If you want to sit for the tax accountant exam, you must have completed the appropriate training or. of a course of study. In addition to this previous education, practical professional experience must be proven. Here you can get an overview of formal and personal requirements for the tax consultant examination.

Table of Contents

  • Formal requirements for admission
  • Personal requirements
  • Costs of the tax consultant exam

You have the goal to become a tax consultant, but do not know exactly what it takes to follow this path. Perhaps you already fulfill one of the various requirements for admission to the tax consultant exam and are just not clear about it yet.

We bring light into the darkness of the "admission jungle" and have prepared the different ways to become a tax consultant in a visually appealing way. Also about the personal requirements, which the tax advisor examination places to one, inform like you.

Many couples dream of their own four walls. Financing is a long-term project. Sometimes it outlasts the relationship. If you don’t take precautions, it can be expensive – for both partners.


The purchase of the home is for couples the largest financial joint acquisition. Numerous questions need to be answered beforehand. This includes not only how much property is available for the money available, but also who signs the loan agreement and stands as the owner in the land register. The economic and legal security of both partners in the event of a separation should not be left out of the equation.

The best thing to do before buying a house is to agree on rights of use and cost sharing in the event of separation: Who stays in the apartment? Who pays for the financing? The agreement should be reviewed regularly to see if it still fits the living situation.

Some constellations are well visible in February. But we have to do without shooting stars. © dpa, Mohssen Assanimoghaddam, ass wst

Even in the brightened city sky the main stars of Gemini are visible in February, but also the constellation Leo has placed itself in the night sky. With binoculars, however, the star forge Orion Nebula can be observed. On the other hand we have to do without meteor showers in February.

Jupiter on farewell tour

Stargazers will have to do without Jupiter and Saturn in February. © iStockphoto

Wittekindshof informs about new foundation for former home children of the handicapped or. Psychiatry.

A group of girls from the Wittekindshof facility for the disabled goes to church with an educator. Source: Archive Wittekindshof, Bad Oeynhausen

Bad Oeynhausen/ North Rhine-Westphalia/ Berlin/ Hamburg (AM). "I fight on and on", Ursel Weinand explains with a raised fist. The sentence is a motto of life for the 74-year-old, who has lived in a wheelchair-accessible apartment in Hamburg for more than 30 years. She is a former home child. She entered the home at the age of four, lived for more than 20 years in the Wittekindshof in Bad Oeynhausen and later in other homes for people with disabilities. "We were beaten with coat hangers and belts and could almost never get out. We secretly washed our panties because our underwear was checked every night," she says. If our shoes were broken or expired, we didn’t get anything to eat as punishment and were locked up.", Weinand reports. In the past, she often traveled in an electric wheelchair. She can no longer manage physically. For a few years now, the center of her life has been confined to her sofa. "Never again home she says and raises her fist to reinforce the statement. This is visibly difficult for her because she has been weakened for weeks by a severe case of pneumonia.

Rising interest rates, bafin requirements, climate protection: buying a house is becoming noticeably riskier

This real estate market in Germany runs hotter and hotter, the hurdles in favor of buyers are getting higher. Where the biggest pitfalls lurk.

Munich – Homeowners and those who want to be, stand still even more difficult times in advance. A clear harbinger is that the federal government on 24. January suspended with immediate effect the K favoritism in favor of so-called efficiency houses and renovations*.

Money to emigrate

What does emigration actually cost? (Photo: Shutterstock)

However, to bring some light into the darkness, let’s take a look at all the aspects and factors you should consider if you want to emigrate. Thus can better plan how much money you really need for your upcoming emigration.

I was a Starbucks barista for a year – and know by which 9 signs you can tell that you are about to get a bad coffee

Starbucks: ex-barista reveals 9 signs your coffee won't be good

Business Insider writer Dylan Clair worked at Starbucks for more than a year and knows: Sometimes mistakes or misunderstandings can ruin drinks.

Some warning signs you can look out for as customers, he says, are hectic baristas or steam wands that are extremely loud when frothing milk.

Donate as a gift: Oxfam Unpacked

OxfamUnpacked** is the donation gift store of the development aid organization Oxfam For example, you can "give away" a goat, chickens, honey bees, a latrine, a classroom or drinking water by donating an appropriate amount of money to Oxfam here.

Oxfam then uses the money in projects that, for example, support the purchase or sale of food. include the care of goats (as with the goat gift). With each donation gift, you’ll find examples of Oxfam’s work around the world to give you an idea of what happens with your money.

people with Zodiac Sign Cancer are compassionate, loving, helpful and lovable. They rarely criticize. In places where they spend time, many other people also very quickly feel at home.

So empathic and yet so distant: The zodiac sign Cancer keeps its distance

You can only get really close to people who were born in the Zodiac Sign Cancer are born, only in rare cases. Yet you would love to have her as a close friend or best friend. For few are as empathetic and helpful as they are. Their distance results from their great sensitivity. No one is as vulnerable as the Cancer.

With too much closeness, they are afraid of being disappointed or of unknowingly and unintentionally causing pain to others. That is why the Cancer is often surrounded by an invisible protective wall. When the Cancer woman or the Cancer man give away their heart, then forever. And no one takes it harder than they do when a loved one betrays them.


"I’m kind of thinking about leaving the church."

"I have no idea what the church is supposed to bring me. I can also save the money."