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  • The easiest way to get rid of your old stuff is to go to a second-hand dealer. You get the most money on online marketplaces like Ebay or Hood.
  • Cheap alternatives to Ebay are classified ad sites like Ebay-Kleinanzeigen or Quoka. However, these are mostly designed for self-collection and not for shipping.
  • Unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers among the numerous inquiries and offers. You should follow some basic rules to be safe from rip-offs.
  • Find the right marketplace for your old stuff: Vinted, for example, specializes in second-hand clothing. Fairmondo is ideal for fair trade products.
  • Describe your used items favorably, but always stick to the truth. Many buyers also quickly fall in love with beautiful photos.
  • Insist on cash payment or a secure payment method. Many online marketplaces offer their own payment system for this purpose.

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In the drawers, on attics or in the garages of most Germans slumber treasures. Books, DVDs and electrical appliances have had their day, but not everyone consistently gets rid of their old things. Decluttering has something liberating about it – and can still bring in quite a bit of money. With the right tips you can get rid of your used property at a profit.

If you don’t want to buy a gaming PC from the Internet or an electronics store, you still have the option of assembling a gaming PC yourself. But laymen in particular often have a hard time choosing the right components for it. For this reason, we would like to show in the following article which components are necessary for a self-assembled gaming PC and already provide the appropriate suggestions for the respective components.

In addition to our suggestions, you can also buy gaming PCs with a motherboard

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On 30. January the Golden Bloggers will be awarded again at the Telefonica BASECAMP. Then decide: who are the most important bloggers in Germany, and who has joined Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter made the biggest name? But is this a profession at all? And how do you actually make money with it? These are questions that not only parents ask their offspring, when they hear about their Blogs, Followers, Likes and their career aspirations. We wanted the answers, so we asked the professional bloggers Rebecca Randak by FuckLuckyGoHappy and Claudio Rimmele from iHeartBerlin.

They work both as content creators in the Berlin Blog Factory. It’s a special co-working space where bloggers do their Jobs not with money pay, but with their content. They publish these in a joint online magazine: DailyBreadMag, which is the blog of blogs for everyone Blog Fabricators is. A Meta-Blog so to speak. With this business model, it seems almost logical that the Berlin blogger commune is located in, of all places Kreuzberg has.

In a gaming arena, people follow the e-sports competition on large screens

Player verification for e-sports competitions without smurfs and cheaters

Fully automated online ID verification with AI at GoBIG League

E-Sports competitions – the challenge

In e-sports, too, the basic idea of sporting competition is the guiding principle: fairness, respect and fun for all participants. However, if one does not compete face to face as in classic "offline" sports, but instead competes against others online as an e-sports player with a user profile, negative incentives can arise that are unknown in the analog sports world. So it always comes to smurfing: A player creates additional accounts with which he plays "undetected" against unsuspecting people, to whom he is superior and who are humiliated in unfair competition. Or team success is gone if the smurfer steps out of line, but has no consequences to fear, as it is a virtual profile, but the person behind it is not tangible. Multi-accounts are also used not only for smurfing, but also for cheating, the cheating with technological hacks.

The GoBIG League, the official partner of the Gaming platform FACEIT in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) for the DACH region, explicitly speaks out against unsportsmanlike conduct in its Code of Conduct – and has also looked for a technological solution wanted to create a community free of smurfs and cheaters.

It can take months before the first rubles start rolling in. Nevertheless, consistency and perseverance are worthwhile, because once the first successes are achieved, the motivation also increases.

The tips described here are proven to work and help you make more money.

Earn money online fast?!

Not in a legal way for sure. Every job needs a certain amount of experience, which you learn to do. Making money online quickly can be done with sports betting or as an online broker, but again, you need some prior knowledge beforehand. With both methods, the risk is high and the danger of losing everything is high.

Earn money on the Internet

The Internet now offers numerous opportunities to earn one or the other franc in addition. There are naturally also humans, who draw their entire income in the meantime from sources of income, which developed by the Internet.

We have explored the most common opportunities and listed their advantages and disadvantages:

Costs and environmental protection in the office are by no means contradictory, as long as one does not only consider the pure acquisition costs. Some measures even mean a pure cost saving.

Laptop on lawn

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No matter what your savings goals are, these tips will help you save money faster!

01 October 2021

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How to prevent termination when an employee is dissatisfied?

No company wants to have a reputation for having unhappy employees. Yet it’s not that rare: According to a labor market study by Robert Half, 35% of office professionals surveyed say they are dissatisfied. To prevent termination, employers must evaluate the exact reasons for dissatisfaction and take effective countermeasures in good time. Robert Half personnel expert Jennifer Hartmann reveals how best to do this:

The reasons for dissatisfaction among employees are often home-made

Actually, you were about to go over planning for the next quarter with your top employee – when he informs you that he is quitting. And you are blindsided. When a valuable employee leaves, supervisors often wonder:

Banknotes from the 1923 inflation in Germany.

What does inflation mean?

Inflation occurs when there is more total money in a country than there are goods and commodities.