In this overview I list ca. 90 contributions to Hartz 4. In the listed articles I discuss frequently in connection with unemployment benefit II arising disputes.

The contributions should help you to solve problems in connection with the Hartz 4.

1. Basics, statistics, data protection

When did the SGB II come into force??
What are the tasks of the SGB II?
How many people are dependent on Hartz 4?

Woman sits on the bed with her legs bent

Losing the baby and not even realizing it: This is the nightmare of every pregnant woman. Read here how you can recognize a missed abortion, what happens in the body during a restrained abortion and what this means for further pregnancies. In addition, at the end of the article you will find a testimonial from a woman who has experienced a missed abortion.

In this article:

Where does my child actually leave personal data?

Boy hiding in front of a notebook. Picture: Mira Mikosch

Boy hiding from a notebook. Image: Mira Mikosch

Whether via smartphone, tablet, console or PC, the online world is largely designed to capture as much data as possible. On the one hand, it’s about becoming more user-friendly – but above all, it’s about making money.

Smoke detector obligation, Smoke detector, Photo: / sturti

Fire departments estimate that around 500 people die in apartment fires in Germany every year. Many of them are surprised by the fire while sleeping. Smoke detectors can save lives, which is why they are already mandatory in 15 of 16 German states. Only in Saxony this applies only to new buildings and conversions, for existing buildings there are no regulations.

Smoke detector obligation affects tenants and landlords

The federal states have not only introduced general smoke detector obligations, but have also specified who is responsible for installing and maintaining the fire detectors. In almost all federal states this is the owner. He can perform this task himself or delegate it, for example, to a janitorial service.


Something is wrong with your child’s kidneys and nephrotic syndrome is suspected? You may be unsure of what to expect and what to expect of your child. This information sheet gives you an initial overview of this rare clinical picture.

At a glance

In idiopathic nephrotic syndrome (iNS), the affected child loses proteins through the urine. Water retention in the body (edema) occurs. After a few years, the disease heals in most children. Only rarely does a permanent restriction of kidney function develop.

Understanding cat language: How to correctly interpret cat body language

If you want to correctly interpret cat behavior and learn cat language, you must always be aware that cats are very attentive observers. They register every movement of their counterpart – every blink – and consequently even the smallest movement in the body language of cats can be of great importance. Who wants to understand his cat, must therefore be very attentive and look very carefully. In the following we reveal, what you should pay special attention to it.

Body language of cats

Cats have a distinctive facial expression. The interplay of eyes, ears, and tail, as well as posture, reveal quite a bit about the cat’s state of mind and mood.

Global warming, depleted oceans, destabilized ecosystems: Our planet is on the brink of extinction. Urgent action is needed- even in our diet. What we can look out for

Sustainability: food for the climate

Meat, milk and dairy products

„To achieve the climate targets, we need to reduce the consumption of animal products by 70 to 80 percent", says Professor Dr. Hermann Lotze-Campen of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.

15 euros

Taking your phone number with you in the case of fixed-term contracts – this is how it works:

You want to change your mobile provider, but keep your cell phone number? Nothing easier than that! Simply follow the step-by-step instructions:

Cancel old cell phone contract

If you are still bound to your old cell phone contract, you must cancel it first. Make it easy for yourself and use our ready-made cancellation form. Download the PDF file, fill it out, print it out, sign it and send it to the provider. Keep in mind that the cancellation period is usually three months to the end of the term.

In addition to a nimble processor, plenty of RAM and a high-performance graphics card, a fast PC also needs a powerful hard drive. There are two types of hard disk storage to choose from: the HDD for large capacity requirements or the SSD for particularly fast data exchange. But how much storage space is actually needed?? And which type of hard disk is suitable for which tasks? HDD or SSD? Which memory is the right one?

Hard disk drive (HDD)

Hard disk drives are magnetic storage media in which data is written by the read/write head in concentric tracks on rotating disks. The coating of the disk surface is magnetized without contact and as a result of the remanence (remaining magnetization) the storage of the data succeeds.

Very large storage capacities available

light switch connection symbolic

The first way leads to the fuse box where the corresponding fuse is switched off – in case of doubt it is better to switch off all of them. If more than one person has access, put a note on it saying "working on electrical – must stay off". Use a voltage tester and first make sure that the line is actually disconnected.

Connecting your own light switch is doable with the right information and tools. Nevertheless: Everyone must know if he has sufficient expertise and be responsible for his own actions. We do not take any guarantee and no responsibility. Therefore, in case of doubt, we always advise to hire a specialist. Dealing with electricity is life-threatening.