Networking can help you professionally - but how do you succeed?

Networking can help you professionally – but how do you succeed??

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At some point, many employees reach a dead end: their career falters, their boss is annoying, their colleagues are lazy and the tasks are repetitive. FOCUS Online shows the perfect strategy for anyone who wants to quit their job gracefully.

Giving notice is difficult. Legally it is clearly regulated, but interpersonally a lot can go wrong. In many industries it is a particularly sensitive issue because "in the job you always see each other twice in life", says Oliver Badura, headhunter and managing director of the HR consultancy Aquinum Consulting. Means: employees never know if boss and colleagues won’t still need them at some point, such as when they also change companies. However, it becomes difficult if employees have already finished with the job, for example because they have a problem with colleagues.

What the headhunter advises for the termination:

1. Ask your direct supervisor for an appraisal interview.

The regulations for the child benefit during your studies are manifold and difficult to understand.
Therefore we have listed here all important and up-to-date information We have compiled a list of possible constellations and answered the most important questions.

You will learn in this instructive article…

…what one under First and second degree understand
…which requirements apply in each case
…what to do with a Study abroad to be taken into account
…when your entitlement to child benefits ends

A breastfeeding mother with a baby at her breast to illustrate childbearing with HIV

Many people with HIV want to have children. This wish does not have to remain unfulfilled: With effective HIV therapy, HIV cannot be transmitted sexually; people with HIV can then become parents without fear of transmitting it to their partners or child. Vaginal deliveries and breastfeeding are also possible. In any case, it is important to have detailed medical advice and support.

Have you ever wondered why some women attract men and even get tired of their attention, while others, on the contrary, remain deprived of male sympathy? Today we would like to tell you six main characteristics that men find repulsive and make them not chase some women.

1. Importance

Six traits of a woman a man will never run after

The initial stages of any relationship are like a game of skill. If you are in contact at any time of the day or night and immediately reveal all your secrets, a man can quickly become bored. You simply won’t interest him in the further and deeper development of your relationship.

Our experienced team in the delivery room sees each birth as an individual event. No matter if you come to us alone or if you are accompanied: We arrange the birth together with you according to your ideas and needs. Of course, we always observe the medical requirements. We are happy to support you and help you – just as you wish.

Talking hours

Appointments for our consultation hours and for birth registration – also possible online!

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A pleasant birth experience

PICTURE: Baby with parents

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Scholz treads on thin ice with push for international "climate club"

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has expressed his desire for a G7 climate club, but at the same time needs to get a handle on the complex legislation surrounding the CO2 cap and trade tax. [EPA-EFE/MARKUS SCHREIBER / POOL]

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has called for the creation of a "climate club" that would bring together major economies seeking more ambitious climate protection measures. But while the EU is pushing for a CO2 tariff at its border, Scholz is skating on thin ice.

Hello, I’ve been using my Congstar LTE homespot for over a month now. At the beginning I was very satisfied, the connection was stable. Since a few days the connection is regularly interrupted and my assumption is that meanwhile more customers use the same cell as I do, so that the network is overloaded and my connection is regularly disconnected by the system. My location is Leipzig. Am I right with my assumption or am I the only one to whom this happens?? Thanks a lot.

Dr. Octagonapus

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Are you using the wifi router from congstar or do you have another device in use?


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The Alcatel router from Congstar.

I was at Warren Buffett’s stock party – and now I know how to better get through times of crisis in the stock market

Jonathan Neuscheler, 25, is an avid stock market fan and has already attended the annual general meeting of Berkshire Hathaway, the company owned by legendary investor Warren Buffett, three times.

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