altmaier wants to prevent lasting economic crisis

Following the expected downturn in the economy caused by the corona pandemic, economics minister peter altmaier wants to prevent a lasting crisis. The CDU politician said after a video conference with leading economists that the economic losses would probably be higher than in the financial crisis of 2009.

The federal government has taken the first step with packages of measures to cushion the economic consequences. But further steps would have to be taken to lead germany out of the crisis.

It’s about not losing sight of the prospect of a new upswing after the corona crisis and unleashing forces of growth – when the number of infections declines, restrictions in public life can be reduced and companies can produce normally again. Altmaier did not get more specific, but he has long been a strong advocate of corporate tax reform.

For a long time I wanted to publish a low-threshold tutorial on how you can design your own website and use it for teaching and learning. Now I take the current Corona crisis as an opportunity to publish in this blog post at least a first overview about it. This article is intended for people who don’t have their own website yet and don’t have any special technical knowledge. Some things will probably be unfamiliar or difficult at first. I have tried to explain as simply as possible and write a guide that you can go through in a self-organized, step-by-step manner. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Why is an own website a good idea for teaching (and learning) people??

Why having your own website makes sense can be illustrated by following challenges from faculty during the Corona crisis. Again and again I get these or similar questions, for example:

  • Where and how to provide learning content for my students?
  • Where and how to start a blog project with learners?
  • Where can I find H5P content (d.h. create and publish interactive online educational materials)?
  • What tool can be used to get feedback from learners?
  • How can I exchange with other teachers?
  • How to comply with data protection laws when teaching online?

The answer to this and many similar questions could be: With/ thanks to/ on my own website. If you don’t have your own website and consequently can’t give this answer, you often can’t find a convincing alternative. You can’t share your content openly, content is not available for a longer period of time, there is a lack of transparency on data usage of a platform used, you have to accept advertising on the site..

Unvaccinated people could lose unemployment benefits under certain circumstances

Nationwide, the vaccination rate is declining again. An average of just over 3.5 million vaccinations per week will be achieved. So the chancellor’s ambitious goal of 10 million vaccinations per week in January will be missed by a long way.

Source: WORLD/ Alina Quast

T he head of the Federal Employment Agency, Detlef Scheele, sees consequences for the labor market if a general Corona vaccination is introduced. If there was a general obligation to vaccinate and violations were associated with legal consequences, "employers could reject an applicant because he is not vaccinated or recovered," Scheele told the newspapers of the Funke-Mediengruppe. "We as a federal agency must then also check whether a lack of vaccination leads to a blocking period."A blocking period means that an unemployed person does not receive unemployment benefits for a certain period of time.

As far as the normal schools in bavaria are concerned, since Monday (27. april) students who are about to graduate will be able to take part in the presence classes again (update from 28.04.2020, 14.52 hrs). However, fewer students are allowed in the classes, so the minimum distance can be maintained.

But what about driving schools? After all, many students want to take their theory and practical exams here, too. We tell you what’s going on with driving lessons and driver’s license tests in the corona crisis.

Driving schools have already prepared hygiene concepts

Driving schools are still closed in almost all federal states, and driving tests are currently not possible.According to a press release from the federal association of driving instructors e. V. (BVF) driving schools all over germany prepared for the reopening. "The hygiene concepts are in place. Implementation in the driving schools has already begun", says dieter quentin, chairman of the BVF.

According to the manufacturer, all Covid 19 vaccines must not be used if you are allergic to the active ingredient or the other components of the vaccine.

See for yourself all the components of the vaccines of the manufacturers.
If you can’t tell for sure if you are allergic, a doctor will give you a certificate of vaccine eligibility limited to 6 months and an urgent recommendation to have allergies to the Covid-19 vaccines checked by a specialist in that time frame.

You can get this time-limited vaccine certificate z. B. submit to your employer. She takes the pressure off you to get vaccinated prematurely.

