Tips and tricks for economical driving

Saving money when refueling: One mistake costs almost every motorist money

02.02.2022 updated: 13:44

Record fuel prices make life difficult for motorists. There are tips on how to save money.

Recently, the owners of consoles are increasingly faced with the question of where to get money for all the new items that you want to play. Discs are getting more expensive and interesting games are released quite often, so playing on Xbox from a flash drive can be one of the ideal solutions. Unfortunately, to run the game from a USB drive, you need to change the console firmware.

The Xbox 360 Factory Firmware comes with security and regional locking systems that prevent you from playing downloaded games, and can cause problems with discs that are not marked for the region where the console was purchased. Discs distributed in the CIS, for example, do not work with American and Japanese consoles.

To eliminate these inconveniences and be able to play from a flash drive on the Xbox, you must install the Freeboot firmware. It fits all consoles manufactured before 2014, including the XBOX 360 Slim Corona 9.6A. Flash services are offered in most cities. If your console hasn’t been flashed yet, look for a way to do it in your city.

I have yes a few months ago already a contribution about the topic Save money written and told to you -> how we manage to save relatively much money every month . Because on Instagram in the last days so many questions came up to this topic, I would like to go into it today again a little more concretely and show you, how we manage it, on average only ca. 70 – 100 € to spend on our weekly groceries. This article is about the following topics:

  • Our household money
  • You don’t save on food – or do you??
  • discounter vs. Supermarket
  • 7 tips for saving on your weekly shopping
  • Our weekly meal plan
  • 20 family meals for under 5 €

household money

Money is not something to talk about? I do! Why not?! After all, it is an interesting topic. We’ve been spending for a few years now between 70 – 100 € household money per week – so not very much. Our frugality started when we once spent quite a bit of time on a very had to make do with little money and have noticed how much money can be saved by a clever planning can be saved in a relatively short time. It’s basically all a matter of Habit or. the convenience and organization.

Travel by long-distance bus? Of course. Subletting a room with AirBnB? Does nevertheless everyone. Conclude student subscription? Turlich. At university, the best money-saving tips are absorbed like a baby absorbs its mother’s milk. That’s why we’re going one step further and presenting you with the 14 best tips for real savings nerds – sorted from light to hardcore. Try it out!

Current savings tips

Table of contents

Savings tip 1: Google coupons

Shopping in online stores is now as common as going to the bakery. Perfume, protein shakes, mattresses, smartphones, burgers, sushi – everything is available online, and a lot of it is cheaper. With voucher codes, you can deduct one or two euros from the purchase price. But finding them is time-consuming.

Do a quick check for coupons before every purchase – if you develop an automatism from this, you can save time AND money. Portals like or voucher offer themselves. Vouchers are also available for airline tickets, singles exchanges and DSL contracts.

The cost of fossil fuels is rising. But in wake of carbon pricing, low-income households could benefit from climate policies.

A home captured with a thermal imaging camera

Residential building in Stuttgart, shot with a thermal imaging camera Photo: Arnulf Hettrich/imago

Thousands of private households, but also property developers, must now fear for their construction or renovation projects. Although the traffic light coalition of SPD*, FDP* and the Greens* is now looking for a solution, a new program is to create a replacement for the funding. But the exact form is still uncertain. But this is not the only problem for homebuyers. The Handelsblatt names a total of six risks that need to be weighed up.

Buying real estate: rising prices

One consequence of this is that the ratio of rent to purchase price is drifting further and further apart. This can be determined by the so-called multiplier: How many average annual rents must be paid to be able to purchase an apartment? In Munich, this value is 47, which means that a real estate buyer in the state capital must wait 47 years until the investment is compensated by the rental income – without taking into account maintenance costs and taxes. In other major cities, this figure is still at 35.

Real estate acquisition: Unclear subsidy situation

In addition to the rising purchase prices, it is becoming more and more difficult to calculate the costs. One reason is the unclear energy subsidies, which amount to a huge sum of money. According to K, in the period since November 2021 alone, the promotional bank has received applications for more than EUR 20 billion in subsidies. What will become of the applications that have not yet been approved is currently unclear. Consideration is now being given to whether the development bank could provide low-interest loans instead of repayment or investment subsidies.

This is how much is earned in austrian soccer

As recently as 2019, the Association of Footballers (VdF) had 607 Austrian professional footballers from the Bundesliga and second division fill out a questionnaire. This should include the salaries of professionals, including points bonuses, as well as various goodies such as company cars or company pension plans collected. The result of the survey was subsequently published by the VdF.

You earn well but not exorbitantly

While international legionnaires are reportedly raking in millions, domestic Bundesliga players have to make do with an average of 8.000 € monthly gross "settle". Currently there remain net in about 4.500 € per month over, which actually ends up in the account of the soccer player. Compared to an average employee a good salary.

How to get into the money flow - quick actionable tips Photo: Unsplash

I have to say that I have already had a few clients sitting with me who wanted to know, what blockades they have on the subject be able to dissolve money flow. Because if any patterns in life keep recurring, it’s very likely that there’s some kind of "programming" going on in your subconscious mind. But then you can’t get to the root of it with logic and pondering possible causes. And each time, the feeling of frustration and also fear, which has to do with one’s own financial existence, intensifies.

I also know many people who want to bring their heart’s project into the world and are always thwarted by financial hardships. Most of the time you struggle, does all kinds of things to get going, but then obstacle comes after obstacle and you become weary and discouraged.

There is no shisha that smokes best. It always depends on the head setup and how you build the head.

Which shisha tastes the best?

There is not THE best shisha. There are more than 100 different hookahs.
A shisha can have 1, 2, 3 or even 4 connections. She can blubber quietly or loudly. Have a light or even very strict swipe. Shishas are currently available in more than 100 different designs – which of course has nothing to do with how it smokes.

What exactly is XY?

You have questions about a certain product or name mentioned in this guide? Look with pleasure in my SHISHA A-Z by, where I explain every word!

Britta Beate Schon

Several billion euros are sitting in the accounts of deceased people – and the heirs don’t know about it. Nobody calls the money. The banks do nothing to find the heirs. So if you suspect that there is Money still lying around somewhere, then you have to take care of it yourself.

The banks speak of "dormant accounts". According to estimates lie in Germany 2 to 9 billion euros on such accounts. Most of the time the owners are dead, sometimes the accounts have just been forgotten during a move. The Sparkasse Dortmund, for example, introduced the 1. September 2019 just under a quarter of a million dormant accounts. Balance: 4.7 million euros.