Earning money online is probably the dream of everyone who wants to live a location-independent life. I have been earning money online for three years now and sometimes I still can’t believe the freedom I have created for myself.

In line with this, dear Sven from Bloggiraffe invited me to participate in his blogparade on the topic of "Making Money on the Internet 2021" and of course I’m happy to join in.

In this article you will learn why I think 2021 is the perfect time to start your online business, what are the advantages of making money online, what are the first steps you need to take and much more… I wish you a lot of fun. ?

Calendar entry with Pay Day

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Depending on who you ask and how you calculate, the difference is smaller or bigger – figures for Europe and a surprise from Switzerland.

Mit Tiktok lässt sich sehr viel Geld verdienen - wir zeigen wie

The video platform Tiktok is one of the most used social networks at the moment, along with Instagram, Snapchat and co. Just recently, Tiktok reported to have over 1 billion active users. High-reach Tiktokers have long since stopped sharing their video clips just for entertainment, but also earn sometimes considerable income with them. And the good news here is that once you have a large and loyal fan base, you can make money from it in much the same way. How this works and how much money you can earn on average with Tiktok, this guide shows you.

How much money do you earn with Tiktok?

The amount of potential Tiktok income depends on which money sources you use and how high your reach is. Unlike Instagram, the Tiktok algorithm is far more powerful and – with appropriately good content and targeted marketing strategies – can make you famous in just a few days. To give you some concrete numbers: According to NBC News, a tiktoker with around 5 million followers earns between $5,000 and $8,000 for a sponsored post. In German-speaking countries, however, the sales margin can vary. Also, keep in mind that international (i.e. English-speaking) accounts are usually more in demand.

Actors are also only humans. And as such, they – like all of us – have to see where they stay. Families need to be fed, bills need to be paid. You can hardly blame them if they take jobs now and then to fill their pockets. It would be naive to believe that all Hollywood stars are so noble that only the artistic aspect counts for them and the financial aspect takes a back seat. Even the greatest of them are not immune to resist the temptations of fast money. When the studios start waving the dollar bills and you don’t have to do much for it.

Most actors would probably never admit that they got involved in a film they would otherwise have categorically refused to do just for the sake of the appealing fee. Some however already. You stand by it and apparently don’t have too bad a conscience. Why also? It is their right to earn (disproportionate) money with their work. We have picked out the most famous examples for you!

Jackie Chan "Rush Hour

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It’s a fact: Money is very important in Switzerland, but people are reluctant to talk about it. Whether you have it or not, whether it’s hidden or obvious, there’s one money question we’re all interested in today: How and where can you best save money in Switzerland??

If you think you are doing everything right by putting your money in a savings account, you are sadly mistaken. We tell you why this is so and where you can better invest your francs in the future.

Swiss are European champions in saving

On average, you earn CHF 6,500 gross per month in Switzerland . An international comparison of countries shows that we are in fourth place and thus do very well – only in Monaco, Liechtenstein or Bermuda do people earn better.

This is how you build a racer for tourist trips - Photo: Pixabay.com Toby_Parsons

Motorsport Magazine.com – The Nurburgring is not the only place where privateers without racing licenses can drive their cars. The magic word "tourist trip should be a term of every motor sport enthusiast. But anyone who has ever seen such a weekend spectacle from close up knows also, you would rather not do that with your own first car. Already because heating over a race track is much more stressful for the vehicle. Not to mention the fact that the everyday car is sometimes not very suitable for the racetrack.

So what to do? Perhaps one of ABT refined 500 HP RS3 and use the? Possible safe, but certainly also in higher price spheres settled. Besides, such a ring racer goes also for much narrower money. We show how.

Did you know that the World Savings Day on 29. October to 96. For the first time in 27 countries? For nearly 100 years, people have been saving their money to fulfill their long-term dreams. You don’t put anything aside yet? Don’t worry: It’s hard to get started! With my simple money saving tips you will learn to save money sustainably and quickly. Promised!

There are many reasons to save money. Whether it’s your dream vacation in your favorite country, the fear of poverty in old age, or the education of your children: life costs money. If you use your money wisely and save, you get more out of it. But I know myself, all beginning is difficult. My very first salary I have hit on the head. Finally money, finally money for all my wishes. Save money, what for? But at some point I was annoyed when my account was long empty, but the month was still long.

But how only save? I dealt with the topic of saving and looked for small savings potentials – and above all goals – in everyday life. Today I save with reason, but without sacrifice. How I managed it? This is what I tell you with my tips& Tricks.

If you are at a loss for words, just say it with a GIF! Easily create GIFs yourself. We’ll show you how.

Hands holding a smartphone over a desk covered in paints, pens, and brushes

A GIF sometimes says more than a thousand words. Funny, sad or ironic – with the short animations you lend your mood a special touch WhatsApp and Social Networks more expression.

Many of us dream of making money working from home. Some people as a main job, but some people want to earn some money on the side, simply as an extra income.

The good news: In recent years, thanks to digitization, a whole host of new opportunities have emerged for the Earn money opens. If you want to earn money quickly, you probably won’t be happy with a conventional side job. But there are other possibilities, which are of course always associated with a certain risk or require a lot of skill, talent and effort. In any case, the opportunities to earn money from home have improved significantly.

We have for you the 50 best tips collected, how you can earn money offline, but also online, and divide them into different categories. Of course, some of our tips for making money overlap between two or more categories now and then.

Huawei without Google: can be done – but why should I?

Huawei without Google doesn’t really work well in 2022, but at least a little better than before. Does Huawei deserve a medal for this? No! Does the company still sell smartphones for more than 1000 euros? But yes!

I’m currently working on my review of the Huawei P50 Pro, which you can read this weekend. Of course I had to go through the sad ritual of configuring a Huawei smartphone. Since Huawei is still non grata in the US, Huawei’s phones still have to do without Google Mobile Services and Google’s APIs and DRMs. Since the latter is used by many everyday apps, even in 2022 you still have to improvise with Petal Search and the AppGallery.