It is often difficult for parents to always know exactly what their children are doing online in an ever-changing digital landscape. For this reason we have written this guide. We’ll explain what Instagram even is, give you tips on how to start a conversation with your child, and introduce you to some of the tools we’re using to keep your child safe.

From parents for parents

If you’re reading this, you probably have kids. Surveys have shown that many parents are concerned about their children’s safety on the Internet. We’re parents too, and we work at Instagram – so we take this concern very seriously. In our daily work, we always think of our kids first. Being a parent is a huge responsibility, but at the same time it offers incredible opportunities. But these very opportunities also present us parents with a whole new set of challenges. Our children are the first generation of so-called digital natives, whose lives take place both in the real world and online.

We know the feeling of not knowing exactly what teens are doing online and why they spend so much time on their phones. It often seems like teens post photos and videos without thinking about it. But in reality, many of them think very carefully about what they share online. Because we ourselves have yet to come to terms with all the innovations, we are often unsure how to talk openly about them with our children and protect them appropriately. We share these concerns, as do all of the staff at Instagram.

With nesting boxes we can help those birds that depend on caves for breeding. However, there are limits. Nest boxes only help a species if it also has the right habitat and food available to it. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case with our most endangered nest box inhabitants: hanging up nesting aids alone is hardly enough to save Little Owls, Hoopoes and Wrynecks. On the other hand, we can encourage the tits and a few other species, especially where the natural supply of caves is scarce. Well-built nest boxes also enable above-average breeding success.

Where can nesting aids be placed?

  • in gardens
  • on facades
  • in orchards and parks
  • in forests
  • at the edge of wetlands

How many nesting aids are useful?

The number of nesting boxes depends on this,

  • how many birds of cavity-nesting species can find food and shelter in the area in question. The leaflet "Bird-friendly garden" shows how to improve the surroundings of one’s own house in this respect. It is available from the Swiss Ornithological Institute and BirdLife Switzerland.
  • which species you want to promote: the larger they are, the more space each breeding pair needs. The more similar the different species use their habitat, the more likely it is that fights will occur in a confined space, z.B. for closely related tit species. Therefore, the following rule of thumb applies: the more different the hole sizes of the suspended nest boxes are, the more bird species come into question as users and the more nest boxes make sense.

Use the following numbers as a guide:

In this post, you’ll learn how to create a GIF and how to use it to maximum effect on social media and beyond.

The attention span in the digital age is now said to be well under 8 seconds. As for the newsfeed on Facebook, according to Facebook, it’s even only 2.5 seconds on desktop and 1.7 seconds on smartphone. So, to stand out, you need creative strategies that capture the fleeting user’s eye. What moves is more likely to stand out. For example, a well-done GIF. And it’s not that complicated.

If you want to take your social media strategy to a complete level and express what you really mean online, you simply must know how to create a GIF. With GIFs, you can create ads that really catch the eye, or increase engagement with your followers by quoting familiar pop culture motifs.

The first impression counts – This sentence triggers concerns among many people starting out on their careers. Because of inexperience, some young professionals choose the wrong outfit. This remains in the mind of colleagues and especially the management in the long run. In a fraction of a second, people will analyze you, try to classify you and make a judgment about you. This is a natural mechanism of the brain to distinguish between friend and foe. When our instincts and drives still contributed to the continuation of the human race, this quick categorization was necessary for survival.
Now you are certainly asking yourself the question of how you will succeed on your first day at your new job. And preferably, which faux pas should not be made in the choice of clothing.

Before the first day – consult

If you are not entering a profession such as bank clerk, insurance clerk or lawyer, you may not be aware whether a suit is compulsory in the office. However, this can be easily found out by first looking at how your interview partners dress during your job interview. Do the people opposite wear a suit and tie or is a loose shirt with jeans and fine shoes enough??

If you meet different characters whose dress style cannot be unified, there is always the possibility of consultation. No one will be angry with you if, after you have accepted your first employment, you find out what clothing is desired. This shows that you have put some thought into it and want to represent the company in the best way possible.

Long hair for men: Does it suit everyone?? Depends on the guy who wears it. And how he styles and cares for them. How to make it an eye-catcher.

After beards have grown in length in recent years and baldness has long been in, it is now the turn of the main hair. Here’s the good news: long hair has long since become socially acceptable among men. And yet it is not done with pure waxing of men’s hair. So that the look really looks good, the gentlemen of creation must style and maintain their men’s hairstyles well. This is where the know-how comes in:

Long hair for men: the ultimate guide

In this article I will give you the answer to this question.

Some time has passed since the end of the relationship with your ex(s). You really want to win him/her back. But now you have the feeling that any hope for a reunion has been dashed. The thought that you might have lost the love of your life forever hurts a lot. Still, you don’t want to give up and wonder if love can come back after a breakup. In this article I will answer this question.

Table of Contents

  1. Can love come back after breakup?
  2. What are the reasons for the lost love??
  1. Intimacy
  2. Trust
  3. The feeling of being loved by the other person
  1. Introduce the no contact rule
  2. Overcome your heartbreak
  3. Work on yourself and your goals
  4. Present the new you to your ex(s).

Can love come back after breakup

Can love come back after a breakup?

The question can be answered relatively simply and quickly: Yes, love can come back. However, for this you need to put a lot of work and change some things in your life and in yourself . Moreover, no one can guarantee you that your ex(s) will fall in love with you again. In your common past he/she has gathered some bad experiences with you and stored them firmly. So you can’t hope that your ex(s) will come back to you on their own someday. You need to take action yourself and erase those negative emotions towards you and replace them with positive ones.

I am excited about everyman 2021

Right away, I didn’t even want to go to an Everyman performance this year. I was two years ago, and before that also several times. The topic is so to speak very familiar to me. And no I do not know the text by heart yet.

Ensemble at the press conference

Then I had the really great opportunity to take part in the Jedermann press conference before the festival started. Almost the entire ensemble was on hand and many of the actors also had their say. The Everyman does not only consist of Everyman and Buhlschaft, even if this may seem to the outside by the numerous press articles in such a way.

A mind map shows the relationships between different concepts in a graphical representation (associogram). To make such a mind map, one can use computer programs. On the one hand the representation is simpler and on the other hand you can change/extend it at any time as you like.

Following is an overview of which programs can be used for mind mapping under Ubuntu.



FreeMind&& creates automatically ordered mind maps with symbols, pictures and links. It is also possible to connect several nodes. Maps created by Freemind look best in comparison with the other programs listed here, which sometimes display the connecting lines in a very pixelated way. With Freeplane (see next section) there is a more up-to-date version.

Build muscle and lose fat at the same time? Yes it is possible, if ..

Would you like to lose a few kg of fat? But also gain some muscle?

As a man maybe still so 5-10 kg muscle build up. As a woman, tone and shape your body at the same time (and gain a few more kilos of muscle).

Twice as many twins were born last year as in 1977. Many suspect artificial reproduction methods behind this rise. But these are only partly responsible for an increase in the number of twin births, because overall only slightly more than 15 percent of the parents of twins owe their children to the test tube. Nevertheless, at just under 40 percent, a not inconsiderable proportion of pregnancies induced by artificial insemination result in twin births. In the following this will be examined in more detail.

Artificial insemination: what is the probability of twins??

When pregnancy is possible only with medical assistance

In 2015, according to the German IVF Registry (D-I-R), e. V. 57.998 women treated in the course of artificial insemination. More than 2.5 percent of the children born alive (a total of 9.140 children) in 2014 after a so-called extracorporeal fertilization, Fertilization outside the body, born. This means that statistically in a large class at least one child was born due to artificial insemination.