New chancellor? Resignation, elections, vote of confidence: This is how it works in Germany

  • In the history of the Federal Republic, there have been several attempts to force a chancellor out of office at an early stage – with varying degrees of success.
  • After the withdrawal of the Corona measures at Easter, criticism of the chancellor is now growing, along with calls for a vote of confidence.
  • But what ways are there to remove a head of government from office??

Resignation of the federal chancellor: how does it work in germany?? Elections, vote of confidence, vote of no confidence

Berlin. Several times in the history of the Federal Republic, chancellors have had to leave office early. Helmut Kohl became chancellor by a constructive vote of no confidence against Helmut Schmidt. Willy Brandt had to resign because of the Guillaume affair. Gerhard Schroder, on the other hand, asked for a vote of confidence twice during his chancellorship – and still managed to stay in office.

After the withdrawal of the Corona resolutions at Easter, criticism of Chancellor Angela Merkel is now also getting louder. Left-wing parliamentary group leader Dietmar Bartsch has called on Merkel to call for a vote of confidence. In turn, government circles say Merkel is not thinking of resigning.

Rare event in Germany: chance to see auroras in the night sky. Photo: Sylvie Corriveau /

Rare event in Germany: chance of auroras in the night sky. Photo: Sylvie Corriveau /

Due to a violent solar storm there is a chance to see northern lights even over Germany today. Also about Baden-Wurttemberg? All info about the article.

The sky turns iridescent hues, green and blue streaks across the night sky. What we actually know mainly from Scandinavia could also be seen in Germany today: auroras.

Ruhr area: Popular club may finally reopen – "Who would have thought that"?

Bottrop. All clubbers in Germany had to be strong in recent months but in the Ruhr area there is however now in the truest sense something to celebrate.

Because of Corona all party locations in Germany had to close the doors. Many feared that some sheds might not survive the phase.

All the greater is the joy that a cult disco in the Ruhr area now opened again and directly with a big bang.

U 1 and U 3

Until 11. August restrictions each Sunday to Thursday from 10 p.m. . The U1 runs between Warschauer Strabe and Gleisdreieck, the U3 between Krumme Lanke and Gleisdreieck. .. Bypass: Between the stations Gleisdreieck and Wittenbergplatz, the U2 can be used. Bus lines M19 and M29 are available between Wittenbergplatz and Uhlandstrabe. . From 13. November to 8. December 2022, the same restrictions will take place again. Excluded are all bridge days and public holidays.

Until 3. March, Sundays to Thursdays from 22.30 o’clock Between Senefelderplatz and Stadtmitte substitute bus service.

Because of the high level of sickness it comes to restrictions.

Due to the high level of sickness there will be restrictions.

On weekdays, the interval increases on the lines S1, S3 and S5 are cancelled. The 10-minute cycle remains. On weekends (Sat/Sun), line S75 runs every 20 minutes, line S26 is cancelled. Thus, the trains of the S25 to and from Teltow city run only every 20 minutes. From Monday to Friday the lines run according to the timetable.

Friends or family members are caught up in conspiracy myths and deny Corona. What to do? Photo: Dieter Menne/dpa

Friends and family members get caught up in conspiracy myths, deny Corona, drift away. Tears ties. What to do? An affected couple has founded a self-help group.

Bochum – Families break up, spouses are strangers to each other, close parent-child bonds are torn apart.

Time and again Manfred Schmid was traded as Austria Wien coach – now he is, in an incredibly difficult situation. asked him in front of the microphone on the sidelines of the Bundesliga kick-off press conference.

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+ + Exclusive – The interview was conducted by Georg Sander + +

Since the last championship title in 2012/13, the name of Marco has been mentioned in almost every search for a coach Manfred Schmid – and there have been many changes of head coach in Vienna-Favoriten, between Stoger and Austria Vienna tried! So now it has become, the Peter Stoger successor, if you will, with eight years of delay. And while in the summer of 2013 the honor of leading the Violets to the Champions League after the last non-Red Bull Salzburg title to date was bestowed on ex-WAC coach Nenad Bjelica, the situation is incomparably more difficult.

With confused theories the "Corona Committee" stirs up fear of vaccination. Now he wants to be recognized as a non-profit.

Scene from Friday's Corona Committee

How many misinformation, false predictions, NS-relativizations and appeals for donations (for one’s own account) fit into one Youtube broadcast?

Over the past few months, protection against viruses has gradually become part of our everyday lives. distance, hygiene rules or masks – all of these protect us and our fellow human beings. But did you know that a healthy pharyngeal mucosa is actually the best protective barrier against viruses?? How you can actively support this natural barrier and sustainably strengthen it, especially in times of Corona, you can learn here.

By playing this video, YouTube may store personal information, such as your IP address.

Cold, Corona& Co.: Protection in focus

Our everyday life is no longer what it used to be: Mouth-nose protection, disinfectants and hygiene rules have become our constant companions. And this is especially useful in the winter months, when additional colds, flu and Co. High season have. However, despite all these precautions and protective measures, during autumn and winter we often can’t get rid of the uneasy feeling that we might get sick after all. Fortunately, our body has natural protective functions that we can support. Our mucous membranes in the mouth, throat and pharynx play an important role in defending against viruses and deserve extra care – because healthy mucous membranes are the best protection against viruses.

If you are currently being tested for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, this is also done for patients* with cancer with a PCR test via throat or nasal swabs. In the swabbed secretion, the genetic material of the virus is detected or not. It is important to know that PCR tests are very sensitive and thus the error rate is very high.

When should I have a PCR test as a cancer patient?

You should have a test done if you have the following symptoms:

  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Loss of the sense of taste and smell

Pcr test for cancer: how the corona test works

The situation in the morning Where is Olaf Scholz??

Dear reader, good morning,

today is about the location of Olaf Scholz. In order to reduce the loosening measures at our neighbors in Europe. And about the jungle on the street.

If you order leadership, you get the invisible man

On Twitter, which for us journalists is synonymous with the real world, many are wondering where Olaf Scholz actually is. So the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. I’m sure you know him, he used to be mayor of Hamburg.