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Central America is in the midst of hurricane season – it could be the worst since weather records began. Storm "Iota" follows storm "Eta" with more than 200 deaths and threatens countless people. The emergency aid of Caritas is running at full speed.

"Especially elderly people, pregnant women, children and people with disabilities are in urgent need of help", says Julia Wiget, who oversees projects in Guatemala and Honduras at Caritas international. Honduras was already the one from "Eta" Hardest hit land in the region. There alone, three million people are suffering from the effects of the hurricane, 55.000 people are still in emergency shelters. More than 100.000 people are still cut off from the outside world today. "The situation is particularly dramatic for families living in rural areas", reports Julia Wiget.

„My biggest wish this year is that Corona is no longer there.”

"My biggest wish this year is that Corona is no longer there."Oliver Berg

Toys, a pet or more time with dad: children’s Christmas wishes are many and varied. Tens of thousands of wish lists pile up in the seven German Christmas post offices during Advent and are answered by hard-working, mostly volunteer helpers.

"What’s in demand this time are things you can do around the house, such as board games and craft supplies," observes Britta Tollner, Deutsche Post AG spokeswoman for the Engelskirchen Christkindpost branch. Like last year, the Corona crisis plays a big role in many letters.

New vaccination campaign of the federal government: "inane and missing the reality"

First it was "sleeves up" – now it’s "vaccination helps": the federal government has a new advertising campaign for the Corona vaccination, which should now move even the very last vaccination skeptic to the needle. Whether this really succeeds, however, seems questionable.

Since the presentation of Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s new posters and social media graphics on Monday, there has been a hail of derision and scorn, for example in the social networks. For example, sociologist Marcel Rohrlack describes the campaign on Twitter as "very German". "Graphic lack of pretension" and "moral appeals".

The highest infection figures so far during the entire pandemic – and still State Minister Mette Frederiksen (Soz.) last Wednesday with, all Corona restrictions except for the entry rules fall on 1. February gone. Abroad, the step has partly caused astonishment.

"We are through the most critical phase," government leader said.

Therefore, Covid-19 is now no longer classified as a socially critical disease. According to epidemic law, this means Folketing and government can now no longer order restrictions with reference to Corona.

Getting to know people has changed fundamentally thanks to the Internet and even more so the smartphone. The classic first encounters have become rarer, especially in times of Corona have anyway almost all options gone to meet whom new by chance. Party at friends’, flirt in the bar? Better not. Accordingly, dating apps become even more important. Because even if we should avoid social contacts in real life, some still feel like some flirting. And that’s what apps like Tinder and Co. are for. ideal – especially since there are different programs for different interests.

Dating apps bring people together - evening atmosphere on the bridge over the Spree

There are many couples who have found each other in dating apps – why not get everything started, despite Corona.. Photo: Imago Images/Future Image

The novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 keeps the world on tenterhooks: There are approved treatment options, worldwide research on vaccines is feverish – at the same time health authorities and hospitals try to get the second wave under control. HIV, on the other hand, has evolved in recent years from a global threat to a manageable chronic disease – at least in countries with highly developed healthcare systems. Both pathogens – HIV and SARS-CoV-2 – originated in animals as zoonoses and still require immense efforts to bring them under control, respectively. to hold. The most important clinical aspects of both viral diseases will be discussed in our online symposium on 2. December from 6 to 8 p.m. illuminated. The online symposium is organized by the interdisciplinary HIV Center IZAR at the Klinikum rechts der Isar under the leadership of infectiologist and senior physician PD Dr. Christoph Spinner.

Hiv and sars-cov-2: two viruses that changed the world

Associate Professor Dr. Christoph Spinner is an infectiologist and heads the HIV Center IZAR at Klinikum rechts der Isar (© argum, Klinikum rechts der Isar and stock vector number: 1660181482, Fotomay)

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Under the keyword #WeRemember. "We remember") the world commemorates this week the victims of National Socialism, including six million Jews. Along for the ride: the German Bundestag. There on Thursday, Inge Auerbacher, a survivor of the Theresienstadt concentration camp, gave a moving speech. It is very important that eyewitnesses report first hand, as surveys show again and again.

Auerbacher told of how she miraculously survived Theresienstadt with her parents. When she was taken to the camp, she was seven years old. She appealed to people in Germany to stand up to today’s anti-Semitism. "Unfortunately, this cancer has reawakened, and hatred of Jews is once again commonplace in many countries around the world, including Germany," she said. "This disease must be cured as soon as possible"." She mentioned the yellow stars at Corona demonstrations, conspiracy narratives in the pandemic or everyday hostility against Jewish Germans.

Remembrance of the playmate Ruth

In her speech, the 87-year-old also remembered her playmate Ruth in Terezin. When she and her parents were taken on to Auschwitz, the two girls vowed to visit each other later on. "Dear Ruth, I’m here in Berlin to visit you," cried Inge Auerbacher in the Bundestag, close to tears. But Ruth was murdered in one of the gas chambers in Auschwitz. "She didn’t even live to see her tenth birthday."

ARD presenter Frank Plasberg poses in the 'Hart aber fair' studio and looks into the camera

A political talk show without a Corona reference – this time "Hart aber fair" took on another hotly debated topic. Verbal lapses not excluded.

  • Every Monday, Frank Plasberg discusses a current topic with his guests on the ARD show "Hart aber fair".
  • This time, it was all about the German language – and especially about frowned-upon words.
  • A term in the Pippi Longstocking books caused a heated debate.

Update from 5. October, 22.2 p.m: On Monday evening in the ARD heavily debated about language:"Controversy about the languageWhat is still allowed to say and what is better not to say?“ was the title of the broadcast. Frank Plasberg also discussed discriminatory terms with his guests. With a topic the tempers heated up.

Already the first single "Intro", which was released at the end of January, makes you want to listen to the album: While other rappers from Hamburg have drifted into foreign realms, Jan Delay returns to his roots and delivers hip-hop, finely garnished from the "hottest" city of Hamburg.

Musicians in Germany: Jan Delay
Full name: Jan Phillip Eibfeldt
Pseudonyms: Eizi Eiz, Eibfeldt
Music genres: Hip-hop, reggae, soul, rock and funk
Born: 20. February 1976 in Hamburg-Eppendorf

After RnB, reggae and rock, this is probably nice for Ur fans to hear. Seems like the artist himself sees it that way too. "Fresher than ever, finally doing my job again, after the rock record nobody was up for," raps Hamburg’s A-list celebrity.

Exclusive interview with Jan Delay about Corona, his new album and Weder Bremen

The sounds on his fifth solo album are a mix of disco, trap, afrobeats and ska, paired with Mexican horns. Sounds like the perfect soundtrack to celebrate coming back to life. Because is there anything better, when the Corona crisis is finally over, to dance in clubs until morning again? When Jan Delay pumps out his new album, all is right with the world again.