Already the first single "Intro", which was released at the end of January, makes you want to listen to the album: While other rappers from Hamburg have drifted into foreign realms, Jan Delay returns to his roots and delivers hip-hop, finely garnished from the "hottest" city of Hamburg.

Musicians in Germany: Jan Delay
Full name: Jan Phillip Eibfeldt
Pseudonyms: Eizi Eiz, Eibfeldt
Music genres: Hip-hop, reggae, soul, rock and funk
Born: 20. February 1976 in Hamburg-Eppendorf

After RnB, reggae and rock, this is probably nice for Ur fans to hear. Seems like the artist himself sees it that way too. "Fresher than ever, finally doing my job again, after the rock record nobody was up for," raps Hamburg’s A-list celebrity.

Exclusive interview with Jan Delay about Corona, his new album and Weder Bremen

The sounds on his fifth solo album are a mix of disco, trap, afrobeats and ska, paired with Mexican horns. Sounds like the perfect soundtrack to celebrate coming back to life. Because is there anything better, when the Corona crisis is finally over, to dance in clubs until morning again? When Jan Delay pumps out his new album, all is right with the world again.

"Hart aber fair" (ARD): professor warns of a "rude awakening" in the fall

"Hart aber fair": professor warns of "rude awakening" in the fall

Vector, dead vaccination, mRNA? These types of vaccines are available

These vaccine types exist and this is how they work.

Hagen: pet boom – veterinarian sees several problems

Veterinarian Dr. Petra Borsuck examines the Australian Shepherd Jindabyne in her practice in Hohenlimburg with veterinary assistant Karolin Rump.

Photo by Michael Kleinrensing / WP

Hohenlimburg. In many households a quadruped moved in with the Pandemie. This has not only positive sides, reports veterinarian Petra Borsuck

The child’s Corona self-test is positive – what happens now??

Once the Corona rapid test done at the school shows a positive result in your child, it is considered a suspected Corona case and the child must go home to a quarantined. The pediatrician issues a sick note for this time. While the school notifies the health department and sends classmates home to voluntary self-isolation, the child’s concerned parents must have a PCR test on their child let. The latter also applies if a home self-test has been performed.

If the PCR test is also positive, the parents are contacted by the health department and a quarantine of several days is imposed Quarantine is imposed on the child (for vaccinated adolescents who fall ill despite Corona immunization, the quarantine period should be shorter). During domestic isolation, your child is not allowed to leave the home or receive visitors, with a few exceptions even if it shows no symptoms. ÜThe responsible public health department will inform you about the time when your child is allowed to attend daycare or school again and whether a free test is required.

Your child was quarantined only as a contact of a Corona-positive person? Then the following quarantine regulations apply for the parents.

New operator remodels restaurant

Kassel: The Xallo bar will soon be serving kebabs – renovation underway

Mazlum Bavli in the former Xallo bar, which he is converting into a kebab restaurant called 'Crunchy Kebab.'

On Kassel’s pub mile, restaurants don’t stay empty for long. This also applies to the Xallo bar in the Haus der Komodie Kassel on Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse.

Deceased girl from Hollfeld (Bayreuth district): cause of death currently unclear. Symbol photo: Pixabay

On Wednesday morning (17. November 2021) a girl from Hollfeld (district Bayreuth) dies in a hospital. A post by the mother on the social networks raises the question of a connection to the Corona vaccination.

In the post, she writes that her daughter died because of "serious side effects" of the Corona vaccine. Police have been investigating since the girl’s death. This is known so far.

Working according to Corona This is how networking from the home office works

Virus is the mother of invention: since spring, professional meetings of all kinds have shifted to the digital. Source: imago images

Virus is the mother of invention: since spring, professional meetings of all kinds have moved to the digital realm.

Image: imago images

Reading aloud with ReadSpeaker

Flying is not as difficult as you think

#8: Why there is no life without fear

We’re all afraid of something: spiders, heights, confined spaces, and especially unfamiliar things – like a vaccination with the novel Corona vaccines. There are even people who are afraid of buttons. But how do fears arise? How much fear is normal? And how can we learn to live with it, or even better, overcome it?? In the new episode "Know when you want" answer the psychologists Emily Bauske and Dr. Jeanne Rademacher these exact questions and explain why it is even good to be afraid and why fearful people have better relationships.

The Corona pandemic reinforces inequality between women and men. In Germany, this is mainly reflected in how much women work in which jobs and who takes care of children and family.

At the current rate, it will take another 136 years on average worldwide for women and men to achieve equality – calculated on the basis of various criteria such as political participation, access to health and education, and economic opportunities.

This is the result of an analysis by the World Economic Forum Foundation. A large part of this is due to the Corona pandemic, which increases inequality between women and men. "However, even before Corona, there was little progress in equality on average worldwide", says Julia Schmieder, research associate in the Gender Economics Research Group at the German Institute for Economic Research.

Situation report of the canton:1626 new infections within a week

Here you will find the latest case numbers and statistics on the spread of the Corona pandemic in Schaffhausen and throughout Switzerland. The Schaffhausen Health Office publishes the current case figures from the canton from Monday to Friday between 9 and 11 a.m., the Federal Office of Public Health follows with the nationwide figures between 1 and 2 p.m. No case numbers are published on weekends.

On Tuesday, the health department of the canton of Schaffhausen reported 200 new Covid 19 cases for the last 24 hours. The total number of corona infections in the canton of Schaffhausen since the beginning of the pandemic rose to 16,941 cases. The 7-day average is currently around 238 cases per day.