The house purchase without equity is one of the most sought-after real estate financings. The Rule "at least 20% equity" no longer counts To the absolute requirements when buying a house. immoverkauf24 informs about the house purchase without equity and clarifies the most important questions.

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1. What does the purchase of a house without equity mean?

Übusually the buyer brings with a real estate financing own savings, the so-called equity capital. Until now, the golden rule applied: "At least 20% equity must be brought in to get a good interest rate". Nowadays many credit institutes expect that at least the purchase additional expenses, i.e. real estate transfer tax, notary costs and broker’s fee are financed by the buyer himself, but also a real estate purchase at the all costs financed through a loan is possible.

Even in Farming Simulator 22, nothing in life is free. With these tips and tricks you can make money especially fast. We reveal the ways to get a lot of money legally, without cheats, what to look for when accumulating wealth and what beginner mistakes to avoid. Stick with us and you will soon own your dream equipment and can buy up the entire map and become the greatest farmer ever.

Lease equipment, don’t buy it

Farming Simulator 2022 is once again getting a good bit closer to reality, which in this case means that it is no longer more lucrative to buy important equipment directly. Instead, you can save a small fortune if you first decide to lease tractors, trailers and other technology. Such a vehicle lease will cost you about 5 percent of the new cost of the equipment, and each additional month will cost you almost 1 percent of the new price.

Tip - farming simulator 22 : ls22 make money fast: how to get rich

Netflix: "Squid Game" and Co. – with this trick parents can protect their children

For weeks, the Netflix-Series "Squid Game" on everyone’s lips. Even in schoolyards and daycare centers, people talk about it – even though the show is only for ages 16 and up. But how can parents protect their children from this?

In supposed children’s games, 456 participants compete against each other. Whoever makes all the games wins a huge sum of money. Whoever is disqualified dies. That can Netflix-Viewers watch nine roughly one-hour episodes on the series "Squid Game" from Korea.

Netflix: How to set up parental controls

But it’s not just adults who are magically drawn to the series. Minors also watch them or have already seen film clips of them. On schoolyards the games are imitated. There are already violators.

Forget about money, fame and glory: the best motivation for work is passion, for what you do

For employers, it’s not just the qualifications of an applicant that count. The motivation with which someone approaches his or her work is at least as important. It’s no wonder, then, that recruiters are looking closely at your willingness to perform during the job interview. You can score!

What recruiters most want to hear when asked about motivation:

Heidelbergcement: why this stock jumps 15% higher every year

HeidelbergCement (WKN: 604700) is doing a lot right in my view. And yet the stock is not budging. With the current share price of 61.26 euros (as of 1. February 2022), it has arrived exactly where it was exactly one year ago. There was a brief interim high on the stock market in the spring. But it went fast.

4 "inflation-proof" Shares that you can buy today! No doubt, inflation is soaring. Investors are unsettled. Money that is just sitting in the bank loses value year after year. But where should you put your money? Here are 4 stock favorites from The Motley Fool’s editors that you can invest in as inflation rises. We’ve seen some of the most profitable stocks of this generation like Shopify (+6.878%), Tesla (+ 10.714%) or MercadoLibre (+ 10.291%) recommended early on. Hit these 4 stocks while you still can. Just enter your email address below and request this free report immediately. Request the free analysis now here.

The date has been set, the guest list has been drawn up, the wedding invitation card has been selected and designed – now all that’s left to do is to come up with a snappy text for the wedding invitation!

What sounds simple can suddenly become a huge task when we sit in front of the famous blank sheet of paper. Suddenly we ask ourselves a bunch of questions.

  • What belongs on the invitation at all?
  • Are our first names enough or do I write out first and last names??
  • How do I elegantly formulate that we would be most pleased with a simple gift of money for the vacation fund?
  • What to write about the outfit of the guests?
  • How do I give my invitation text a personal touch??

In fact, almost every couple that designs their own invitation cards asks themselves such questions. And that’s no wonder: While wedding invitations – like weddings in general – used to be very standardized and strictly formal, nowadays there are only a few fixed rules regarding the wedding invitation text.

House building

Building a house – first steps

The decision to build a house is far-reaching! Building a house for yourself and your family is a decision that involves many questions and many choices. After all, most people only build one house and living in your own house should suit you as perfectly as possible.

Here you will find several easy ways to build a serious side income on the Internet. Whether you want to do it as an extra income or as a financially necessary "side job", you will find a wide variety of opportunities here.

Earn money on the Internet

There are almost countless ways to make money on the Internet / © RAM –

We explain how much money you must have left according to the law when you pay child support.

Deductible: how much remains despite child support?

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1. Deductible: How much remains despite child support?

Maintenance arrangements are made primarily with the child to be provided for in mind and are based on the income of the parents. These have the obligation to spend the financial means available to you for the care of their children. However, every last cent of the income of a person obliged to pay maintenance must be used to pay maintenance? There is a minimum amount set by law that the parent obligated to pay must have left each month for their own needs. This amount to secure one’s existence is called the deductible.

Capital no longer needs the act of gift-giving as a romanticization of commodity traffic. Therefore, the renunciation of Christmas presents is not an act of resistance. But gift giving has not exactly become easier either. Our author makes a few suggestions for goodness

The perfect Christmas gift: handy, homemade, easy to dispose of – and the Christmas tree is already included! Fo to: ASIFE/photocase.en

By Jan-Paul Koopmann