Zodiac sign leo (23. July – 23. August): pure joie de vivre, sunshine, love, drama and above all, the big party of life!

Leo zodiac sign character traits. The zodiac sign of Leo is from July 23. In English also called Leo. You can book with her your own personal Astro Reading for the year. With the code 'MATCHAMORNINGS11' you get 11% discount

Characteristics of the zodiac sign Leo. The zodiac sign Leo is from 23. July. In English also called Leo.
You can book your personal Astro Reading for the year with her. With the code "MATCHAMORNINGS11" you get a discount of 11%.

The emotional Cancer time is over and we start 4 weeks full of pure creation and strength, love, warmth and an extra portion of joie de vivre!

How to harness the energy of the lion

How to harness the energy of Leo

Welcome to the season of charismatic lions, which teach us, to enjoy life to the fullest, to experience and celebrate. Here in the Now. The present.

From when to when is the zodiac sign Leo? From 23. July to 23. August.

The sun moves on 23. July in the fiery Leo and there the sun feels particularly well. Because in fact the Sun is the star belonging to Leo. So it is in its home sign and we receive in the next 4 weeks again a very special and strengthening energy in the area of dealing with our essence, our center and the perfect unfolding of our potential.

Well, the sun is the center in our solar system and so it also symbolizes our essence, our base, from which everything emanates. Leo is now directly conjunct the Sun and so it too presents the midpoint, the core of being. It can be easy for this meaning to go to your head, because in fact, Leo’s love to be the center of attention and shine for a large community. And that is exactly where they belong. Here’s to Platform, on the stage, because the Lions are here to be seen and heard.


Their visions are big, their energy breathtakingly attractive and with their good-natured lion heart they may – no SHOULD – motivate and inspire all the people around them.

Their vibes are infectious and in them slumbers an incredibly affectionate leadership quality. You know how to express yourself properly, present yourself and may lead, guide and accompany other people with love and warmth. Because lions are spraying only so from Vitality, life energy and joy. Courage, courage and even though sometimes their hearts get pretty emotional and all over the place, on the outside they always radiate Self-confidence and self-love From.

So from the lions we can take a big slice of self-confidence and also we may learn to push ourselves more forward. We may be seen and yes, our opinion is important and may also be heard. We are important. Each person in his own way.

The commandments of the lion

The commandments of the lion

With all this energy and power, it is no wonder that the element belonging to the lion the fire is. The lions are seething with the urge to move and change. Preferably even if this is still physically connected.


4 weeks of swinging your hips, cleansing your sacral chakra, and loving yourself, life, lust and love!
Do not think about tomorrow, do not think about yesterday.
Just be. Now, in this second.

Sometimes, however, the lions can hardly be stopped and the Passion burns and burns, full of visions, full of movement and motivation. This often manifests itself in the fact that the lion is a bit stubborn and does not like to be stopped and bundled up. Leo’s are subconsciously focused on themselves, because from their essence they draw their fullest potential. In the good case this is passed on to their wonderful environment. In the bad case this can turn into narcissism impact and you may pay special attention to how your power is used.

And because they love the light of the sun, they are also subconsciously aware of the Recognition and appreciation others enormously important.

Lions are firm signs, meaning their will is great and so is their stamina. And especially the lions are incredibly strong-willed and fight for all what and whom they live. – The burning lion heart.

And because they love the light of the sun, they also subconsciously know the Recognition and appreciation other enormously important. They like to give often and much, but likewise they desire some glory and balm for their soul in return.


The sun is the ruling star of the lions. Yes, right. Star, not planet. For the sun is the celestial body in our solar system from which all light emanates. All other planets only reflect the light of the sun, but do not shine by themselves.

The sun is the ruling star of the lions.

Only the sun does this. And that neatly good. Because if we would not float around the sun, life on earth would not be possible. Only through the celestial bodies Sun& Moon a life here on earth is possible. The sun offers us warming and powerful energy of coming into being, of creating, of life. And the moon nourishes us, lets everything grow and ripen fruitfully. Without both bodies a life on earth would be unimaginable.

So, as the Sun is the center in our solar system, so it is also the center in our being and we already notice it here that almost every human being knows his zodiac sign, his sun sign, which reflects his main character. It is the energy with which we always identify most in our lives, although of course we have many other planets and energies within us.

Not to mention that as we go through life, we evolve more and more towards our ascendant…

The Sun, however, rules our main energy, our conscious acting and doing, our interests and characteristics and how we perceive the I.

"Who am I?" Perhaps this question would like to be worked on and sharpened again in the next 4 weeks.

So how can we best use the energy of Leo?

Questions to ask yourself in the Leo season

Questions you can ask yourself in the Leo season

The following 4 weeks are perfect to get totally back into your power and energy. To feel the, to feel your body, to feel all the feelings and above all to live them out. Creative doing, working with hands and emotions. Your self-confidence wants to be strengthened and your vision wants to be sharpened.

Why are you here and what is it that makes you unique and special makes?

What are your super-strengths, Which would like to be pushed again, so you can use it to motivate and inspire your entire environment?

What is your vision, which would like to be shared?

And how far do you hold back with all of this?

In how far you open and show yourself, with all your strengths to the world?

The retreat and making yourself smaller is over, superbabe!

You’re here because you have a very special strength. Because there is something in you that only you possess. Your individual golden heart full of warmth and vision.

It is time to bring this outward and share it with the world!



Constellation Leo: crystals, features and potential partners*

Constellation Leo: crystals, features and potential partners*

Symbol: the lion

Ruling star: Sun

Element: Leo

Quality: Solid

body part: Heart, back, spine Personal mantra: I am .

crystal: Pyrite, Citrine, Gold Orthoclase

Colors: yellow, gold, orange and all shades of sunset in between

Positive features: Creative, vital, creative, fun-loving, good-natured, warm-hearted, inspiring, self-confident, centered, powerful, charismatic, generous, motivating, courageous

Negative characteristics: Dramatic, self-centered, dominant, manipulative, stubborn

BFFs: Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Love: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Aquarius


J.K. Rowling, Yves Saint Laurent, Madonna, Carroll O’Connor, Zelda Fitzgerald, Arnold Schwarzenegger Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, Napoleon Bonaparte, Whitney Houston, Sandra Bullock, Mick Jagger, Jennifer Lopez, Mata Hari, Alfred Hitchcok, Andy Warhol


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