Veronika schadeck even in corona times, the catholic youth and kirchweihgesellschaft hirschfeld did not want to miss "kirba to keep. But this took place under extraordinary conditions.

so there were no traditional measures, like preparing the plan, fetching moss in the forest, parades in traditional costumes, standerla, etc. Instead, an open-air church festival concert with the Frankenwaldmusikanten windheim took place on Sunday afternoon in the open air on the festival square. All participants and visitors had to observe the rules of the corona. For example, the number of guests was limited, so attendance at the concert was only possible with prior registration. People with contact to covid 19 cases in the last 14 days and with unspecific general symptoms were excluded from participation. In addition, general hygiene and distance regulations applied during the event, and masks were compulsory outside the table. The entire festival site was fenced off. And the access and the duration of the event were strictly regulated by state regulations. After the end of the concert the festival place had to be left again. Drinks were only available from bottles.

there was some melancholy involved, explains linda jakob, who planned and organized this event together with mike martin and the zech community. Much fewer costumes, no dancing, no plant dancing, no crowded marquee on Sunday and Monday. Nobody baked cakes or served drinks, everything was so unusual. But she and her team were keen to maintain a certain tradition despite corona, albeit in a different way. In the weeks leading up to this cultural event, she was often in contact with the district administration office to discuss all the necessary corona measures. She would like to thank the responsible employees for this constructive and friendly exchange.

The second service of the year was completed by the approximately 100 members of the Reichshof youth fire department on their sofa at home in front of their computer screens. "We learned what you have to be able to do for the Jugendflamme badge", Fynn from Bruchermuhle reports.

"Running, connecting pipes and rolling out hoses," adds his friend Mikael. The two ten-year-olds are eager to get started – even if they’d rather meet up with their comrades "for real". But at the beginning of January, community fire chief Christoph Dick has suspended all events of the children and youth fire department in Presence until further notice.

Fire-brigade in upper mountain: Operationally ready also in the Omikron wave

"The fire department is part of the critical infrastructure. There we must do everything, in order to remain operational in view of the Omikron wave and rising numbers of cases , justify the Wehrchef the decision. "When 20 children come to the appliance room, the danger of infection is too great for me. And outside in the open air can hardly do anything in the weather."This was very difficult for him, he admits, and he would like to ease up again as soon as possible.

"I don’t believe anything they say anymore, not a single word." At the other end of the phone line you can hear the pure disappointment. "Nurse unvaccinated", the 37-year-old from Bonn has written on the advertising portal Ebay: "Intensive care and anesthesia specialist seeks a new job starting in March." It has always been her dream to go into the nursing profession, she says. She sounds exhausted, but prudent. She loves work, but doesn’t trust "politics" anymore.

Because bed capacity was never a problem during the Corona pandemic. But chronically overworked staff and staff shortages that will be exacerbated by the dismissal of unvaccinated personnel.

New content

Diet has a great influence on Health and the Wellbeing. But what exactly is healthy nutrition?

Basically a Balanced diet, which gives the body exactly what it needs, recommended. Valuable foods such as Fruit and Vegetables are in the foreground. Sugary sweets, potato chips and alcohol should only be eaten rarely and in small quantities, but there is no need to completely deny oneself small moments of pleasure.

How to eat healthy

Do parents also have to work in quarantine if quarantine is ordered for the child?

If quarantine has been ordered for one’s child because he or she is considered"close contact person" of a Corona-positive person has been identified, this only applies to the respective child. The parents and all others Family members of the respective household do not have to be quarantined and are still allowed to go to work, daycare or school.

However, to prevent the unnoticed spread of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, it is recommended that the parents and siblings of the affected child also be Isolate voluntarily. Say: You should go outside as little as possible, shop less often and not meet friends and relatives outside your household. If possible, parents should also work in a home office so as not to unknowingly infect their colleagues or other people on public transport.

Your child has to be quarantined because he or she tested positive for Corona itself? Then different quarantine rules apply.