Zodiac sign scorpio: the mysterious fighter

A life of passion: The star sign Scorpio

Scorpios often appear as if they are on the verge of an important task. You are always on the go! This enthusiasm is deeply rooted in them. Since they often don’t know themselves on which front they could actually be fighting, they usually also appear mysterious. Scorpios Have a magical attraction to all other people. They seem so interesting and bubbly that other interesting contemporaries are eager to get in touch with them.

But be careful! If you disappoint them, they are not harmless. No Zodiac sign can be so vindictive, no zodiac sign is so resentful in defeat. Then they seem downright ruthless. However, one of their strengths is that they are just as ruthless towards themselves. They take their own behavior critically under the magnifying glass and fight themselves from the deepest holes again without strange assistance upward. That’s why most revenge-seeking remains with a well-bred Scorpio fortunately in the realm of fantasy. The typical Scorpio is always a bit sharp-tongued and likes to tease often and gladly.

In love prefer Scorpio Strong erotic connections. That’s why it can also happen that they change partners more often. They simply move on when routine sets in in bed. Love based on friendship bores them. Scorpios always speak their mind openly and honestly. They fight for their goals and for the goals of the group they are advocating for whether it is family, a club, a business, a good cause, or a political goal.

Children who are in Star sign Scorpio are born, are full of energy and do not take shit from anyone. They tend to extreme moods and have a penchant for all things mysterious from an early age. Forbidden rooms and locked closets attract them magically. Later they ask themselves early about the meaning of life and not rarely develop a penchant for all things occult. They are loners and later usually choose a profession where they can achieve something alone and without a team behind them.

Scorpios often seem as if they are on the verge of an important task. They are always on the go!

Scorpios often appear as if they are on the verge of an important task. They are always on the go! (#01)

Celebrities with the star sign Scorpio

Scorpios often have acting talent. That is why the list of celebrities includes a surprising number of stars of the screen and theater:

  • Rock Hudson
  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Julia Roberts
  • Jodie Foster
  • Whoopi Goldberg
  • and Grace Kelly are just some of them.

Other known Scorpios are Martin Luther and Bill Gates. A detailed list can be found on this page

Scorpios love adventure. They are brave and explorative at the same time and will only be truly happy in a job if they can show what they are made of

Scorpios love adventure. They are both courageous and explorative, and will only be truly happy in a profession if they can show what they are made of. (#03)

Commitment and courage: the star sign Scorpio wants to fight

Scorpios love adventure. They are brave and explorative at the same time and will only be really happy in a job if they can show what they are made of. Routine tasks in a group are hateful to them. They want to think, decide and of course have a say in things. Among the great strengths of Scorpio heard that he often makes the impossible possible. They often have acting talent.

In their private and professional lives, they can therefore be quite deceptive to those around them, because they often unconsciously take on some role that they live up to. Many of them also play amateur theater, and some of them go far on stage or screen.

Being also attracted to everything occult, they sometimes become fortune tellers, dramatically looking into the crystal ball at medieval fairs. Here they can perfectly combine all their inclinations: they are alone, take on a role and can deal with occult issues.

Among the great strengths of the Scorpio also belongs to his courage. He never pulls his tail whether it’s a discussion with a superior or practical help. There Scorpions despite their headstrong and mysterious nature, they are also social, they can become excellent rescuers in mountain rescue or in the fire department. They would never abandon a person in need, and are fully committed when someone urgently needs help.

Since they do not avoid quarrels and are not particularly tactful, they should avoid all legal professions. Here they would clash everywhere and only make enemies. However, they are excellent individual fighters who do not mind using their elbows from time to time. Therefore, they can be successful with a start-up. They know what they want and don’t mind working late into the night and foregoing vacations for years on end.

In these areas the Scorpio can be successful:

  • Science
  • Act
  • Politics
  • Social
  • Start-ups
  • Humanistic sciences
  • Medicine
  • Occult

The following professions are suitable for the Scorpio:

  • Entrepreneurs with their own start-up
  • Actor
  • Scientist or researcher
  • Firefighter
  • Rescue workers (mountain rescue, coast guard)
  • Pilot
  • Executive employee
  • Historian
  • Surgeon
  • Astrologer, fortune teller

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The zodiac sign Scorpio and the Ascendant

Some Scorpios Are fairer and calmer than others. There are quarrelsome Scorpios, and there are extremely charming representatives of this zodiac sign. Much depends on the position of the planets and the Ascendant (AC). It can also influence career choices or show in which field an Scorpio happy and successful could be. Those who do not yet know their Ascendant can have it calculated on the Internet. A free possibility offers the web page Astroportal

Sun and AC in ScorpioDouble Scorpios live intensively. With them it is always all or nothing. They are real daredevils and rarely tolerate contradiction. They set themselves up for a start-up full. Or maybe you’ll become a legendary firefighter, running into a burning building even when it’s already collapsing.

