Solidarity and blind hatred: the complicated relationship between germans and their police force

It was a routine operation, a simple check and an escalation they could not have expected: A female police trainee and a male police officer, both killed with a shot to the head in Kusel in Rhineland-Palatinate, when they caught two poachers red-handed. "Anyone who submits an application to the police knows that you can be killed on duty," says the state chairwoman of the Rhineland-Palatinate police union (GdP), Sabrina Kunz, "but you push that far from you."

The danger of death, it slips with the years of service probably also for self-protection into the unconsciousness.

Bureaucracy around corona pandemic is relatively high in this country. Whether it’s agreeing on a federal and state containment ordinance, ordering vaccine, conducting the vaccination campaign, or implementing a digital vaccination certificate. In the meantime, much has been accomplished. Anyone who is eligible can get vaccinated and pull up the appropriate proof on their smartphone. But what about a digital proof of recovery?? When it comes to a 3G or 2G regulation for visits to restaurants, cinemas or theaters, recovered people get the same rights as vaccinated people. So how can people identify themselves who have survived a corona infection? Everyone is talking about the digital vaccination certificate, but almost no one is talking about the digital certificate of recovery. So where can you get one and does it matter if you are already vaccinated or not?

Pharmacists issue digital proof of recovery

In the debate over the vaccine, its distribution, prioritization for administration, and the issuance of digital certificates of vaccination, much of the media attention is focused on the proof of vaccination. However, a significant proportion of the population has already been infected with the virus and has since recovered. Even people who have survived Covid-19 disease can get a certificate – a proof of recovery. This is just like the vaccination certificate available in digital form and can be downloaded directly to the iPhone or Android device are pulled . But how do you get it?? In principle it is quite simple. Pharmacists issue the digital certificate of recovery.

To get the certificate you need a positive result of your survived disease . Otherwise, the pharmacy cannot verify that you were actually infected with Corona and are eligible for digital proof of recovery. The certificate must be issued via a PCR test have been. You can have this done in a variety of places. All options are listed below:

Standing out and generating interest – that’s hugely important for companies, especially in corona times. So why not combine advertising with the useful and give customers an extra dose of protection? DNHK member Leoprinting has a few bright ideas.

The Dutch-German company specializes in promotion and helps customers create sustainable added value for their brand and become more visible in the marketplace. Miele, Ikea, Hugo Boss, Philips, but also pop singer Helene Fischer have already had promotional items personalized here: Cosmetic tissue boxes, notebooks, powerbanks or even beanbags. With the outbreak of the pandemic, Leoprinting has expanded its portfolio. Now, for example, fabric masks can also be printed with an individual advertising design.

Masks are the big seller in Germany

"It’s important for companies to consider how they can protect their employees and business partners," says Corinna Neumayr, Account Manager DACH at Leoprinting. "And we want to support them in this." Leoprinting has therefore gone in search of useful products that can be used with

Prof. Dr. Richard Neher. (Photo: Matthew Lee / Biozentrum, University of Basel)

Prof. Dr. Richard Neher of the Biozentrum at the University of Basel is using his Nextstrain platform to investigate which variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus are currently circulating worldwide. The possibilities for future mutations are extremely diverse. Three variants of Omikron alone are circulating at the moment.

BERLIN. Incidences among children and young people are skyrocketing into the thousands, schools are in a state of testing chaos and quarantine chaos, teachers are becoming infected en masse, parents are massively worried, and due to the lack of air filters, classrooms have to be ventilated continuously even at sub-zero temperatures. In short: In many places, teaching is hardly conceivable anymore. In this situation, the federal government’s Corona Expert Council urges policymakers to better communicate the goals of their measures. And what does the Federal Minister of Education? It appears on "Bild-TV" – and does not reveal what plan the federal government is pursuing with schools. Is there any? We document the interview in the wording.

Stark-watzinger's irritating appearance on "bild-tv": does the federal government have any plan for schools?

"Bild" deputy editor-in-chief Paul Ronzheimer: You are a mother of two sons yourself. How have you experienced in recent years, it must be said by now, the pandemic policy?

Lightmaker, blog, Swiss YouTuber Corona,

Can Corona deniers be fooled with completely absurd and freely invented misinformation? Apparently, yes. This is what a Swiss YouTuber demonstrated in a Corona experiment. Even medical staff fell for the absurd theories.

Actually, Sasha publishes Spongebob parodies and Twitch videos with funny accents on his YouTube channel "Sputim". But this year, when he posted in various Telegram groups with sometimes 20.000 Corona deniers, he was amazed at how gullible the people there were.

Nativity scene in Bethlehem 2020. Photo: Andrea Krogmann (KNA)

In the wake of the Corona pandemic, Christians around the world have been celebrating Christmas. Few out-of-town tourists traveled to his birthplace of Bethlehem to celebrate the birth of Jesus this year because of the restrictions in place. Vatican moved traditional Christmas Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica up two hours due to curfews in effect in Italy. The Christmas Eve service with Pope Francis was also attended by around 7 instead of the usual 7.000 visitors, only about 200 took part. In Germany, the top representatives of the two major churches addressed viewers on Christmas Eve directly after the ARD daytime news program with an ecumenical word on the Corona crisis.

In his Christmas Eve homily, the pope stressed that God’s Son was born two millennia ago completely unnoticed "to tell us that every disregarded person is a child of God". Christians should be there for others instead of feeling sorry for themselves.

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Fairy tale constellations

Hildegard Wiedemann

by Hildegard Wiedemann

Prevention against viruses

Whether we catch flu or corona depends on many factors, such as lack of sleep, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, psychological stress or poor hygiene. All of the above factors influence our immune system, which is responsible for fighting off pathogens such as viruses. Here’s what you can do to protect yourself from viruses.

Respiratory diseases such as corona or influenza are transmitted by tiny droplets containing viruses. Sick people spread the contaminated droplets when sneezing or coughing. Because viruses survive for some time on objects, surfaces and clothing, people can become infected via what is known as smear infection when they come into contact with it and then bring their hand to their eyes, nose or mouth. In the process, the viruses can enter the body through the mucous membranes. However, the risk of infection can be reduced with the following preventive measures.

Many roads lead to Rome – or to the recovery certificate. "Espresso" shows what applies.

Author: Sabrina Lehmann& Oliver Fueter

In Switzerland, there are three different ways to obtain a certificate of recovery: After a positive PCR test, after a positive rapid antigen test or after a positive antibody test. Only the certificate of recovery issued on the basis of a positive PCR test is valid throughout Europe. The other two certificates are only valid in Switzerland.