For years in World of Warcraft there are always the accusation that the game has become too simple. Everything has been "casualized", all areas of the game are too simple and nothing is really complex anymore for a long time. But is that really so? I, Cortyn from MeinMMO, don’t believe it. This can best be seen when watching brand new players. But let me explain ..

Thanks to the current Corona situation, many of my friends have been driven to World of Warcraft. Most of them are returnees, but there are a few newcomers as well. It took just such a newbie to show me how confusing and complicated the game world has actually become over the years. It is an almost impenetrable jungle of quests, mechanics and systems that present complete chaos to newcomers.

WoW no Corona Elysium title

Success starts with your application!

For many people applying is a tedious process. There is a lot of ambiguity and uncertainty surrounding. Understandable!
Because writing an application doesn’t happen every day. Maybe you are facing the challenge of writing your first job application? Or you are already in your professional life and want to finally look for a better job?! There are various reasons for applying. At the end of the day, the question always remains: How do I write an application? How to start and what is important?


On this page I want to give you clarity and the best tips around the topic of application. Precise and easily explained! You will learn what is important for a Application really arrives at what Unsolicited application good is whether a Cover page In your application is useful and how the perfect application looks.

Hurricane "Florence": 31 fatalities in the southeastern USA

The waters have flooded several places, like Lumberton in North Carolina here.


Tropical storm "Florence" has caused heavy storm surges and extreme rainfall on the East Coast of the U.S. There are several fatalities.

A wooden terrace is not only chic, but also brings comfort to the garden. Learn how to build a wooden deck yourself with this practical guide.

Wooden terrace

A homely wooden terrace can be built by yourself with a little skill

create homepage

This guide to creating a homepage deals with the conception and construction of a homepage of one’s own. He is suitable for beginners in the subject as well as for advanced learners, who already have a homepage and would like to check the correct orientation of their page. The tips presented here can be applied both to a company homepage and to the creation of a private homepage.
At the end of this guide you will have the basics to independently create a clearly structured homepage without having read thick books about programming languages beforehand.

  • No prior knowledge is necessary.

If you want to build quickly, cheaply and without a bottleneck (z.B. an agency) want to create your own homepage, this is the right starting point for you. Let’s now start to make your homepage a reality.
The contents of the guide are divided into the following points, which can be accessed and read directly by clicking on them:

permanent make-up eyeliner cost

Eyeliner can be used to visually thicken the eyelashes, making the eyes look bigger and more expressive. The fine, colored line is not so easy to apply cleanly. In addition, the mostly waterproof products are difficult to remove and do not forgive any mistakes. This is probably one of the reasons why eyeliner is one of the classics of permanent make-up. The cost check expert knows how much you have to spend for this.

What are the costs of this beauty treatment?

Cost check: Thanks to modern techniques, the permanently drawn eyelid line looks very natural and no longer has anything in common with the dark, wide eyelid lines of the nineties. Since permanent make-up requires a lot of experience, the small procedure is not quite cheap. We have listed the costs you should expect in the following table:

"Klaas is political, likes trash television and knows about it, but has no idea about soccer." – These are three important pieces of information that 30-year-old Jan Horst needed for his job as a TV writer at Late Night Berlin must know. Because his job is "to make it as easy as possible for Klaas to deliver a great show." Instead, he thinks up suitable jokes for the show and for host Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, writes texts, works with trades and gives stage directions.

Jan Horst completed his bachelor’s degree in media studies at the University of Tubingen in 2016. However, it wasn’t clear to him from the start that he was right for the media industry. Coming to the University of Tubingen in 2011, at first he didn’t know at all what he wanted to do. Through his love of music – he played the guitar himself – it was clear to him that creativity was slumbering in him, but he did not know how to channel it. He then initially decided to study rhetoric, mainly because it "sounds kind of good" and there was no NC, he notes with a laugh. However, his lack of Latin, which is a prerequisite for studying rhetoric, became his undoing after a year: "I wasn’t lazy, but I put all my power into other things than Latin.". After this year, he changed to media science: "By chance and a lot of luck I slipped in there", because Jan Horst was first on the waiting list after his application: on place 230. He speaks in this context of "fate", through which he then still got a place at university. Only then, through his studies, did he find out what his strengths were. Through the many opportunities in college to try things out, like producing a broadcast, writing for commercials or television, and also through his internship at SWR Late Night and his cooperation with Cross-country, he realized that he could write and, above all, that in the profession of a writer for comedy formats, writing can be combined with humor.
So it was also clear to Jan Horst that he did not want to follow up with a master’s degree after his bachelor’s degree, because an academic career was and is not for him: he wants to work, be creative and go his own way. A master’s degree would only have "wasted his time".

"Kissed by Luck": Editor at ZDF

In February 2016, at the age of 26, Jan Horst had his bachelor’s degree in his hand and was initially at a loss as to what to do with it. However, he had an interview just two weeks later and had moved to Mainz four weeks after that.
At this point ARD and ZDF a new offer, namely RADIO, started: "That ZDF Was looking for someone who is comedyaffin and would like to work with a young production company for a sketch format ". For Jan Horst, it was clear that he really wanted to get this job. Although the normal application period was already over, he still managed to get an interview as a latecomer: "I felt like I was in court because so many people were there and I was the one who had to report". Jan Horst received an acceptance letter: "It was an incredible opportunity for me to be part of something like this, right from the start. But I just stumbled into it: well, then I am now a ZDF editor."
As editor, Jan Horst was responsible for the Sketch Channel Good Work Originals responsible. In the process, he checked the texts of the authors of the bildundtonfabrik on its content and whether it met the ZDF specifications. "In a way, I was always the seal of quality and had the responsibility to make sure that the content was good enough." It took self-confidence and courage to push through a good idea – as opposed to a slightly worse one. However, Jan Horst was not able to use his talent for creative and humorous writing in this job – and he lacked it.

In more than five years companies have well over 50 professional Let create homepages. On this page you will learn how web projects work and what you as a client should pay attention to, so that the relaunch of your new company website a success becomes.

If you’re in charge of marketing and the website, the following content is a good guide to get you safely through your next web project.

Table of contents

1. Have your homepage created: In 5 phases to the company homepage

Many companies that want a new Have your homepage created, access to the professional support of a Agency or one Freelancers back.

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It wasn’t all that long ago that newborn babies weren’t trusted with too much. Now, however, the Prenatal psychology impressive evidence: Already in the womb, the baby gets more than you thought before. And what it learns in the nine months has a great impact on its life .

Cries of pain, one last push, then the baby lies on mommy’s tummy. Blissfully, with tears of joy in her eyes, she presses her child against her. Immediate physical contact, time for cuddling and breastfeeding – under such perfect conditions, the much-cited "bonding" explained in every pregnancy book can take place After birth, the foundation for perfect mother-child bonding can be laid.

intuition gut feeling follow your heart

Following your intuition also means living and deciding from your heart. The higher self talks to us through the heart. It speaks to us in the form of feelings, inspirations, impulses and premonitions. Your conscious mind likes to try to get in the way or suppress your subconscious intuitive wisdom. Take care from today on that your conscious, doubting, arguing mind clears the way for your intuition and learn to listen more to your heart. Even if you may not believe it, your intuition always shows you the right way!