Actually, everything went well during the operation. After about four weeks, however, the newly inserted dental implant suddenly starts to hurt. When deciding whether or not to have a dental implant, many patients are concerned about the pain that is likely to be associated with the treatment and the healing phase. We clarify what is "normal" and when you should consult your dentist.


  1. What pain should I expect after dental implantation?
  2. What can I do if my dental implant hurts??
  3. Pain when chewing after implantation – is that normal??
  4. Pain several years after surgery – what are the reasons??
  5. What can I do to preserve my dental implant in the long term??

By Sarah Zollner

"Love is important, but cannot cure depression"

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Trigger warning: This text is also about suicide.

If the partner is depressed, love is not always easy. Often the relationship is overshadowed by anger, sadness, despair, but also feelings of guilt. What can a relationship withstand? How to help the person with depression? And where should relatives draw their own boundaries? Gabriele Pitschel-Walz, senior psychologist at the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the Technical University of Munich, explains this in a telephone interview.

The contraceptive pill is the number 1 contraceptive and, with a Pearl index of 0.1 to 0.9, is considered a very safe method of contraception. In terms of safety, it ranks ahead of condoms and IUDs, provided that it is used correctly.

An unwanted pregnancy despite taking the pill is quite possible, although it is usually due to application errors. By taking the pill very conscientiously, pregnancy can almost always be avoided. However, in the case of any miscarriage, there are several ways to maintain protection.

The morning-after pill may be a way to prevent pregnancy in the event of a pill breakdown.

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Rhetoric tip #84 end your speech with a - drumbeat - in the final sentence

Rhetorician Judith Torma answers your questions about rhetoric

When was the last time you heard a speech and knew at the end exactly what was expected of you as an audience member?? Did the closing sentence tell you exactly what you, the listener, now have to do? Then do it differently. Give your listeners the chance to walk out of your speech knowing exactly what is expected of you now. Use the final sentence of your speech to create action.

Drumbeat sounds exaggerated? Quite the opposite. The end of your speech, oratory, presentation or lecture deserves to be heard. "Thank you for your attention" "So that’s it. Still questions?" This and other banalities at the end of your speech shatter your credibility and let your contribution drift into the nirvana of irrelevancies. Every good speech deserves a heartwarming opening and a dignified, action-oriented ending. A final sentence that calls for action.

Psychology by the numbers: Five findings about passive-aggressive behavior – and how to counter it.

A woman and a man discuss, suppressing their true feelings
A woman and a man discuss, suppressing their true feelings

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It was a military psychiatrist during the Second World War who invented the concept of passive-aggressive behavior: Colonel Menninger observed that some soldiers resisted rigid paternalism by pretending not to understand or to have forgotten orders, making sarcastic remarks, badmouthing superiors behind their backs, feeling constantly treated unfairly. Menninger saw this as a reaction of immaturity, which he called passive-aggressive behavior. Psychological research has never been in agreement as to whether the phenomenon should be included among the personality disorders. The American Psychiatric Association has removed it from its current DSM-5 classification catalog; the World Health Organization’s ICD system still lists it under "other specific disorders".

1 Passive-aggressive tactics

The American management scientist Preston Ni mentions in his book How to Successfully Handle Passive-Aggressive People typical passive-aggres-sive tactics such as:

Tomorrow, Wednesday, the nationwide siren test will take place. The general alarm would also sound in the event of a serious incident in a nuclear power plant if there was a danger to the population. The Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate ENSI works closely with the National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC) in such a case.

Swiss nuclear power plants are safe. This has currently also been confirmed by the EU stress test. Should an incident nevertheless occur in which leaking radioactivity is to be expected, emergency measures have been defined that are regularly reviewed and practiced. To alert the population at risk, among other things, the general alarm would sound.

Every year, on the first Wednesday afternoon of February, the siren test takes place in all regions of Switzerland. Checking the alarm systems and all processes also serves to ensure the safety of the Swiss population in the event of radioactive substances escaping from one of the nuclear facilities.

Rhinitis baby toddler

The cold and wet season brings not only cozy evenings, but unfortunately also occasional indispositions: colds, coughs and associated general listlessness – the cold season has begun. Especially babies have a hard time with a cold nose, because they still have very narrow nasal passages, in which the secretion accumulates more quickly. But they are more susceptible to viruses and pathogens because their immune system is not yet fully developed. A cold hinders the infant’s ability to drink, which is why we try to give the little mice relief as quickly as possible. There are well-proven methods for this, completely without chemicals! We have always relied on home remedies and/or homeopathic remedies for our children. Today we share with you our Tips against rhinitis in babies and toddlers!

Tip: The following tips are not intended to replace a visit to the doctor. It is only our experiences and beliefs. If the baby develops a fever, a noticeable cough, difficulty breathing, or if the cold does not improve, urgent consultation with a doctor should be made. It is also important to be able to rule out that there is no foreign body in the nose that is causing the discomfort. It is especially important to consult with a doctor for babies with sniffles in the first months of life.

Pregnant after miscarriage: what you should know now

When a miscarriage occurs, it is a big blow for expectant parents – the greater the joy of being pregnant again afterwards. Most often, however, the new pregnancy brings with it fears of miscarrying again. We want to encourage you and show you what you should consider if it is for you: Pregnant after miscarriage – and now?

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