In the course of life, almost everyone comes into contact with criminal matters. Whether you file a criminal complaint or not is then your personal decision. In principle, anyone can file a criminal complaint. Therefore, you do not have to meet any specific requirements.

Dr. Philipp Hammerich

  • Criminal charges can be filed by anyone, regardless of whether you are a victim, witness or bystander.
  • The police, the public prosecutor’s office and the district court are authorized to file a criminal complaint.
  • filing a criminal complaint does not cost any money and is not bound to any deadline.
  • The processing time of a criminal complaint takes at least several weeks.

How to proceed

Speculation period, speculation tax, selling real estate, Photo: iStock/YakobuchukOlena

Rich profits from real estate speculation – the taxman wants to make a profit. At least if less than ten years have passed between purchase and sale. Who observes important deadlines, however, leaves the tax office empty and for owner-occupiers applies: It is only in exceptional cases a speculation tax is due.

In the near future

Speculation tax is incurred if:

The speculation period is decisive in a private sale transaction whether you have to pay taxes on your profit or not.

Speculation period - what is it?

You have cleaned out your home and would like to offer a few things for sale. Now, however, you are wondering whether taxes will be due on such a sale. Well, it depends.

Language betrays depression:'Depressive sprechen anders'. Menschen mit einer Depression konnen mutlos und traurig sein. Das spiegelt sich in ihren Formulierungen wider. (Quelle: Getty Images/ Vladimir Vladimirov)

Depression does not only affect the behavior of the sufferer. Language can also provide valuable clues about the illness. Relatives should listen especially carefully to these phrases.


In 2018, a team of researchers from the University of Reading in the United Kingdom used computer analysis to examine the linguistic differences between people with depression and those without. In total, contributions of more than 6.000 users in over 60 online forums evaluated. The result: depressed people more often use words that express negative feelings and moods.

In some vineyards, birds such as magpies, blackbirds and jays throw themselves on the grapes and can cause considerable damage. Here are a few ways to limit the damage.

This is all about making the area unpleasant for birds. Not all species respond the same to defense solutions. It is therefore necessary to change the means used.

SSD installation resp. Exchange in the notebook – this is how it works

Solid-State Disks (SSD) are hard to come by. Although you still pay significantly more per gigabyte than for a hard disk drive (HDD), the speed advantages are enormous and turn every laptop into a speedy work device. We explain what is important when switching from HDD to SSD and what you should consider in the process.

SSD installation in laptop

SSD vs. HDD and SSHD – you can’t get any faster

SSDs are currently the fastest mass storage devices on the market. A laptop or desktop PC with an SSD not only boots the operating system much faster than with an HDD, but also increases the computer’s work speed at the same time. Why? Because the access times to data are much shorter with an SSD. Programs, music or videos can be opened faster. Even older devices can benefit from a speed advantage. Many an old computer becomes a fast everyday companion again.

Mass storage Average read and write speeds Access times
HDD 100 MB/s 10-12 milliseconds
Hybrid hard drive 100 MB/s 2.2 to 5 milliseconds
SSD 500 MB/s read | 250 MB/s write 0.1 to 0.5 milliseconds

(The data are average values and can differ depending on the model)

Is it still the great love between you or just habit or fear of being alone? We have listed 8 signs by which you can tell if you still love your partner.

It is quite normal that we are not always on cloud nine in relationships. But if we notice that we are always annoyed by the other person, we should think about whether we still love our partner at all

It is quite normal that we are not always on cloud nine in relationships. But if we notice that we are always annoyed by the other person, we should think about whether we still love our partner at all

Actually, everything went well during the operation. After about four weeks, however, the newly inserted dental implant suddenly starts to hurt. When deciding whether or not to have a dental implant, many patients are concerned about the pain that is likely to be associated with the treatment and the healing phase. We clarify what is "normal" and when you should consult your dentist.


  1. What pain should I expect after dental implantation?
  2. What can I do if my dental implant hurts??
  3. Pain when chewing after implantation – is that normal??
  4. Pain several years after surgery – what are the reasons??
  5. What can I do to preserve my dental implant in the long term??

By Sarah Zollner

"Love is important, but cannot cure depression"

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Trigger warning: This text is also about suicide.

If the partner is depressed, love is not always easy. Often the relationship is overshadowed by anger, sadness, despair, but also feelings of guilt. What can a relationship withstand? How to help the person with depression? And where should relatives draw their own boundaries? Gabriele Pitschel-Walz, senior psychologist at the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the Technical University of Munich, explains this in a telephone interview.

The contraceptive pill is the number 1 contraceptive and, with a Pearl index of 0.1 to 0.9, is considered a very safe method of contraception. In terms of safety, it ranks ahead of condoms and IUDs, provided that it is used correctly.

An unwanted pregnancy despite taking the pill is quite possible, although it is usually due to application errors. By taking the pill very conscientiously, pregnancy can almost always be avoided. However, in the case of any miscarriage, there are several ways to maintain protection.

The morning-after pill may be a way to prevent pregnancy in the event of a pill breakdown.