This is how Turks, Indians and Chinese spend the holidays

Without a tree and presents: This is how other religions celebrate Christmas with us

Frankenberg. In the Frankenberg region, there are many people who have their roots in other cultures and countries. Christmas is not celebrated everywhere there. Here, some of them tell us if and how they celebrate Christmas here in Germany.

A secure password consists of at least eight characters in upper and lower case, special characters and numbers in any order. This is known by most people. Nevertheless, only a few actually consider these criteria when assigning their passwords. IT expert Tobias Heintz from the University of Potsdam reveals why the topic of security is so important when using the Internet – even for you.

How to create a secure password

  • Generate a random combination of letters and numbers.
  • Select a total of at least eight characters as length.
  • Alternate between upper and lower case letters.
  • Names, birth dates, common words or keyboard patterns are not suitable as passwords.
  • Change important passwords regularly.
  • Never store your password digitally without encryption.
  • Always keep your password secret.

Why your password must be strong

Illustration: a fingerprint

Everyone knows the sayings of those who have few qualms about using their online identity: "There’s nothing on me anyway."Or: "My data is of no interest to anyone."

Identity theft and anti-spoofing

The Identity theft on the Internet Has increased significantly in recent years. This refers to the various techniques used to impersonate another person and commit crimes, usually related to money laundering. Although many spoofing attacks occur via email or computer, there are techniques that are less well known to the public and businesses, but are very dangerous. This includes the so-called Facial Spoofing, in which a person’s face is imitated or used to impersonate them, in an attempt to identify their Control systems for biometric facial recognition to outsmart.

The development of technologies and solutions in the field of cybersecurity had the so-called Anti-spoofing as a result. By definition, anti-spoofing is a technique used to detection of identity theft, alerting the relevant authorities or institutions and blocking accesses to protect the rights of users and companies they interact with on a daily basis, such as banks, mobile operators or insurance companies.

GdW chief on K construction subsidies "The minister has admitted that it went stupid"

GdW President Axel Gedaschko Source: Press

GdW President Axel Gedaschko

The German Housing Industry Association (GdW) criticizes a "communication fiasco" after the back and forth about the K funding freeze. Now Economics Minister Robert Habeck has the funding applications processed after all. GdW president Axel Gedaschko already sees the next problem rolling toward environmentally friendly house construction.

The other day, during one of my researches on the Internet, I asked myself the following question: Do you only see anabolic steroids monsters on Youtube?? This led me to the following point: How much muscle building is possible in a natural way??

I admit, this is a provocative thesis. But I once saw for myself in a gym that for many fitness freaks the hurdle to taking anabolic steroids or other banned substances is frighteningly low. Of course, young people in particular run to the studio with the requirement of wanting to look like Chris Hemsworth as Thor or Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. Only results that can be seen are important. Together with the wonderful feeling of invulnerability that you still have at a young age, some then just think to themselves: Nothing will happen. So why work for years when I can achieve the same result in a few months?

To the six pack with anabolic steroids?

Permanent make-up experience

Never get up early again to put on makeup for the day? Always look fresh, whether after getting up or before going to bed?

Admittedly, this sounds very tempting and this possibility is given with a permanent make-up.

Social inequality Is it okay to be rich??

Olaf Scholz (SPD): Most people can probably agree that wealth in itself is not a bad thing

Olaf Scholz (SPD): "Most people can probably agree that wealth in itself is not a bad thing

M. Popov / imago images/Metodi Popov

Earn money with film or video

Film is an ingenious medium. At least until you want to earn money with it. Because in this case it is quickly true: "He who wants the best, must cost the most bitter!".

In this series of articles, Filmpuls takes on all the essential questions that make the difference between financial success and economic failure in the business of film and video.

The fact that St. Nicholas care exists is due to a blind boy, a dedicated pedagogue and a tsar’s daughter. But one after the other .

Under princely wing

1827 Teacher Gottlieb Friedrich Wagner offers "lessons for the blind" for the first time in Stuttgart. At first only for one student, then it becomes more and more children. 20 years later, Olga Nikolaevna, the future queen, writes Wagner a momentous letter. She wants to take his "institution for the blind" under her "special protection. Am 15. October 1856 the time has come: Olga von Wurttemberg opens the "Nikolaus-Pflege fur blinde Kinder" in Forststrabe 18, far away from the city on a garden plot. Named after its father, Tsar Nicholas I. from Russia. Gottlieb Friedrich Wagner, the dedicated educator, but soon fails in his task as head of the institution. Planning, managing, keeping the money together – it overwhelms him. Wagner is henceforth employed only as a teacher and is dismissed in 1857.

Shares are fascinating. Making money with stocks is the dream of many investors. The magic of promising profits and opportunities that come with trading the stock market is appealing. But how much should one invest in shares? And what can investors about the short-term and long-term variant earning money with shares learn? How easy is it to increase the invested capital sustainably and in the long term?? How can private investors profitably profit from professional investors? We give you the answers. Before investing, investors should be aware of the instruments they are trading in. Read again ourOberblick to shares in full length under the slogan: Crashkurs- Understanding stocks in 10 minutes.

Get rich with shares

Getting rich with shares

The term"Getting rich with shares“ is certainly relative. Half-silly advertisements on numerous Internet portals, which promise the fast money and a carefree life by earning money with shares, are not respectable. Nevertheless, you do not have to do without yield and can build up with some simple tips a profitable share portfolio as a side income and cushion for the age. Getting rich with stocks is not necessarily a myth. There are numerous examples of how z.B. To pick Warren Buffett out as one of the prominent examples.