Sometimes it must go a little faster. Who must come promptly at money, which finds here a commented collection of ideas for the most promising ways, how without special knowledge and/or. a well-founded training is fast to come at money.

Thanks to the Internet: Nowadays there are quite a number of ways to make money quickly available. This collection of ideas has been compiled over the last few years and is tried and tested for success. The next vacation is definitely to be earned with these tips.

Content: Get money fast

The Profession of the writer has a special attraction for many people. The undisputed advantages of this profession include the possibility of self-fulfillment, freely plannable working hours, and a certain degree of recognition. Writers who can really make a living from their hobby are the exception. Learn about the possibilities of becoming a writer, and whether it is a worthwhile profession.

We provide information on how to become a writer - but is it even worth becoming a writer these days?

The profession of writing: an overview

The profession of a writer includes the authors. However, while authors also deal with factual texts, for example, writers write exclusively literary texts. This can be, for example

Short-time work, missing fees or even job loss: In times of the Corona pandemic, many households lose parts of their income through no fault of their own. But how can current expenses be reduced on the other hand?? The first step is to take an honest look at your cash flow. We tell you what else you can do about it.

Debts: Man with bills in hand

  1. If you are short of cash, you should get an overview of your income and expenses. This is what a budget is for.
  2. The expenses should be sorted according to urgency. Which contracts and purchases are superfluous, which are necessary and which are a nice-to-have.
  3. The 12 tips from the consumer advice center help you save money in everyday life.

If your income is falling, you should put your expenses to the test. Above all, there must be money for basic needs. This includes water, electricity, maintenance payments, food or the rent. Where can costs be cut here or elsewhere? Which purchases can be postponed? What can you do without completely. With our 12 tips you can save money in everyday life. If you need support or are in financial distress, our debt counseling service can help you.

Manuel Brug

"Sola, perduta, abbandonata."Manon Lescaut sings of being alone, lost and abandoned, not Anna Netrebko. Even though the Russian super soprano would have every reason to do so, at least in the eyes of the tabloid press: the long-awaited separation from her companion Erwin Schrott, her son’s mild autism, the headlines about her support for Putin including singing the Olympic anthem at the opening ceremony of Sochi. The likewise unsurprising cancellation of the "Faust" Marguerite in London, Vienna, Baden-Baden and Hamburg, because the role has long since seemed too lyrically articulated for the voice, which has become darker, more pronounced in the middle range, and in the meantime has turned to the youthful dramatic Verdi repertoire.

There was no mistaking this in June 2010, when Anna Netrebko sang her final premiere of Jules Massenet’s "Manon" in London under Antonio Pappano and a surprise success Vittorio Grigolo. The part of the young, seductive, flirtatious rococo girl who is to be bartered away by her brother to a rich old man, but falls in love with the penniless student Des Grieux, which will plunge them both into misfortune, didn’t really fit anymore.

Just add up some numbers? Unfortunately, pricing is not that easy

How to find a price that is competitive and attracts customers? Entrepreneurs and self-employed people often find it difficult to calculate prices – and make mistakes that cost them a lot of money.

Whoever launches a new product or offers a new service should think carefully about how much money they want to charge for it. Because pricing is more than just adding up all the costs and adding X amount of profit. If the price is poorly calculated, the entrepreneur may miss out on a lot of money because customers would also have been willing to pay more. Or the product becomes a slow seller because the calculated price is much too high.

You have decided to turn a few discarded items into money? One way is to offer things on sales platforms on the Internet, another is to sell them at a flea market. How it stands with such a private sale with your obligation to the guarantee, you find out here.

Pri-vat-ver-kauf on the Internet: What are my obligations as a seller??

Clear thing: Who something with commercial trader buys, which then immediately broken, has a right to warranty. When buying via the Internet, the 14-day right of withdrawal also applies. Buyers can easily return the product to the retailer within this period if they are not satisfied.

Many Private seller are therefore unsure whether they have similar obligations to those who bought used items from them. They fear demands if the buyer is not satisfied.

The title for this page was chosen quite deliberately. The ingredients for raclette are variable without limits. Fish, meat, vegetables, 101 cheeses – there are no limits to creativity. But the question you always ask yourself is: "what raclette sauces do I make to go with it?. "I usually have a lot of ideas, but when there are only two of you racquetballing, it quickly becomes too much. Here is a collection of my favorite dips and a list of my favorite raclette ingredients. The advantage with the dips – the basis is almost the same for all, the difference is made by the spices!


By the way, besides the round Severin raclette party grill*, we now have a Tefal raclette grill* – it is long and narrow – so it fits wonderfully in the middle of the table without taking up too much space. Besides, the smooth Teppan Yaki grill surface is much easier to clean than the wavy one.

The best permanent make-up looks für the eyes

You never go out of the house without make-up? Then you are the perfect candidate for permanent make-up, because with this treatment you can save a lot of time- both in the morning and in the evening when removing make-up. Thanks to improved techniques, permanent make-up on the eyes does not necessarily look unnatural or obtrusive. We show you the most beautiful looks, the usual prices and how long permanent eyeliner, eyelash liner, eye shadow or concealer last.

  1. 0.1. Which permanent make-up is available for the eyes?
  2. 1. How long does permanent makeup last in the eye area?
  3. 2. What does permanent make-up on the eyes cost??
  4. 3. How is permanent make-up applied to the eyes??
  5. 4. Permanent eyeliner and lash line thickening
  6. 5. Permanent eye shadow
  7. 6. Permanent Concealer or CC Eye

Which permanent make-up is available for the eyes??

Permanent make-up is not only a good solution for people who want to save time in the bathroom in the morning: even if you are allergic to many products, make-up can be a compatible alternative to conventional cosmetics. With modern permanent make-up for the eyes, you have a wide range of options, depending on how natural or striking you want your look to be. The following treatments are available for the eye area:

Several ways lead to your own sauna. One is to build the sauna by yourself. If you also want to build your own sauna, you should first inform yourself about. We have compiled the most important information.

Advantages of building a sauna by yourself

We can understand that many do-it-yourselfers want to do the sauna construction themselves. There are good reasons.

Build sauna yourself

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