Thomas Voshaar, chief physician of a lung clinic, sees more opportunity than danger in a contagion. Omicron cannot be stopped. What other experts say?

Numerous people wearing mouth-nose protection are on the move on Tauentzienstrasse in Berlin (symbolic image)

The majority of Germans will contract the omicron variant of the coronavirus, Thomas Voshaar is convinced. You can "hardly slow down" the variant, said the chief physician of the Bethanien Lung Clinic in Moers (NRW) and president of the Association of Pneumological Clinics (VPK) in an interview with Deutschlandfunk on Friday morning.

  • Sebastian Richter

Club operators on Corona rules: ‘Acceptance is dropping’

Thomas Winterscheid runs the "Ponyhof" in Frankfurt’s party district Alt-Sachsenhausen. In the interview, he finds clear words on the Corona policy.

Mr. Winterscheid, how do you feel as a club operator in these times?

Self-employed people get unemployment benefit 2 (Hartz 4) more easily in the Corona crisis. How much ALG 2 you are entitled to and what you need to know about the application process.


  • Self-employed workers are eligible for ALG 2
  • Wealth test for Hartz 4 simplified
  • What is "substantial assets"??
  • High rent – do I have to move out for ALG 2?
  • How long do I get ALG2?
  • If the income continues to fall: Additional payment possible
  • Do I have to deregister my business for Hartz 4??
  • How are losses treated for ALG 2?
  • How much is ALG 2 for the self-employed??
  • Do health insurance contributions count as a requirement??
  • How is the chargeable income determined?
  • What is with profit "zero" or losses?
  • Apply for unemployment benefit 2 online

In March 2020, even before the Corona crisis, already 69.000 self-employed people receive unemployment benefit 2, or ALG 2 for short. In most cases, they received so-called "supplementary unemployment benefit 2". They therefore continued to have income from self-employment, which, however, was not sufficient to cover their living expenses. In addition, they received ALG 2.

In the current crisis, ten times as many self-employed people may be entitled to it. The federal government has significantly simplified access to this benefit.

Couples from Burgwald and Frankenberg report

Wedding on the snap date: many wedding ceremonies on 2.2. and 22.2.2022

Stefan Schneider and Beate Henke sitting on a bench

Snap number dates are popular with couples as wedding dates. Also on 2.2.2022 and on 22.2.2022 there will be many weddings in Waldeck-Frankenberg. We present two bridal couples.

It depends on the particular requirement of a staff member.

No one has to sit on a bad evaluation

Faulty job reference No one has to sit on a bad evaluation. Photo: Bruce Mars on Unsplash