The Aquamagis is a long way from being busy as it is here: the effects of the Omikron alternative and the closure of the Rahmedetal Bridge are hitting the bath twice

For Aquamagis, the prospect of the A45 being closed for several months meant a loss of half a million euros. Since it is clear that it could take years until traffic flows again over a new bridge, the bath expects far greater losses. But the exact amount is still difficult to quantify.

Plettenberg – "We had expected only three months, if it becomes now three, five or seven years, hits us in marrow and leg , explains Aquamagis managing director Dr. Uwe Allmann. In December – the closure of the Rahmedetal bridge was still fresh – it was still assumed that the bridge could be strengthened and after three months possibly be opened again for passenger cars. Allmann estimated the loss in these three months at about half a million euros. In the meantime, the situation is completely different: The bridge remains closed, and it will be years before it is demolished and a new one built.

An unregistered rally on the Ring near Heldenplatz was dispersed, and the police recorded the identities of the participants. There were many arrests and numerous charges. In parallel, several other marches – some with, some without police escort – moved through the city.

Right-wing extremists at the demonstration

Loud and partly in an aggressive mood, a large procession moved towards Schwedenplatz – led by hooligans shouting slogans and with representatives of the right-wing fringe, the Identitarians, and so-called "unconventional thinkers" in the ranks. A handful of left-wing counter-demonstrators cleared the field after being ordered to do so by police.

  • Police intervention at aggressive corona "walk" in vienna
  • Police intervention at aggressive corona "walk" in vienna
  • Police intervention at aggressive corona "walk" in vienna

A second procession of demonstrators first walked in a circle next to the Kunsthistorisches Museum and then along the two-way line and the Ring – peacefully and ever faster. For the accompanying police gradually increased the pace of marching.

King transfer of sane to FC bayern reportedly perfect

The king transfer of the FC bayern munchen is apparently perfect. international soccer player leroy sane has apparently reached an agreement with the german champions on a move, according to media reports.

According to the report, the winger will sign a five-year contract in munich. This is reported by the "guardian" in england and the "bild" newspaper, which refers to the entourage of ex-bayern coach pep guardiola. The transfer fee for sane, who was still under contract with manchester city until 2021, is expected to be under 50 million euros. According to "guardian" there is a base amount of 45 million euros plus possible supplements.

FC Bayern could not be reached for comment this evening. According to dpa information, however, sane advisor damir smoljan was seen in munich on tuesday. He is said to have been in town for talks with the club.

Berlin tightens its corona measures. Nursing staff report themselves unemployed in large numbers due to refusal of a vaccination. Loosening in Saxony.

Rubber-gloved hand raising a spike

In protest or fear of compulsory vaccination: Some nurses would rather be unemployed than vaccinated Photo: Marijan Murat/dpa

Birthday party ideas in Corona times ideas for birthday Corona for birthday party 2021 what is allowed, what can you do teenager, 18. Birthday, round birthday 10. 30. 50. with pictures, videos and reviews

Birthday in Frankfurt is celebrated more and more often on the party boat. The route leads through the skyscraper canyons and along the museum embankment. Birthday party in Frankfurt goes with 5-10 passengers and costs 199 EUR for 50 minutes. You should bring ticket, playlist, drinks.

You are welcome to bring apple wine cake and Bembel, decorations, drinks and balloons.

Offer party boat rent to celebrate birthday


The corona crisis is already starting to have an impact on the municipal budget. This was unanimously adopted by the vacation committee in neunkirchen am brand. However, the budget had to be changed once again beforehand. "I have changed the budget because the first deferrals and resets of the commercial enterprises have already arrived. We have therefore set aside one million euros less in trade tax", mayor heinz richter explained . The meeting was very different from others: the town hall remained closed. In the run-up to the inauguration, the municipal councils were asked in a circular survey whether they would agree to a vacation committee. The latter has the same rights as the normal municipal council. the vacation committee had been unanimously approved and accordingly, according to the regulations of the government and the bavarian municipal council, everything was prepared in the gymnasium of the elementary school: the tables were far apart, barrier tapes provided for distances and a face mask was ready for each council member. In addition, in accordance with the regulations, the number of speeches should be reduced and the meeting should be limited to the most necessary, i.e., to the resolutions that cannot be postponed. That was the budget. Here, too, the mayor and councillors dispensed with the usual budget speeches. The councils had had the figures long enough. The total budget for the administrative budget is 18.862.000 euros, the property budget is estimated at 9.690.000. Despite the one million euro reduction in trade tax revenue from three million to two million, no changes had to be made to the asset budget, since the municipality can finance it from reserves. New loans will also not have to be taken out. A great deal has been done in previous years. The outdoor pool was renovated without subsidies and the multifunctional square was built. During his twelve years in office, heinz richter was able to reduce debts by six million euros, so that at the end of the year the municipality had a debt level of 1.8 million euros. This will change in the next few years with the construction of the new elementary school. Moreover, the further effects of the corona crisis are uncertain. street lighting in the market town is to be converted to leds. The cost is 336.000 euros named. Mayor richter congratulated his successor martin walz (CSU) and all newly elected and re-elected council members, at least verbally.

