Leo zodiac sign character traits. The zodiac sign of Leo is from July 23. In English also called Leo. You can book with her your own personal Astro Reading for the year. With the code 'MATCHAMORNINGS11' you get 11% discount

Characteristics of the zodiac sign Leo. The zodiac sign Leo is from 23. July. In English also called Leo.
You can book your personal Astro Reading for the year with her. With the code "MATCHAMORNINGS11" you get a discount of 11%.

The emotional Cancer time is over and we start 4 weeks full of pure creation and strength, love, warmth and an extra portion of joie de vivre!

I have always flirted with SSDs and even installed some in my computers, but was not always satisfied with the results.

When I got the opportunity to test Dietmar’s course as a beta tester, I immediately jumped at it. Only now my systems got hand and foot and also the much talked about speed increase – especially at booting – finally became reality. Of course, questions also came up because Windows is a complex system too.

Dietmar was able to answer each of these questions so clearly and unambiguously in a very short time that I was able to set everything up correctly. Its depth of penetration of the SSD matter is simply awesome. I would never have been able to do all this on my own.

Thank you card

With comforting words, close relatives and loved ones thank all mourners for their support during this difficult time. Gladly in thank-you notes also over the appreciation and allowances of all kinds, thanked. This can be monetary donations, flowers or simply a silent handshake.

How to write a thank you note and what to look for, you can read here with us. Our Templates and text examples for thank you notes you are welcome to individually adapt to their needs.

When things have to be done quickly and there is no time to cook, many people like to use frozen foods. Reheated briefly, a tasty meal can be prepared quickly. Some prepare several meals at the same time on the weekend and freeze them in portions. But how long is the shelf life of frozen food and when should it be disposed of??

Whether meat, fish, vegetables or bread Many people think that frozen food can be kept forever. But this is not true. How long you should freeze food depends mainly on the amount of fat it contains.

In any case, it is important that the freezer compartment is cold enough: it should be at least -18 degrees. But even then the shelf life is very different, because residual oxygen remaining in the package contributes to the fact that despite the low temperatures slowed degradation processes take place and especially fats can become rancid. What this means in detail?

You are supposed to write a business e-mail in American, for example to a US colleague – and are now asking yourself: How do I do this "correctly"? Which rules apply? What can I do not to sound rude? And which abbreviations are often used in e-mails?


A simple overview of the most important words and phrases that you should know if you deal with Americans frequently!

If your PC feels like it’s running slower than it should, you may need more RAM. A RAM upgrade is a great way to make your PC more powerful, especially if you don’t have enough of it. Here we show you how to install RAM and optimize your PC with a special performance booster.

Get it for Android, Mac

Get it for Mac, Android

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  • Created: February 20, 2020
  • Updated: August 6, 2021

Often the same question is asked in different ways: How to copy a hard drive, how to clone one hard drive to another, how to clone a hard drive to SSD, how to clone a hard drive in Windows 7 / 10, etc. As you have noticed, copying the contents of a computer drive is called "cloning". This is just the way it is, and there is no need to delve into the semantics of the term.

Basically, hard disk cloning is a sector-by-sector transfer of data from one medium to another. The result is an exact copy of the original data carrier. For this, there are dozens of paid and free programs, also known as disk cloning software , also known as disk imaging software. These include both universal (any HDD, SSD) and specific, for example, for certain brand drives, for example, Samsung or Western Digital. The latter can also be operating system specific, file system specific, to be installed or portable.

With a Google Maps listing you optimize your online visibility for your business. The entry is free and can be created within a few minutes. This will allow you to optimize your online presence in a targeted way. Your company will thus additionally appear in Google search for suitable local search queries. you do not need your own website for this.

How can I list my company on Google?

For your business to appear on Google Maps, they need a free Google account.

The sperm quality of men has been decreasing for years. 9 out of 10 men who have their sperm tested have poor values. But how do you actually measure sperm quality?

What does good or bad sperm quality actually mean?

Semen consists of seminal plasma and sperm cells. The sperm cell can fertilize the female egg. Both components of the sperm must be of good quality, i.e. healthy, in order to be fertilizable. Sperm quality is determined by the consistency and motility of the sperm, and there must also be enough nutrients in the sperm to ensure its energy supply.

Several factors play a role in measuring the quality of semen: the Quantity of sperm cells, their Mobility and the Number of normally formed cells. It is normal that some cells are just not normally formed – and it usually does not even matter that they exist. These cells usually do not reach the egg cell at all. Up to a quarter of the sperm cells may be dead, which is still within the limits.

Being mobile with the baby – that’s what all parents want. The prerequisite is that you have everything at hand for diapering on the go. Of course, this includes the usual changing utensils such as diapers, wet wipes and Co. You can do especially well in a practical diaper bag transport. But it’s not just them: There’s room for baby food, a change of clothes and toys, too. In a diaper bag, you can store all the accessories for your baby comfortably and clearly arranged. But what is really important and must be absolutely always there? Here you can download an overview and a packing list for newborns and toddlers.


Changing babies on the go: How do I find a suitable changing place??

Are you just out on the town with your honey? In many cafes you will find a Changing table in the ladies toilet. Some cafes even offer free diapers and wet wipes. Even in large department stores you can actually always find one by the toilets Changing table or even a separate Diaper changing room. Here you can put your little darling Relaxed wrap, almost like at home.