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Haven’t you always had this desire to be free and independent of an employer and to pull up your life with your own projects? You can earn money online in various ways and even part-time income can be generated.

We live in a networked world in which we can reach people quickly and directly via face chat or send an e-mail to Vietnam or India without complications and, above all, free of charge. And so the internet also offers a wide range of earning possibilities from small earnings to oversized numbers. Building up small earning opportunities on the side can be a very exciting business. And if the income is then enough to live on, one stays true to oneself in this area.

For you! When making a gift, you can not only please your relatives, but also save taxes

If you want to save your close relatives high inheritance taxes, you should think about making a gift during your lifetime. We clarify the most important questions about tax allowances, deadlines and effects on inheritance.

Donate or bequeath? This question moves many with increasing age. In principle, there is much to be said for passing on one’s assets to one’s spouse, children or other close relatives during one’s lifetime. On the one hand, high tax allowances beckon, which can be exhausted several times over if the gifting is started early on. On the other hand, the donor retains the reins in the distribution of his assets and can avoid disputes breaking out among the heirs after his death.

For Rummy (engl.Rummy), there are countless variations in the world, but nowhere are there fixed rules for this game, in contrast to Canasta, for example. Therefore, the following is a description of the basic rules of Rummy, which are most commonly used in Germany. Then the most important variants are presented.

There are 2 – 6 people playing. You need a rummy deck with 2 x 52 cards and six jokers, so 110 cards in total. Often the game is played with only four or two jokers. The dealer deals cards to each player in turn, clockwise, until each player has 13 cards. The rest of the cards are stacked on the table, back side up. The top card of these is turned over and placed face up next to the discard cards, as the first card of the discard pile to be formed later on. The object of the game is to place your cards on the table in certain combinations as soon as possible. A combination must consist of at least three cards, either
a) Cards of the same suit family in gapless order (sequence),
b) cards of the same value of different suits (set).

The sequence within the suits is: Ace – Two – Three – Four – and so on until Ten – Jack – Queen – King – Ace.

Many people have a part-time job in addition to their main job – either for lack of money or simply for a bit of variety or a little extra cash for the vacations. A sideline job can serve the purpose of further education, the realization of a lifelong dream (for example, "turning a hobby into a profession") or simply the financial aspect. But you are allowed to have a side job at all? If so, under what conditions? And which side jobs would be suitable?

Definition: Secondary activity – What is it actually??

If you are in dependent employment, a secondary job means any other employment, with or without pay, which you do in addition to this employment contract. As a rule, the problem of a secondary job is that it must be approved by the main employer. The side job itself can also be in salaried form, but is also possible as self-employment, for example by registering a business. In special cases, a side job also arises as a second employment relationship with the actual main employer.

The possible income from the secondary activity must be taxed properly in addition to the main income. This remuneration is colloquially referred to as additional income or extra income. However, voluntary or unpaid work is also considered a sideline job. This means that it is subject to the same legal regulations as paid secondary employment – in whatever form.

photoTAN is the secure and convenient solution for online banking. Whether mobile or on the computer – with photoTAN, it’s child’s play to release transactions.

The new push function is particularly practical for anyone who does their banking on the computer or goes on a mobile shopping spree. With the push function, you receive a notification on your smartphone as soon as a transaction is available for you. And you confirm the order without scanning a graphic and manually entering the TAN. It couldn’t be faster or easier.

You don’t have a smartphone? Simply order a photoTAN reader.

The reasons why clients of a detective agency need to recover individuals can be highly diverse and varied.

In the vast majority of cases where a detective is hired to find a person again, it is about the dear money. In most cases someone has "disappeared" and left behind a number of debts.

Detectives help you to find persons again

The highest lottery win ever in Germany has been cracked: 42.5 million! But what now? Lutz Trabalski advises the new millionaires. And warns.

Suddenly lottery millionaire. And then?

The train of millionaires. They all strode over these red marble steps in Lotto Berlin’s headquarters: the worried East Berlin pensioner whose biggest worry was whether, as a millionaire, he would still be allowed to be a guest at Volkssolidaritat, the four female colleagues in a state of exceptional alcoholism who wanted to know whether the champagne had already been chilled, the two catering brothers who first wanted to buy new pots with their millions, the woman with the Ruhr accent who kept asking: "Mr. Trabalski, you’re not kidding, are you?? Tell me this isn’t fun!" And many, many others.

finanzgo magic hexagon

In German economic policy, there are a number of complex structures that serve to make the economy as stable and crisis-proof as possible in the long term. In this context, the Magic Hexagon defines certain goals to be achieved by economic policy. The government’s economic measures are based on this foundation.

Magic Hexagon: The History of its Origin

An origin finds a magic hexagon in the Stability Law, which is valid since 1967. The law came into being against the backdrop of the first economic downturn in Germany after the Second World War. Up to this point, the government under Chancellor Dr. Ludwig Erhard government intervention in the economy largely rejected. However, an increasingly tense federal budget situation eventually led to Ludwig Erhard’s resignation. The new Chancellor, Kurt Georg Kiesinger, together with his Federal Minister of Economics, Dr. Karl Schiller to bring about a turnaround in economic policy. A series of economic stimulus programs and the Stability Act were intended to put an end to the economic crisis and state leadership that had persisted for several years.

How do I create an online shop? What do I have to pay attention to? 10 years ago I asked myself this. The store I founded in the middle of the last economic crisis and launched in 2010 from my parents’ basement now has a seven-figure turnover. This year we are celebrating 10 years of store anniversary and have more than 50.000 satisfied customers.

If you are currently dealing with the topic of creating an online store, your back may be against the wall. The Corona crisis has drastic consequences for everyone, especially for local retailers. Having your own online store makes you independent and provides an additional source of revenue.

In this article I present 10 points that you should definitely consider when creating an online store.

§ 6a PAngV repr. Ex.: Eff. Annual interest rate 4.62%, paid. Debit interest 3.90% p.a., Net credit amount 10.000 €, term 4 years, commission one-time 1,25% of the net loan amount. Credit rating required. Loan broker: GIROMATCH GmbH

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