Hello, I’ve been using my Congstar LTE homespot for over a month now. At the beginning I was very satisfied, the connection was stable. Since a few days the connection is regularly interrupted and my assumption is that meanwhile more customers use the same cell as I do, so that the network is overloaded and my connection is regularly disconnected by the system. My location is Leipzig. Am I right with my assumption or am I the only one to whom this happens?? Thanks a lot.

Dr. Octagonapus

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Are you using the wifi router from congstar or do you have another device in use?


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The Alcatel router from Congstar.

I was at Warren Buffett’s stock party – and now I know how to better get through times of crisis in the stock market

Jonathan Neuscheler, 25, is an avid stock market fan and has already attended the annual general meeting of Berkshire Hathaway, the company owned by legendary investor Warren Buffett, three times.

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My way out of anxiety: these 5 things saved me

Today you will learn the five ultimate tips on how to get rid of panic attacks in a short time. Not.

I myself believed for many years that somewhere out there must lie the right key. Put it in the lock, turn around hard, the door opens and behind it lies paradise – a life without this dreadful fear. It has to be there somewhere, the ultimate aha moment that changes everything.

A notice of termination is a means of terminating the contract. Unlike a termination agreement, a notice of termination is a unilateral termination of the lease agreement at the deadlines agreed in the lease agreement. It should be noted at this point that once a notice of termination has been given, it cannot be withdrawn. Once declared, the contract is terminated upon receipt of the notice of termination and expiration of the Notice period to the landlord terminates.

In the case of termination of unlimited leases, a distinction is made between ordinary (timely) and extraordinary (without notice) termination. Termination of fixed-term contracts is possible only at the end of the term specified in the contract.

A notice of termination fixed-term contracts is only possible at the end of the term specified in the contract. If the tenant wants to terminate the lease earlier, even though the contract excludes the right to terminate for a certain period of time, the tenant can rely on a Cancellation agreement work with the landlord. If the landlord does not want to do this, the tenant only has the option of providing a new tenant with whom the landlord agrees; or he rents out the apartment with the landlord’s permission under. More information about tenancy law – subtenant.

Cancer treatment can mean long and recurring inpatient hospital stays. Even with outpatient cancer therapy, patients have to go to the hospital or to an oncology practice to have their medication administered. In some cases, however, there is another way: Some cancers can now be treated with tablets or capsules – infusions with medication are no longer necessary. For patients, this means more flexibility and less time in the hospital or doctor’s office.

Like all forms of treatment, oral cancer therapy can also have side effects. Correct intake and close coordination with the doctor on questions, problems and other medications taken are crucial for the success of the therapy. In particular, the patient’s own responsibility plays a major role. When used properly, oral cancer drugs can make cancer treatment easier and more convenient for patients.

Oral cancer therapy

You met a charming man at a party. He radiates self-confidence, charm and adventurousness. Is spontaneous and ready for a lot of nonsense. You seem to have a lion in front of you. To be able to conquer this Leo man, you need some information.

Now you want to know how to attract and keep this adorable zodiac sign for you. Or whether you fit together, what you need to consider in a long relationship. In the following article I have gathered a lot of information about the lion and written it down from the first date to the long relationship, perhaps marriage.

Information about Leo: As befits the king of the zodiac, he bristles with pride. He exudes a beguiling confidence and has an incomparable charm. That is why many women are after this star sign. When you meet him for the first time, you won’t feel any different. And since a lion likes to be adored, he will also allow any flirtation. As long as you don’t constantly shower him with praise, he’ll be happy to listen to you. But if the lion is in a relationship, you can forget any chance of him. He will flirt with you, that’s the way he is, but that’s all that will happen. Lions are incredibly faithful and loyal to their partners. At least most. It pays to want to conquer a lion man!

A woman is raped, but the investigation against the perpetrator does not progress because the responsible department in the police is overworked. Cases like this are reported by counseling centers, but also by the Association of German Criminal Police Officers in Hamburg. For the victims, this is hard to bear.

At the "Dolle Deerns" counseling center In Hamburg-Niendorf, girls and young women who have experienced sexualized violence seek help. The staff tell of a woman we call Anna. She was raped by her neighbor. When the young woman and counselor Susana Pietsch approached the police, Anna was questioned, but the perpetrator was not for a long time.

"For weeks, for months it was clear: He was not confronted by the police. That was totally tragic for this girl", reports Pietsch. "She said: "I’ve had to testify so many times and he won’t be questioned once. Why do they not stand with him before the door?" According to the counselor, many of those affected were left hanging in the air.

Two women having sex

Have you ever looked for the G-spot and found it?? Photo: Getty Images

By Sylvia Petersen | 21. January 2022, 12:52

In this overview I list ca. 90 contributions to Hartz 4. In the listed articles I discuss frequently in connection with unemployment benefit II arising disputes.

The contributions should help you to solve problems in connection with the Hartz 4.

1. Basics, statistics, data protection

When did the SGB II come into force??
What are the tasks of the SGB II?
How many people are dependent on Hartz 4?