many athletes strive daily like this for maximum pump during workouts, and there are even various supplements and boosters designed just to enhance this effect.

Everyone who deals with strength training and muscle building sooner or later comes across the topic of pump training.

How to restore photos on your hard drive

Nowadays, many people suffer from an unexpected loss of important data, especially photos are affected. Since your photos can be some of the most important content, you should know how to use a Perform lost image recovery can. But for this you should first know what can cause loss of data on a hard drive. In this post we will show you just that. We will also show you a solution to the Hard disk photo recovery introduce.

Part 1: Download Recoverit for free

If you are looking for a secure and reliable way to Hard disk photo recovery search, try Recoverit. As the name suggests, the application was developed by Wondershare and provides users with a complete data recovery solution.

A positive pregnancy test is the beginning of a new, exciting phase of life. But how does such a test actually work, when does it deliver a reliable result, which test is the best and at what time of day should it be carried out?? You can find answers to these questions here.

In this guide you will find information on the following topics:

Pregnancy test – from when?

Collection of reports on the events and observations of the 3. Lance of the Order of the Scarlet Fist during the Crusade on the Devastated Isles.


Table of contents

1. Entry – probably 12. Day of the 10. Month

This is what the perfect congratulations card for the birth looks like!

In Germany about 800.000 babies born. In 2018, there were exactly 787.523 children who saw the light of day. To the joyful event we want to congratulate friends, acquaintances, relatives and colleagues. But what does the perfect greeting card for the birth look like?? What does it say and is it okay to buy a model from the discount store?

Greeting cards from the supermarket

From the drugstore, to the large department store to the small discount store around the corner – almost every store has a display with folding cards for various occasions. In addition to birthday wishes, wedding and funeral cards, customers will also find a selection of greeting cards for births. The assortment is limited, but most of the time there are copies that meet your personal taste. In addition, the costs are manageable.