In Germany, around 700.000 people over the age of 15 are doing without a checking account. Socially disadvantaged people in particular are often denied the opportunity to set up an account for everyone by the banks. The reasons: no or low income, the receipt of social benefits such as Hartz IV, Schufa entries, indebtedness, etc.. But with that since 19. June 2016 end. Due to the Payment Account Act, every German bank is legally obligated to open a current account on a credit basis for every citizen.

The new basic account for everyone

In order to avert a legal regulation, the Central Credit Committee (ZKA) decided in 1995 that banks would set up a checking account for "everyone. This "Everyman account," also called a "citizen account" or "basic account," will exclusively on credit basis (credit account), but otherwise offers all the possibilities of a conventional checking account.

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Is nicotine harmful? Do I gain weight after quitting smoking? Will I become addicted to nicotine substitutes?? There is a lot of uncertainty about nicotine, smoking cessation and nicotine replacement therapy. Since quitting is hard enough, we’d rather offer you facts than myths.

Reducing cigarette use has high health benefits

Right and wrong!

Many smokers overestimate the health benefits of reducing their cigarette consumption. Therefore, they try to reduce their tobacco use rather than quit smoking completely. The fact is that reduction increases the likelihood of quitting smoking completely in the long run. However, smoking, whether 3 or 15 cigarettes, is harmful to humans. Unlike smoking cessation, reduction does not show a reduction in mortality risk.

For a few years now, with overnight money, time deposits and the like. A downward trend can be seen. Example of call money: Currently, even the top providers in the market are only offering just over 1 percent. At many banks, interest rates tend to languish in the 0.0 to 0.1 percent range.

Although there has been only slight inflation for several years, the rates of price increase are higher than the average interest rates on savings, so that the money invested in this way loses value every month. This real loss of value is in fact already a negative interest rate.

Master violinist Renaud Capucon brings new sparkle to the Gstaad "Sommets Musicaux" – and plays two violin concertos by a black man.

Renaud Capucon sometimes gives impetus to the Orchestre de Chambre de Lausanne in unconventional ways

Renaud Capucon sometimes gives impetus to the Orchestre de Chambre de Lausanne in unconventional ways.

Only ten years ago, the short concerts at the "Sommets Musicaux" in Gstaad were mocked as being only a prelude to the dinner afterwards. Today, after 80 minutes of concert, one can move on to the party without dramaturgical concerns. After the Covid years, short programs played without breaks are normal, only the hard-boiled generation of over 65 mourns the concerts lasting over 120 minutes.

To help each child to feel and understand his feelings; to learn how to be happy.

To be prepared

Study prayerfully Luke 15:11-32.

a laughing and pouting face (see the example at the end of the lesson)

The changed traffic routing for bicycle traffic between the junctions Rubenkoppel and Zum Gartenbrook was the reason for a control of cyclists by police officers of the 3. Police station last Friday. Due to an established construction site, this area of Brandenbaumer Landstrabe is reserved exclusively for pedestrians until the end of the construction work.

Despite appropriate signage and a designated detour for bicycle traffic via the streets Rubenkoppel, Sandkrugskoppel and the street Zum Gartenbrook, 50 cyclists were controlled in the afternoon, who rode on the sidewalk in violation of the ban. After a clarifying conversation, the police officers left it at that day with verbal warnings. Due to the structural conditions, joint use of the area by pedestrians and cyclists is not possible and poses dangers. For this reason the controls are continued. Violations are then punished with a warning fine of 25 euros.

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When it comes to emigrating to Thailand, probably the most written about money needed to live is on the Internet. Is it nevertheless surely for many also the Pudels core, if it concerns the feasibility of the own life dream? Thailand is cheap, but if it is really the case that you can’t afford it, you should accept it. Should, should many, but these do not believe in objective facts and prefer to live a nightmare.

My name is Matt Abold and I live since 2009 as a white foreigner in the Baan Metawi, in Chumphon, Thailand. I write about Emigrate and Winterize and often combine my posts with social and economic policy issues comparing Thailand with Germany and Europe in my column: Zeitgeist criticism.

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Max was already incredibly industrious. He has already written cards for Christmas without end. Max is a 13-year-old boy from London, the capital of Great Britain.

Max has written lots of Christmas cards. Photo: Inga Radel

He has grandparents in Baden-Wurttemberg. That’s why he knows Christmas at home – and in Great Britain. What the most important differences are, the student tells in an interview with dpa news for children.