Zodiac sign leo: this is what makes the typical leo tick

The zodiac sign Leo ranges from 23. July to 23. August. Loud, spirited and full of power – all this is typical for the zodiac sign Leo. We tell you, which other features characterize a typical lion!

  1. · The Leo is optimistic and loves attention
  2. · Please do not boss around!
  3. · Chaos? Not with the lion
  4. · Lions need their space
  5. · Lions are extroverted and courageous
  6. · Which star sign fits to the lion in love?

Date of birth: 23.7. – 23.8.
Element: Fire

The star sign Leo is considered to be proud, and accordingly he lives his life ambitiously: The lion strives for luxury and cherishes great plans. In its success this star sign lets its fellow men gladly participate, because generosity is one of its virtues.

The lion is optimistic and loves attention

The optimistic attitude of the zodiac sign Leo is contagious. It emits rays – similar to the sun – that immediately captivate everyone: A Leo man loves it when the eyes of everyone present are on him, and willingly assumes the role of host. He also celebrates the very big appearance with pleasure.

Please don’t boss him around!

Positive thinking comes easily to this zodiac sign. However, it is important for the Leo to receive regular praise: If you tickle his mane and give him credit with well-meaning words, you will make yourself popular and enjoy the lion’s spending spree. Attention, the zodiac sign Leo does not like to be commanded or humiliated! Whoever tries that, he bared his teeth in front of.

Chaos? Not with the Leo

Who would have thought that this large-sized zodiac sign can also be so small-minded? The Leo does not like chaos at all. He can keep order almost meticulously to stuffy. Wouldn’t have thought he was capable of it. Nevertheless, one must also praise: The lion is a real organizational talent. Hardly any task grows over his head and no wonder that he likes to take responsibility and lead his team confidently and sovereignly. While others still stand around idly, the lion has long since taken the reins in hand.

Lions need their space

Lions have power. They are full of life and need their free space. The weak and helpless take them gladly in protection. However, each Leo must be careful to gather around him contemporaries of the same rank with whom he can compete. Because this is good for his ego.

Lions are extroverted and courageous

Some people would call someone born under the zodiac sign Leo a bit of a bully. Therefore, it is not surprising that many lions are actors and politicians, respectively. To stand on the very big stage of life. For the lion loves them above all. Fear? Never with him. The big show is its lifeblood. And: he hates injustice and is the perfect protector for all in need. Whoever needs help: With a lion he is at the right address.

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