Earn money on the Internet

The Internet now offers numerous opportunities to earn one or the other franc in addition. There are naturally also humans, who draw their entire income in the meantime from sources of income, which developed by the Internet.

We have explored the most common opportunities and listed their advantages and disadvantages:

Costs and environmental protection in the office are by no means contradictory, as long as one does not only consider the pure acquisition costs. Some measures even mean a pure cost saving.

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No matter what your savings goals are, these tips will help you save money faster!

01 October 2021

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How to prevent termination when an employee is dissatisfied?

No company wants to have a reputation for having unhappy employees. Yet it’s not that rare: According to a labor market study by Robert Half, 35% of office professionals surveyed say they are dissatisfied. To prevent termination, employers must evaluate the exact reasons for dissatisfaction and take effective countermeasures in good time. Robert Half personnel expert Jennifer Hartmann reveals how best to do this:

The reasons for dissatisfaction among employees are often home-made

Actually, you were about to go over planning for the next quarter with your top employee – when he informs you that he is quitting. And you are blindsided. When a valuable employee leaves, supervisors often wonder:

Banknotes from the 1923 inflation in Germany.

What does inflation mean?

Inflation occurs when there is more total money in a country than there are goods and commodities.

Church members pay more taxes than others. We tell you how to reduce the additional charges.

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Pray and save

More than half in Germany subject to church taxes

Slightly more than half of the people in Germany are Catholic or Protestant. Financially, this means that you pay church tax on your income. Many members do not know they can reduce these taxes. For example, by applying for a cap on church taxes in some federal states or for a partial waiver after a severance payment from their former employer.

Four former Kommunalkredit managers are accused of embezzlement and accounting fraud; the defendants pleaded "not guilty" at the start of the trial. With a "scapegoat" the prosecutor has compared the actions of the defendants.

The defendants are former board members Reinhard Platzer and Leopold Fischer as well as the former head of treasury and his deputy. You face up to ten years in prison, the presumption of innocence applies. For prosecutor Beatrix Winkler of the Economic and Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, all four defendants are guilty of the crime of breach of trust and the two former board members are also guilty of the crime of accounting fraud.

"The papers had to go off the balance sheet, like the scapegoat in the Bible who was driven out of town laden with sins," the prosecutor drew a biblical comparison. The Kommunalkredit bank is said to have been damaged in this way by six million euros, the attempted damage according to the indictment is 4.5 million euros.

Every company is based on an idea and thus also has a business model per se. In practice, however, the wheat is quickly separated from the chaff. the better business models from the worse ones. The question is therefore: How do you develop a valid business model from an initial idea??

Not only start-ups would do well to spend a lot of time on business model development – this is also a good preliminary stage to the business plan for classic start-ups. We show below how to develop a successful business model in 11 steps.

What makes a successful business model?

An idea is far from enough to build a successful company. It is only the first step. In the second step, a business model should be developed from the idea. The business model outlines the essential factors of the company and thus shows why, with what and how the company will earn money. Accordingly, the most important questions in business model development are:

When was the last time you changed your passwords on social media platforms, the online banking app or your email provider? That was quite a while ago? Then the Change-your-password day on 1. February but the perfect opportunity to tidy up the password jungle and assign new, secure login information again. This is the only way to protect your personal data, but also, for example, your profiles on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Co. best possible protection against unauthorized access.

The ultimate checklist to protect yourself from hackers:

Hackers often have an easy game these days, as many people unfortunately totally underestimate the topic of smartphone security when surfing the Internet. With the following article we would like to change that: We go into potential gateways for cyber criminals and give tips on how you can best protect yourself and your Samsung phone from hacker attacks. With the following measures you can secure your cell phone in the best possible way against unauthorized access:

protection against viruses through firewall and antivirus software

Often this is due to one’s own habits in dealing with money. Just the vague intention to save money is not enough for that. You need a concrete goal and a plan. Learn how to put your goal into action in this section.

To do this, you need to know exactly what your monthly income and expenses are – a budget plan will help you do this. Then you can set a monthly budget for your variable costs and a savings amount. Always put this savings amount into a different account at the beginning of the month.

Challenge yourself and spend no money for a month, except for the necessary living expenses. You put the savings on the high side. Here you will find more challenges to quickly increase your savings amount.