Grief is a complex emotion that is still largely unexplored

I n autumn, hearts become heavy. For many people who have lost someone close to them, grief reawakens during the dark season of the year. This can be healing for the soul, but it does not have to be. Because mourners often fail because of false expectations. They also often get advice from friends and acquaintances that is not very helpful. "You have to allow the pain," he said, or "Now it’s about time to get back to life."

Grief as an important human emotion is not very well researched. The image of this emotion is still based in part on assumptions made by Sigmund Freud some 100 years ago. Scientists are now trying to learn more about grief. They have already been able to show how common pathological grief is and what happens in the brains of those affected by it.

Building muscle through nutrition: not only protein and carbohydrates are important. Nutrition also plays an important role in muscle building. (Source: Thinkstock by Getty Images)

Muscles do not grow through sports alone, the right diet is just as important. This is the only way that the powerhouses can get the building blocks they need. We asked a sports expert what matters when it comes to building muscle.

If you want to build muscle mass, strength training alone will not get you far. He also needs to take a critical look at his diet: Lacking key macro- and micronutrients, muscles lack important tools for growth. Read here which foods and nutrients a strong musculature needs.

Those who receive state benefits have to pay attention to limits on additional income. We provide an overview of these limits for unemployment benefits, pensions, short-time allowances, etc.

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Whether unemployment benefit, pension or short-time allowance: If you receive a benefit from the state, you can jobben and so earn something extra. Income is exempt from imputation within certain limits.

You are a founder or entrepreneur and want to protect your brand? The attorneys of KTR Legal explain in an interview how you can best proceed. Learn exclusively on how to conduct a trademark search, what you have to pay special attention to when choosing your brand name and what it costs to protect a trademark.

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Interview with attorneys Janina Albrecht and Kilian Springer from KTR Legal

Hello Janina, Hello Kilian! You are experts in providing legal advice to individual entrepreneurs and innovative SMEs. What advice do you give to founders who, in the course of incorporating their business, want to change their business idea or name?. Want to protect your brand from third party access?

Since the terms "trademark and "company name gladly misunderstood or. are used synonymously, we first sort out in the consultation: In which industry is the company active?? In which phase is the company- Business idea, startup, company with new product ideas?

Loyalty, strength and power – these three key words stand for the lion as a power animal. Lions are very graceful, powerful animals. They exude natural authority, have strong instincts, and want to have a great social life. Lions are not loners.

The lion is a powerful, wild, large cat species that is native to both Asia and Africa. Its preferred habitat is a warm and dry climate in steppes and savannas. In contrast to the tiger, panther or jaguar, the lion is always found in a pack.

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Sophie Matzik is a freelance writer for NetDoktor’s medical editorial team.

Many people suffer from Cat allergy. Symptoms trigger certain proteins that the cats release in their saliva, urine or through sebaceous glands. These proteins are called allergens. The allergic reaction itself is caused by an overreaction of the immune system. Read here everything important about cat allergy symptoms.

Cat allergy: symptoms

Example of an imprint created with the Jimdo Legal Text Manager

You probably didn’t found your company because you are so interested in legal details. These are often complicated and many feel a heartfelt sigh of despair at the mere mention of the word "imprint".

But we have good news for you: Writing an imprint is not as difficult as it sounds. You must consider only a few things and already your legal text is ready. Which are those, we reveal to you in this article.