Zodiac sign leo

The zodiac sign Leo is located in the fifth section of the astrological zodiac, which the Sun will be between 23. July and the 23. August passed through. Therefore, all people born in this period have the Leo as their zodiac sign.

The constellation of Leo stands out very clearly in the evening sky and, with a little imagination, resembles a reclining cat of prey. The zodiac sign Leo is assigned to the planet Sun and the element Fire. The symbol of the lion looks like this ♌︎

Typical character traits of the zodiac sign Leo

The motto of the zodiac sign Leo is." People with this zodiac sign are radiant, confident and strong personalities who love to be the center of attention. They love drama and the grand entrance. They take care of their appearance and reputation in equal measure, as they place a lot of importance on what other people think of them.

People born under the zodiac sign of Leo are also

  • temperamental
  • affectionate
  • generous
  • warm-hearted
  • self-centered
  • just
  • materialistically inclined
  • positive
  • loud
  • colorful
  • extroverted
  • adventurous

Lions also have the gift to infect other people with their positive energy and motivate them. They firmly believe that they themselves, as well as everyone else, deserve only the best. Injustice, lions hate like the plague.

Who knows a lion, knows that these people can not be thrifty, but prefer to spend their money on nice celebrations or great gifts.

On the whole, lions are born leaders, but sometimes tend to lose sight of the needs of others.

Women with the zodiac sign Leo

If you observe female lions in nature, you will quickly realize that they are strong and brave creatures that travel long distances and fearlessly fight battles just to find food for themselves and their family.

Women with the zodiac sign of Leo have similar character traits: They are mainly independent, freedom-loving, adventurous, self-confident, dominant and seductive. They love to decorate themselves with beautiful things, wear flashy clothes and style their hair voluminously. When they enter a room, they often receive admiring glances, as they are surrounded by a radiant, warm aura.

Men with the zodiac sign Leo

As in the animal kingdom, human lions often act very possessive of their partners. When they have their eye on a person and want to enter into a relationship with them, they ensnare them by every trick in the book. They are the born conquerors. At the same time, they show themselves very generous and charming in relationships, are passionate lovers and adore their partners or. partner downright. In return, however, lions also want to be admired and therefore pay a lot of attention to their external appearance.

Children with the star sign Leo

Leo children are fearless and spirited and can take over a room full of adults in no time at all. If you bring gifts to a Leo child or praise it effusively for its progress, you have already won its heart. Children with the zodiac sign Leo quickly take the lead in a group of peers.

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Challenges and goals of the zodiac sign Leo?

The biggest weakness of the lion is his own reflection, because people with this zodiac sign have a big ego, which can be hurt quickly. If lions are not in the center of attention or feel betrayed, their strength quickly turns into insecurity, rejection or anger. For external confirmation is the kryptonite of proud lions.

In summary, the biggest weaknesses of the Leo are the following:

  • Egoism
  • Stubbornness
  • Impatience
  • Vanity
  • Pride

Therefore, it is important for Leo to work on their inner insecurity, which always drives them to self-dramatization. They need to learn that they are loved just as much if they are not loud, extroverted or generous. Quiet lions can also be good leaders and leaders, because this is the only way they can listen to other people and respond to their needs.

Which yoga position suits the star sign Leo?

The appropriate yoga exercise for the zodiac sign Leo is Eka Pada Raja Kapotanasana, the sleeping swan or also called king dove. This position represents grace and freedom. At the same time, it also conveys humility, which can have a balancing and grounding effect on proud and self-centered Lions. Here’s how to perform the Leo yoga exercise Eka Pada Raja Kapotanasana.

Which type of meditation and which mantra suits the zodiac sign Leo?

Lions should pause every now and then, arrive in the moment and accept that they don’t always have to be the center of attention. Here a meditation exercise can help for more inner peace. Leo’s should also recite the following mantras to themselves:

  • "I am also allowed to be reserved sometimes and let others take center stage."
  • "By being considerate of others, I strengthen my relationships."

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Which power animal belongs to the zodiac sign Leo?

The following power animals represent and reinforce the positive qualities of the zodiac sign Leo:

  • Leo: What animal would suit this zodiac sign better than the lion itself? He embodies the calm and powerful presence of the Leo-born, is a born leader and likes to be the center of attention.
  • Eagle: The eagle, similar to the zodiac sign Leo, is closely associated with the sun. He is the king of the heavens and radiates strength and wisdom.
  • Salmon: Salmon travel many miles to spawn in their birthplaces. They even jump up small waterfalls. As a power animal, it represents strength, perseverance and willpower.

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What colors suit the Leo?

Lions love the grand entrance and like to be the center of attention. This is matched by strong and bright colors that immediately catch the eye z. B.:

  • Golden yellow
  • Fire Red
  • Orange
  • Purple

If you like it a little more subtle, you can combine these colors with more muted tones, such as beige or brown.

Which gemstone suits the zodiac sign Leo??

Lions benefit from gemstones and crystals, which strengthen their inner self-confidence and make them radiate. The following stones can be particularly helpful in this regard:

  • Diamond: Indomitability, strength and power are the characteristics of the diamond, which fit very well with those of the lion. Worn as jewelry, the sparkling gemstone is just the kind of eye-catcher that gets the lion the attention it needs.
  • Citrine: The golden yellow citrine already appeals to Leo with its sunny color. It also gives them self-confidence, joie de vivre and expressiveness.
  • Topaz: The adventurous Leo can also benefit from the topaz, which gives them the confidence to claim the freedoms they desire.

You want to learn more about the power of gemstones? Then read more about this in our gemstone oracle.

Choice of partner: Which zodiac sign suits the Leo?

Since Lions have a very engaging and warm personality, they get along well with many people. But the desire for variety and adventure drives the Leo above all to the following zodiac signs:

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