  • AC in Sagittarius:secretiveness meets cosmopolitanism. These people are persistent and open to everything new. They are loners who like to conquer the world and, with the right talent, succeed on the stage.
  • AC in Capricorn:Ambition meets drive. What these people set out to do, they achieve. Thanks to these qualities, they can become executives and managers who will do anything for their business goal and know no quarter.
  • AC in Aquarius:Secrets and innovation an excellent combination for tinkerers, researchers and scientists who need to keep to themselves for a long time what they are actually working on.
  • AC in Pisces:The prickly Scorpio is tempered by the soulful Pisces. These people have more compassion than other Scorpios. They are committed to their fellow human beings and can do excellent work in the social sphere. Thanks to their intuition they can also become astrologers or fortune tellers.
  • AC in AriesNot an easy combination! Both zodiac signs tend to be tactless, both are undiplomatic. The Scorpio gets even more strength and physical power through Aries. He could succeed in sports or in mountain rescue.
  • AC in Taurus:Enthusiasm combines with calmness and pleasure. Here everything goes a little slower, but more enjoyable. These Scorpios dream of a good salary and slowly but surely fight their way to the best positions in the office. If they are interested in medicine, surgery suits them thanks to great inner peace.
  • AC in GeminiThese Scorpios can be forgiven for almost anything thanks to their charm. They wrap their counterpart around their finger and get far fast. They are convincing politicians and managers.
  • AC in CancerPassion unites with love. Such intense feelings prevail here that only being alone brings peace to their lives. Career is not so important for these people, but the family and the children must be doing well. They can delve into humanistic subjects and succeed as historians.
  • AC in Leo:Here confident appearance is guaranteed! Both zodiac signs sublimate each other excellently. The Leo charm makes Scorpio a little more obliging, but it demands the center of events for itself. Excellent for actors or singers.
  • AC in Virgo:Passion meets reason. These rather calm and honest Scorpios are more adaptable and can become good businessmen who make excellent deals without regard to possible losses. For fear is alien to them.
  • AC in Libra:The pointed tongue gets a bad conscience here thanks to the balancing nature of Libra. They are charming and approachable contemporaries who love all things beautiful and still don’t put up with anything. A good combination for actors and artists.

Scorpios always seem a bit like outsiders and never seem to really belong. They don't seek out the group, they avoid it

Scorpios always seem a bit like outsiders and never seem to really belong. They do not seek the group, they avoid it.(#02)

Please do not disturb! The zodiac sign Scorpio as a colleague

Scorpios always seem a bit like outsiders and never seem to really belong. They do not look for the group, they avoid it. Scorpios can be extremely charming and amiable, but still don’t feel like having coffee together on Friday afternoons. Unless there is a flirtation in the air. Then they forget their tendency to be a hermit. However, this colleague will rarely be enthusiastic about larger group activities.

Finally, he sees himself as a leader and doer and is reluctant to subordinate himself. That is why Scorpios should be treated with caution among their colleagues. If they dream of a higher post, they don’t care about collegiality or even friendship. Then they want to go up.

There Scorpios are usually quite charming, their pointed remarks often seem quite shocking. Most people react quite surprised when a typical Scorpion, who has always shown only his best side, suddenly gives off hair-trigger vulgarities. One should not take this too personally especially in the workplace. Scorpios just can’t help themselves. If you have a thick skin and don’t let these things get to you, you will still get the farthest.

These people feel most comfortable when they can apply themselves to a task with full force. They work best when given responsibility by the boss right from the start. Because then you can absolutely rely on them. No matter if it is in the office, in a rescue center, on the construction site or in the hospital the Scorpio is the best of all colleagues, if he can contribute himself fully.

I am the boss! The zodiac sign Scorpio in the boss’s chair

Since they are not afraid of elbows or intrigues, end up Scorpioe not seldom on the top rung of a career. They usually make their way up the ladder quite quickly. They don’t marvel at their success for a second, because self-doubt is alien to them. Their unshakable self-confidence and belief in their own ability is legendary.

A company can be very happy about its Scorpio-The boss can only be pleased, because he is fully committed to the company and knows no time or vacation. However, one must also be careful. When disappointed can become a difficult and perhaps even dangerous contemporary. In addition, due to his mysterious facade, you can never get through to him completely. Sometimes strange rumors arise because of this, which could harm the reputation of the. Here only a frank conversation helps.

His co-workers love and fear him in equal measure, because no one can criticize as sharply as he does. No one can be so mean as to mock the weaknesses of others or find fault with a sharp tongue. At the same time Scorpio fully behind his team and lets nothing come on his employees. Except just on those who have disappointed him. When you realize that you’re in with your Scorpio-If a Scorpio has fallen out of favor with his boss, the only thing that really helps is to look for a new employer. A Scorpio boss may forgive, but never forget!

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