A demonstrator who relativizes the Holocaust is taken away. © dpa

The then head of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution in North Rhine-Westphalia already sounded desperate last May. The "lateral thinkers" movement had not yet reached its peak. "We have to start very fundamentally and ask ourselves: what emotions are driving?"Burkhard Freier said, and continued: "Above all, there is fear. Not only the fear of the disease, but also existential hardships, such as fear of loneliness." If people felt they could do nothing, conspiracy myths would provide an outlet.

Recently, it was possible to read who was writing hate mail to Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Soder (CSU) in particular: mostly men over 50 who were single. It fits in with this that, when it came to political perpetrators of violence in recent years, there was increasingly talk of alleged or actual "lone perpetrators" such as in Idar-Oberstein. There, a man shot down the young employee of a gas station because he asked him to wear a mask.

Young women celebrating birthday in living room and eating birthday cake. Women sitting at desk and work on some task on laptop

Hugging your favorite people, eating birthday cake together and laughing the day away – that’s what makes our birthday special. This year, however, many will have to celebrate their birthday quite differently than usual.

To make your birthday unforgettable, we have collected the best ideas for you and show you how you can have your loved ones with you despite social distancing!
And for all of you who don’t have a birthday, but want to make a future birthday boy or girl happy, even from afar, we have captured some creative ideas. Let’s celebrate your birthday together instead of alone!

on monday, the works committee for the municipal utility of the city of kronach dealt with the annual financial statements for 2019 and the business plan for 2021. in addition, the focus was on the priority lists for road and bridge construction measures in preview for the years 2021 and 2022.

the chairwoman, mayor angela hofmann, and the committee were impressed by the positive budget result for 2019. With the loss compensation payments in the amount of 1 649 528.95 euro on the reported annual loss of 1213 004.96 euro, the balance sheet result is 436 523.99 euro. This is the best result since the company was founded, emphasized commercial director johannes meitner after detailed discussions.

According to the company’s statutes, the city council of kronach is responsible for determining the audited annual financial statements. the committee unanimously recommended that the city council approve the annual result. The good work of the municipal utility and the meticulous preparation of the figures by johannes meitner were praised across party lines. Mayor angela hofmann thanked the mayor for the clear presentation of the figures, but also plant manager jochen loffler for the good performance of the municipal utility and its employees, which led to a better result in some operating branches than in previous years.

Omni-channel marketing

How was it again with the customer is king? Many companies firmly believe that their business is customer centric. But is it true? Who is really interested in the exact customer journey and the real interests of their target groups? However, if you want to positively surprise your customers and retain their loyalty in the long term, you have to know exactly what their wishes and needs are. It must provide them with a positive customer experience. Successful players therefore rely on the omnichannel approach. This is based on a clearly customer-oriented view and is a future model that pays off.

Only slowly is the economy struggling back to normal after the third Corona wave. Months of store closures, social distancing and changing consumer behavior during the lockdowns forced retailers and producers alike to adopt new approaches. Seemingly secure sales channels via shopping centers, stores in pedestrian zones or DIY stores fell away overnight. Branded companies were suddenly forced to act with their own online offers (direct-to-consumer). It is true that the Corona crisis gave online retail a powerful boost: Sales of goods in e-commerce rose to a total of 83.3 billion euros, up 14.6 percent year-on-year. The German E-Commerce and Mail Order Association e.V. (bevh) expects e-commerce with goods and services to even exceed the 100 billion euro mark in 2021.