It may be rare, but lucky lottery players can always enjoy an unexpected windfall. Sometimes the winnings cover only the stakes of the last week, sometimes the money is enough for a new car and now and then it can be even much more. Read how to invest your winnings most sensibly.

Keeping calm

Almost immediately after winning the lottery, the important question arises of how best to invest the lottery winnings. Experts advise to keep above all calm in such cases. Anyone who immediately rushes into investments or purchases that are difficult to keep track of may quickly lose their money. It is better to put the winnings first in a call money account. Thus one secures solid interest and comes at any time to its money.

Shares and share funds: Security and solid yields

If the winnings are initially "parked" in a call money account, the lottery player gains time and can obtain sufficient advice on suitable forms of investment. Financial experts recommend a broad diversification, i.e. always dividing the amount and investing it in different assets. This minimizes the risk of losing everything at once.

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In Germany, every child is entitled to child benefit from birth until the age of 18. If the child is not entitled to child benefit before the age of. Child benefit is also paid beyond this under certain conditions. However, the 25. The age limit for the right to child benefit is the age of majority.

Reading tipHere you can find out everything about the procedure, necessary documents and deadlines for applying for child support.

How much child benefit do you get?

Since 1. As of January 2021, parents will receive €219 per month for their first and second child, €225 per month for their third child, and €250 per month for the fourth and subsequent children.

90.000 dollars per post Can you earn money with TikTok?

This is how TikTokers make their money. Photo: Mehaniq /

TikTok is now one of the most popular and successful apps in the world. Around 800 million people currently use the app. For a long time now, these are no longer just dance and music videos, but also action clips, tutorials and comedy. But do the TikTok creators earn money with it?? Yes!

4 methods to earn money with TikTok

There are 4 methods how the TikTok creators can earn money with their short videos:

2038 – by which time at the latest Germany wants to phase out coal power. Climate activists say: much too late. The greenhouse gas emissions they cause are too environmentally damaging. But the coal industry thinks it’s not all that bad. Coal is a great energy source: it’s cheap and reliable. But what’s really behind the excitement for and against coal power?

1. How coal-fired power plants work

When you plug your cell phone charger into the wall, the equivalent of 30% of the electricity that goes into your cell phone comes from a coal-fired power plant. By comparison, wind power accounts for 24% and natural gas for ten percent of the electricity generated in Germany.[1] In order to understand the debate about coal-fired power, let’s first take a look at the path from pure coal to the power socket. Whether lignite or hard coal – we’ll explain the differences in a moment.

Huge power plants, thick clouds of smoke, holes in the landscape. There are 111 active coal-fired power plants in Germany.[2] Depending on the type of coal, it is mined in different places. Hard coal is mined underground, i.e. under the earth. The last German hard coal mines went out of operation in 2018.[3] Since then, Germany has been importing its hard coal in large quantities, which amounted to more than 55 million tons in 2015.[4] Hard coal-fired power plants exist mainly in the old German states.[5]

To ensure that a debtor’s subsistence minimum is secured even in the event of an ongoing private insolvency or wage and salary garnishments, the legislator has set garnishment exemption limits in the event of private insolvency or wage and salary garnishments.

Do you want to learn more about the 2019 garnishment table?

The garnishment exemption table determines the amount of garnishable income and provides information about how much money a debtor is allowed to keep during the period of insolvency or wage garnishment.

You want it to be quick, easy and as uncomplicated as possible Save money? Then this article will help you.

Saving money makes sense, because if you want to be wealthy it is necessary to handle money properly and to save some of it.

Whether you are an apprentice, student, employee or self-employed. Everyone will be able to find one or the other tip for his situation here.

Gifts are not only given at Christmas and on birthdays. Rich families in particular use the instrument to pass on their wealth to the next generation tax-free

Gifts are given on many occasions – whether it is a birthday, Christmas or a wedding anniversary. The basic idea is first of all to give the presentee a pleasure. But legally speaking, that is not all. "From a legal perspective, making a gift is more than just a gesture of making someone happy," explains Constantin von Piechowski, lawyer from Hamburg. Lawyers define a gift as a donation by which someone enriches another person from his or her own assets. For it the involved ones must agree, so von Piechowski. However, such an agreement can also arise from the circumstances: If you hold your birthday gift beaming with joy in your hands, you have made your will clear without words. However, the reverse is also true: "This also means that you don’t have to accept a gift," says the lawyer. What you need to know about gifts.

When is a gift effective?

"In order for a gift to be legally effective, according to Section 518 (1) of the German Civil Code, a notary must formally certify the gift promise, i.e., the donor’s declaration of intent," says Wolfgang Muller, legal expert at Ideal Versicherung. In practice, however, this is only the case with larger gifts, such as when it comes to the transfer of real estate. For everyday gifts, it is also sufficient if the gift promise coincides with the gift performance. In concrete terms, this means that if the father gives his son the new smartphone with the words "The phone is now yours," the gift is effective. If he only promises the son, on the other hand, the gift is invalid – he may still change his mind.

Quite a few entrepreneurs start their part-time self-employment already at a time when they are still in a permanent employment relationship. After the termination of the main activity bspw. due to insolvency or a dismissal for operational reasons, the part-time job turns out to be a great advantage. The entrepreneur can work alongside his Unemployment benefit I on a solid Allowance fall back, which we want to explain in the following article more near.

In addition, you also get a Overview of other allowances, granted to the self-employed while receiving unemployment benefit I in a part-time job.

When receiving unemployment benefit I, there are various allowances for secondary employment. Image source: andreas160578/

Wrapping money gifts and vouchers originally, ideas

Money gifts and vouchers belong to the classics, with which the presentee can often do more than with a tea set or an artificial plant. But they seem at first glance a little impersonal, because it is only paper with value and not something in which own handiwork has flowed. Here it helps to wrap money gifts and vouchers originally.

A friend’s birthday is coming up or your child has had great success in school? Money and vouchers are a welcome gift in such cases and clearly stand out from classic presents in their usefulness. The only drawback to these is the rather impersonal touch.

From MP3 player retailer to electronics millionaire: This is the "Dutch Jeff Bezos" who now wants to attack Media Markt and Saturn in Germany

Professional photo Klemens Handke

Pieter Zwart is already successful in the Netherlands and Belgium with his retail chain Coolblue. Now the multimillionaire wants to enter the German market and compete with Media Markt and Saturn.

Its success story started with an idea in a cafe. Today Coolblue has an annual turnover of two billion euros.